The Battle Factory Tournament [Round 1]

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The Battle Factory Tour
Art by Elcheeso
Approved by TD Team.

The Battle Factory is a long standing Battle facility within the video games for a long time, allowing the use of rental pokémon, and ensuring team management based upon knowing what your opponent is likely to use in the upcoming battle to get an advantage over your opponent. In this tour I’m striving to emulate what is possibly, the most enjoyable aspect of the Battle Frontier. Will knowledge of knowing what you’re up against help or hinder you as you try to prepare for the oncoming threat? Or will you attempt to prepare for what you could possibly encounter in future rounds?

Tour Rules

  • You get 6 Random Pokémon from the get go - these will form your initial team.
  • Once you have won a round you get to swap up to a maximum of 2 pokemon from your team, in exchange for the same amount of your opponents pokemon.
  • PM me with what you want after you win / When the next round goes up. Battles may not start between pairings unless i’ve received pms from both users.
  • Swapping out mons is not mandatory, if you’re comfortable with your team, drop me a message saying you want to keep it as it is.
  • Of course, all normal tournament rules and clauses apply.
  • BW2 OU will be the tier used for this tour.
  • All battles are Best of three, with the option to change sets between each of the rounds.
  • Once you've dropped a Pokémon from your roster - it's gone until you swap it back in again.

Use this spreadsheet to locate your mons


Beast Mode vs pokebasket
Hantsuki vs kaonohiokala
vonK vs Lunar.
Trevenant vs Dr Ciel
.Robert vs Soulwind
vs Frizy
Sapienta vs Ezio
DC. vs Pkrs
The Unlucky One vs Bye 4
Metal Sonic vs ModestGarchomp
FLCL vs Scorpdestroyer
SilverShadow234 vs Bye 6
Marshall.Law vs ajwf
Dark_Nikuman vs Boudouche
Chieliee vs Corkscrew
Dice vs McMeghan
vs Lady Salamence
srk1214 vs Mew
Texas Cloverleaf vs Engaurde
Atomicllamas vs Wepwnemon
Ruppy vs Masterful
cbt vs jackofspadesman
Torkoals vs Psychotic
Lasagne21 vs TheKFC
dark_lover vs Cherub Agent
WhiteQueen vs Moonclawz
MagicalMissingno vs Dragonuser
inji vs Photo
Royalty vs Steven Snype
superstar vs Frochtejohgurt
badabing vs Level 51
Shartruce2 vs Typhlito
majaspic22 vs Sayonara
Grey Knight vs TalkTakesTime
Sweep vs Lowgock
Fuzznip vs Anno Nyme
Zebraiken vs Triangles
starwarsfan vs Brap
rewindman vs Laurel
Scene vs fatty
vs Bye 1
Trinitrotoluene vs Haund
Kael vs Yoshidraak
Nozzle vs D4RR3N
vs MikeDecIsHere
EZ Target vs XenoBlade911
vs Organization Member XIV
Yoshinite vs Lolkomori

Deadline - 10 Days - December 4th 10pm GMT
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If anyone's opponent or themself have a duplicate mon in their roster (including Kyurem / Rotom form(e)s) Drop me a message - I'll re-assign you/them a new mon. I did try to make sure that there were no duplicates - but obviously some may have gotten through the cracks.

In the event that there are still byes by the end of the round, each [BYE] will get a team generated so the users facing them can pick from pokemon to swap.
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