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Nitpick: Sawsbuck doesn't get STAB on EQ even if it is called by Nature Power.
There is a little nitpick in the nitpick: Sawsbuck is able to turn into a pure ground type thanks Camouflage thus having access to STAB Earthquake. I haven't seen anyone using it but it sound funny on the paper.
Set-Up Sweeper: Dragonite (duh) Volcarona comes in a close second.
Non Set-Up Attacker: CB Terrakion. The sheer ability to rip through teams makes it so scary.
Wall: Ferrothorn. Spikes, SR, T-Wave, Leech Seed. Yeah..
Annoyer: Sableye. It can be really annoying when it wants to be.
Spinner: Starmie? This thing absolutely wrecks in rain with Thunder + Hydro Pump. Forry and Tentacruel are cool too.
Phazer: Skarmory. Yeah, not much to say.
Underrated Threat: Trick Room Reuniclus. Literally no one prepares for this thing and it's so deadly lategame.
I propose you should maybe add Priority User:
I approve.

Set-Up Sweeper:

If Stealth Rocks aren't up and this bitch comes in, you're in trouble. You pretty much have to sacrifice something just to break Multiscale and hope that your opponent only goes for one DD. A +1 Outrage is extremely powerful and just when you think your Heatran can wall the standard set of DD/Outrage/E-Speed/Fire Punch, it hits you with a random EQ. Also very powerful in Rain with Hurricane and Thunder, a great Choice Bander or even an annoyer/phazer with Sub+T-Wave+Dragon Tail.

Non Set-Up Attacker:

Choice Band Terrakion is amazing. Close Combat destroys everything, and Stone Edge destryos the rest. Except Slowbro. Latios is good as well, but it's too easily trapped.


Probably more personal preference than anything else, but Trace is one of the Top 3 abilities in the game in my opinion, completely shutting down Pokemon like Heatran, Chandelure, Jolteon and so on and it can even get rid of status by switching into a Natural Cure Pokemon. I like it because unlike the fat pink blobs, it can actually do stuff besides sit there and status. It is especially good if you throw all EVs into either defense or special defense , not split it up and combine it with another wall for the other side.


Some quotes:
"omfg this shit is so broken."
"fucking flinch hax bullshit"
"fuck you, (BAN ME PLEASE)"
"yeah, suuure. 10 flinches in a row."
I used to hate it before I used it myself and the SpDef set is really amazing. 60% flinch chance, paralysis, Wish, elemental punches, can hax pretty much anything that's slower to death with any luck.


I like my spinners defensive, so I'll take it over Starmie. Plus, it just soaks up the worst kind of entry hazards and it can do funny things like Magic and Mirror Coating.


What? Something wrong?

Underrated Threat:

It is kind of a one-trick pony, but the Sub/SD/Sucker Punch/Brick Break set is quite amazing. I've probably swept more teams with this guy than with any other non-OU pokemon in OU. I'd like to think that I'm pretty decent with predicting so that I don't waste my Sucker Punches, so it usually works out.

Priority User:

I could say Scizor, but I won't. Besides, in rain it has a higher Attack stat, it basically gets the same damage boost as with Technician and has a better offensive typing than Scizor, plus it's a blue egg with rabbit ears. Can't go wrong with that. Can't kill dragons too well, but there's other ways around that.


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Set-Up Sweeper: Volcarona, It can sweep in the Rain OR the Sun with Hurricane (Rain) and Fire Blast (Sun). If you're packing LO Modest max investment with HP Ground then it can essentially beat it's own counters, OHKOing Heatran and Terrakion with a +1 HP Ground.

Non Set-Up Attacker: Choice Band Terrakion, There are basically zero sure-fire counters to this thing in the metagame. Skarmory is 2hko'd by Close Combat, Gliscor is 2hko'd by Stone Edge, Slowbro is almost 2hko'd by X-Scissor, it's actually kind of ridiculous if you think about it.

Wall: I don't have a favorite wall because they're all used for different things, but i guess i'll say Ferrothorn because it's so versatile.
Annoyer: Rotom-W Seriously, i hate this thing with all of my heart.

Spinner: Starmie, I love Starmie as a spinner because it's fast and can beat the most common Spin Blockers (Gengar and Jellicent) with Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt.

Phazer: Skarmory, He's my favorite Phazer in the game because he checks so many different offensive threats, yet can still run a Specially Defensive set and still wall common Dragons and some Fighters. He also gets Spikes down really easily which makes his Phazing much more effective.

Priority User: Scizor, I love Scizor because it can do so much. If you pair it with Rotom-W, then the opponent is really in for a fun match (-.-)since all you have to do is spam U-turn and Volt Switch. Besides U-turn, Scizor has the strongest Bullet Punch in the game thanks to Technician and can revenge the most prominent threat in the metagame IMO, Dragonite. It also serves as a check for a ton of other popular Pokemon like Terrakion, Tyranitar, Haxorus, Latios, Latias, Landorus, and many more!

