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Howdy there,

Simple explanation = trade bank ball pokemon for bank ball pokemon.

Detailed explanation = I trade you a(1) bank ball (BB) pokemon i have, for a(1) bank ball pokemon i dont have, save for Snorlax wich is a 12.5% female breeding rate, in this particular case you must offer a(1) BB pokemon of the same breeding ratio for females or 2 BB pokemons at 50% female breeding rate.

What i have:

Pidgey Level Ball

Rattata Dream Ball (HA)Level Ball / Safari Ball/ Moon Ball

Nidoran Moon Ball

Vulpix Moon Ball

Meowth Moon Ball

Tentacool Lure Ball

Shellder Moon Ball

Gastly Moon Ball

Drowzee Moon Ball

Cubone Moon Ball

Scyther Safari Ball / Sport Ball (HA)

Lapras Moon Ball

Dratini Moon Ball

Snorlax Heavy Ball

Cleffa Moon Ball

Misdreavus Safari Ball / Moon Ball

Snubbull Moon Ball

Sneasel Moon Ball

Scarmory Moon Ball

Ralts Moon Ball

Swablu Moon Ball

Clamperl Moon Ball

Shinx Moon Ball

Munchlax Moon Ball

Sandile Dream Ball (HA)

Right now im looking for Moon Ball pokemons first, but you may offer away.

Edit: list updated.
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Hello and welcome. I have Heavy ball machop and skarmory, I'd like to offer for a Dream ball HA Ratata and Sandile


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