The Best Ladderer - Round 2 [Deadline moved to 30th!]

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Approved by the Ou mods

Welcome to the "Best Ladderer" Challenge! As the name implies, this is a challenge that pits the top ladder players against each other to vye for the "Best Ladderer" title! The champion of this challenge would be awarded with a flashy coloured custom title!

Let me explain the process - every two weeks, I will take a screenshot of ou ladder - and people will have 4 days to identify themselves. The player with the highest rating gets a pass, while the next top four players will face each other in a 4-man single elimination. The survivor of this format will then face the highest rated player for the "Best Ladderer" title.

We follow the same procedure in the upcoming cycle, but if the winner of the previous cycle stayed in the Top 10 during the following cycle, then the previous winner and the new winner will have to battle each other to claim the title of "Best ladderer"!

During the alt identification phase, you may post a screenshot of your peak - if it's high enough (think within top 5) then you may find yourself included in the final playoff among the top ladder players.

You must obviously ladder on PS!'s main OU ladder in order to participate in this challenge.

Let the 2nd Challenge commence! You have till June 16th to climb the ladder before the player identification phase begins! No registration necessary - JUST LADDER HARD!


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Can we possibly put some sort of Dev requirement beyond the 100 needed to get on ladder? Nothing crazy but maybe like 80?


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Okai, i did the screen of the Ou ladder;

If you are in this list, you can identify yourself posting a screen of your peak. Even if you are not in the top 5 you can try to post, because we dont know if someone has more that one alt in the top 5 or if everyone is going to identify himself. You have 4 days to do so.


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My own fault but thought I had until tonight to play :(. (Was not feeling great past few days)

Anyway good luck to everyone who made top5! Hope the matches are relatively free of hax.

(it does not matter but I am FS deluk894).


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It's no surprise to see these users identifying themselves, given that they have a profile of strong laddering history :)

thenewguy24 said:
I'm the number 4 and 14 how exactly do I go about identifying myself for #4...
Good point, and nice to see some new faces, too. All of you should provide us with a screenshot of your name either on 1) the top right corner on Showdown's screen or 2) immediately before the text box





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Okay, here are the pairings:

Conflict - Thenewguy24
Windsong - Kidogo

Robert got the pass ;o

You have 3 days to play, if you dont have time just let me know in this thread.
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