Underrated Threat: I'm going to have to say Rain Volcarona. Just from my experience on the ladder, I almost NEVER see Rain Volc. IMO it's one of the best Pokemon to use right now just because of it's surprise factor. If you run Substitute you can set-up on Ferrothorn who is the 4th most used Pokemon in the game. Flying is a great attacking type, and Hurricane + Bug Buzz is only resisted by Magnezone, Skarmory, and Heatran.


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Set-Up Sweeper:

Swords Dance Lucario. Bit frail but is a monster once it sets up, especially with +2 priority Extremespeed. Volcarona is a close second.

Non Set-Up Attacker:

Choice Band Terrakion/Choice Specs Latios. Massive damage coming off their STAB attacks, not much explanation necessary.


Hard to say, either Ferrothorn or Eviolite Dusclops


Jirachi. hax+bulk=umadbro?


Tentacruel. Spins and absorbs Toxic Spikes while laying down his own and burning opponents with Scald. Also very hard to take down in rain with Rain Dish+Leftovers.


Riolu. Can you say +1 Priority Roar with Prankster Copycat?

Skarmory in Standard OU

Priority User:

Choice Band Scizor. Bullet Punch coming from his massive attack is great

Underrated Threat:

Sigilyph. This thing is a beast on both sides of the spectrum. Cosmic Power and Roosting up until it gets to +6/+6 in defenses and then wrecking with a 390 BP Stored Power. Able to Psycho Shift its burn onto the multitude of physical attackers in OU (Scizor, Dragonite, Terrakion). Magic Guard makes this guy even greater, allowing it to not be statused when holding a toxic/flame orb or take any residual damage so it can't be stalled out.


Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!
Sigilyph is indeed underrated. Outside of critical hits, teams lacking dark type pokemon don't have a huge way to deal with it. The cosmic power set hurts offensive teams pretty badly once it begins setting up, while the calm mind set with psycho shift can become strong enough to obliterate even bulky jirachi with stored power. Calm Mind sigilyph can also choose to run other offensive attacks aside from stored power, since there will be times where you need that immediate strength instead of a base 20 or base 60 power attack.

I propose you should maybe add Priority User:
Come on guys, don't make me say it.
Set-Up Sweeper: Dragonite / Volcarona
After one Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance, both of these Pokemon hit extremely hard and have few counters.

Non Set-Up Attacker: Specs Latios / CB Terrakion
Specs Latios and Banded Terrakion have phenomenal attack after the item boost, coupled with great STAB moves.

Wall: Ferrothorn
Ferrothorn in rain is a bitch to take down. Grass/Steel offers resistance to some of the most common moves in OU, which is very nice for Ferrothorn

Annoyer: Sableye
Prankster Will-o cripples all the physical sweepers. Taunt prevents set up, and Recover with some decent bulk is annoying to say the least.

Spinner: Starmie
Starmie is a great spinner, as it also threatens spin blockers with great offensive stats. It can also use Recover to boost longevity.

Phazer: Skarmory
Whilrwind all day, everyday. Gives Physical Pokemon nightmares.

Priority User: Scizor
CB Bullet Punch. Pew pew!

Underrated Threat: Azumarill
654 Attack is often overlooked, and with great prediction, everything not named Jellicent gets OHKO'd / 2HKO'd.
Set-Up Sweeper: It´s a hard choice, but I think it´s Dragonite, this beast has a lot of choices to smash through unprepared teams. Multiscale combined with its great bulk make him an absolute monster. You can either choose to use a bulky set or a more oriented one. It has, great coverage moves too, with fire punch and earthquake.

Non Set-Up Attacker: Maybe CB Haxorus, if your steels are all gone, you must be prepared to lost one Pokemon. Its really high attack, stab Outrage and other coverage moves make this guy a really tough one. The bad thing, its his low speed.

Wall: Here its easy, Ferrothorn, in all the time I have been playing, Ferrothorn has been the most efficient wall ever. Unique typing, overall high defenses, decent hp and some of the most useful support moves (Stealth Rock, Spikes, Thunder Wave, Leech Seed) are some of his man features.

Annoyer: Jirachi, it can be the most annoying thing with the hax. Jirachi can also be used as a setup sweeper, or as a wall. Under the rain, Thunder hits really hard and has a high chance to paralyze. If you add to that the flinching rate, you have one of the most annoying Pokemon out there.

Spinner: Starmie, most of you have already mentioned this. He is the premier spinner in OU. Its high speed, Recover and Natural Cure make this guy one of the best to fulfill this role.

Phazer: Skarmory, probably, the best phazer in the game. It fulfills the role of a physical wall like a boss, and he has got access to whirlwind and spikes. Pretty much self explanatory.

Priority User: Scizor. CB set is awesome, with U-turn to gain momentum, and Bullet Punch hitting hard some of the most dangerous treats in OU (like Terrakion) He has got a really useful Bug-Steel typing, leaving hm with only x4 weakness, fire (which can be solved with good team synergy).

Underrated Threat: Scrafty, with Dragon Dance, this monster rips thorugh unprepared teams. He has got a good stab in Drain Punch, Ice Punch (to hit Gliscor and other flying guys), and some good bulk.

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