The Any Tier Tournament - Round 1

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Californium is PoMMan now.
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PomMan vs pythagoras (ADV OU, ORAS Ubers, ORAS OU, Battle Spot Doubles, BW UU)--->lucky prick pom
SparksBlade vs Rhythms (ADV UU, VGC 2013, ORAS Ubers, ADV Ubers, BW RU)--->contacting
WhiteQueen vs Zebraiken (Sky Battles, BW Ubers, VGC 2014, Battle Spot Singles, BW RU)
First game for us is ADV OU.


bandy legged troll
currently up 2-1 vs lzrgunpewpew after getting destroyed in doubles, me haxing in bw ubers, and him not knowing inverse mechanics

finishing the rest tomorrow
I have not been in contact with my opponent, but I want to drop out. I should make sure the few tournaments I join are less time-consuming from now on.
Not open for further replies.

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