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Excuse the double post. I stopped watching flip flappers when they switched studios just so I didn't get devastated if it turned terrible. Has flip flappers kept the high quality?


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anime of the year list time?

flip flappers
yuri!!! on ice
girlish number
jojo's bizarre adventures: diamond is unbreakable
91 days
mob psycho 100
assassination classroom


this is my shortlist for shows that I would consider my "Favourites" of the year. Although whittling it down to a top 5 was a little tougher. Actually it was really easy. Heres the list

#5 - 91 Days. A really cool show that bucks medium trends and goes for a more western approach to storytelling. If you are a fan of old Mafia movies, definitely check it out. Reason why it's only #5 despite its great storytelling is that it looks really ugly at times.

#4 - Tanaka-kun. Really relaxing SoL. Theres not much more to say about it, it has incredible chemistry between all characters, great comedic timing, a really fuzzy and warm colour palette. Everything about this show is super chill.

#3 - Jojo. It's Jojo. Ranked slightly lower because of some weak episodes in the middle part. (Cinderella comes to mind)

#2 and #1 - Mob Psycho 100 and Flip Flappers. Both have similar strengths, flip flappers just does it better IMO. Both have really creative visual storytelling. Mob Psycho's greatest strength comes in its characters, they are all really funny and down to earth in a show that is so over the top and crazy.

Flip Flappers isn't done yet, but I can't see myself having this any lower than #1. Everything is on point, the storytelling, the world building, the visual aesthetic, the soundtrack. It feels FRESH and new and cool. The emotional moments are really emotional, the fun moments are really fun. The only "Fault" I can find with it is that it has a bit of a slow start. Watch this. Trust me.


also off topic but this vid speaks to me
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just caught up with the two most recent episodes of flip flappers, jesus

it's like we're watching the love child of eva and FLCL (with a lot more of the eva side ever since last week) with yuri and pregnancy symbolism thrown in everywhere

overall I still think MP100 and Owarimonogatari are tied as my #1 for the year so far. while flip flappers is good, I think it's a bit too esoteric early on and isn't consistently sharp - it's got some stellar stand-alone episodes like the premiere, episode 5, and the last two, and then some others that were obviously meant to be building toward something but stopped being nearly as enjoyable for me to watch. YMMV, though. I fully expect them to blow it out of the park with the finale next week, given how great the show's been recently.

my top 5 is looking something like:

1. MP100
2. Owarimonogatari
3. Tanaka-Kun
4. Flip Flappers
5. probably ERASED/Konosuba/Hibike 2

EDIT: wait flip flappers is 13 episodes, the finale isn't even next week
hell yeah
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i like lists

5) Gundam IBO. Apparently writing giant robot shows brings out the best in Mari Okada (Mayoiga and Kiznaiver are still bad though). The mecha action is good too.

4) Flying Witch: Top quality SoL. Tanaka easily could've gone here too but I like a touch of supernatural in these shows.

3) JJBA: Diamond in Unbreakable. Huge improvement over part 3, the pacing is significantly better, battles are more interesting, and I like that it's more a random series of meetings between stand users rather than constant attempts to kill the protagonists by the new villain of the week. It feels like it fits the Bizarre Adventure part of the title more than 1-3 did.

2) Re:Zero. It's a pleasantly negative take on the whole isekai thing, Subaru's a weird, messed up person and the show is fairly merciless towards him and the viewers in general, it was an emotional rollercoaster and a refreshing break from the sort of writing you normally see in anime.

1) Konosuba. Basically the anime version of Arrested Development or Always Sunny, it creates some fantastic comedy through situations involving a bunch of stupid people being dicks to each other and feels almost like a parody of the isekai subgenre, complete with an episode where the show takes a huge dump on a generic self-insert protagonist character. Unfortunately the animation is pretty janky even from the beginning courtesy of DEEN but the comedic timing and voice acting are on point so I can't blame them too much.

HMs: Hero Academia, Tanaka-kun, Erased, Mob Psycho 100, Baku-on, Grimgar


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I like lists too!!!!
-orange(mainly because i've been a fan of the manga for a while now)
-mob psycho 100
-Sakamoto(seriously this is the funniest thing ever)
-Flying Witch
When your AOTY of 2016 is actually from 2015

that's me being lazy with the date sorting option on MAL

looks like my new #1 is bananya, sorry folks

edit: some extra comments now that i've caught up with all my weekly shows

hibike 10 was really strong, hibike 11 was not. reina has totally fallen flat for me as a character compared to her role in season 1, and overall I feel like the entire season is being carried by Asuka in general and Kumiko's voice acting. a lot of the heart from the earlier episodes of the season has been missing, recently.

sangatsu no lion, on the other hand, has been really good lately, and the last two episodes in particular have been incredible all-around (besides for the cat shogi song)
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1: Yuri on ice
2 The second season of Ass Class
3: Flip flappers
4: Mob Psycho 100
5: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
6: Grimgar

Im a cynical fuck so outside of this I found nothing this year all that good (didn't watch JoJo) also Udon World or whatever the fuck its called is the hidden gem of this season as the obligatory kawaii slice of life

Honoraries: (stuff that wasn't that good but you should watch anyways)
Amaama to Inazuma
Sakamato desu ga
Udon World
I missed out on the first season this year so idk if any of that was any good (other than the obvious Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu) but the stuff I did watch was fun. Not sure if I'd say good for a lot of them, but it was a lot of fun. Standouts would be:

Ace Attorney: super stupid and not that great an adaptation but I love the source material too much. It hit most of the important notes and really went out of its way to make the highs high.

Kuromukuro: if it weren't for the pretty awful ending then this would be a great show. I don't think it can be overstated enough that this was PA Words making a mech show and honestly ending up with one of the best modern mechs out there. The designs of the robots themselves were butt ugly but the behind the scenes stuff and the application of more modern ideas really stand out. Watch it.

New Game: Dogakobo's best since yryr s2 I reckon. Solid source material, looks good, and was just a joy to watch.

3gatsu: probably the 'best' thing that I actually liked watching. Great to see shaft finally moving on from the shitheap that is monogatari.

Tiger Mask W: balls to the wall incredible. Show me something else that can pull off an episode about a masked protagonist saving two crossdressing idols from a marauding arabic man without missing a single beat. The most incredible thing about this show, in my opinion, is that it just keeps getting better from both a story and visual perspective. Toei can do no wrong.
In no particular order

1. Mob psycho 100
I really loved this show. The art and animation were really killer, I think bones really hit out of the park with this one. But past that I really loved mob's character archetypes as well as his brother (all the characters were good really)

2. Re:zero.
I think this video summarizes why I like this show

3.yuri on ice
I think this is is some of the best sports anime has to offer. I think it's strength lies in how well the skating routines are paced as well as how it shows characters. It also has pretty killer attention to detail.

4. Flip flappers
I think one of the biggest strengths with this show is subtlety and how everything is told indirectly. I haven't watched all of it so far just because I was worried that the change of studios might screw thing up like it has in the past with other anime. But since rodan says it got better I am excited to pick this one up again.

5. Kimi no na wa
Not a series but I really loved this movie. I can't deny that it doesn't have that universal appeal that ghibli movies have but I really loved this movie a ton


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The ending of TO BE HERO was totally unlike anything I was expecting out of this show, I recommend watching it JUST for the ending. It's only a short so it isnt that hard to get through. The humour is pretty juvenile though but trust me.
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