The Bad Ass is Bad and Ass at DPP UU Tournament - Semifinals

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hey fatty , when you search me i am not on =\ sorry.

what your timezone man

We are not finding.

Whenever I'm online you are not.

And when you stay on i am not on =\

Bad Ass

Serious as a heart attack!!
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this nig is a ghost, putting this here because i saw his post but i should be on most of the day and ill give u my phone number too
yeah I've been trying. kael keeps telling me when he's gonna be on but he never is. I've been on pretty much every night around the times he's specified, and ill be on tonight from 8 pm - midnight probably. sorry been trying my best to get this done I just don't feel kael has put as much effort in.
I talked to kael, and he says he can make that time tonight. I will also be online during that time range tonight, so I expect to see this match get done. If it does not get done, I will probably be forced to make an activity call based on whoever shows up.
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