The Black Haxorus Trade Shop

If you trade between 7/31-8/15 or make a request between those times and we eventually trade you get a free pokemon.

Shop Status:Open

Black Haxorus Trade Shop New Giveaway

You must guess a number between 1-10 you have to post on this thread first ten people who guess right will win the giveaway winners get a shiny adamant bisharp level 100 evd check in my evd list for more info about bisharp btw this is a new giveaway everybody from the old one can guess again.

My Ratios:
Normal Shinies:1 point
Flawless Shinies:2 points
Legendary Shinies:2 points
Flawless Legendary Shinies:3 points
Events:1 point
Shiny Events that aren't supposed to be shiny:2 points
UT Flawless Shinies:3 points
DW Pokes:1-2 points depending on gender

Looking for RNG'ers

Rules: No spamming or flaming.
Post in this thread only otherwise I will not reply.
I clone using pokecheck so clones are fine with me please no hacks or pokemon cloned via AR if I get a hack immediate tradeback!
After August 15th I'm busy on weekdays so be patient and check if I replied on the weekend.

Offering Form:

What you want:
What you're offering: Tell if shiny and/or event)
Items (If applicable):
Your FC:

Coming Soon:

Ashs Zekrom and Reshiram
Modest Cyndaquil T level 5 (Hatced from egg)
Jolly Sceptile level 36 T
Shiny Deoxy

Normal Shinies:

Shiny Emboar level 36 Rash
Shiny Tangrowth Level 100 Quiet
Shiny Crobat Level 43 Quiet
Shiny Kyogre Level 100 Erased Evs Modest Nicknamed Aquamarine
Shiny Palkia Level 100 Jolly
Shiny Sandile Level 57 Bashful
Shiny Lugia Level 100 Adamant
Shiny Heatran Level 100 Timid
Shiny Chandelure Level 100 Mild
Shiny Rapidash Level 100 Lonely
Shiny Regigas Level 52 Quirky
Shiny Stoutland Level 45 Adamant
Shiny Scrafty Level 64 Mild
Shiny Gigalith Level 28 Modest
Shiny Watchog Level 51 Relaxed

EV Trained:

Shiny Ev Trained Near Flawless Serperior Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 240 Speed 18 HP Ev's Timid
Shiny Dream World Dragonite 249 Attack 255 Sp. Attack 6 HP Serious
Shiny Mewtwo Level 100 255 Sp. Attack 255 Speed Modest
Shiny Flawless Garchomp Level 50 252 Attack 252 Speed 4 HP Jolly
Shiny Flawless Reinclus 255 HP 253 Defense 2 Attack Bold
Shiny Cofagrigus Level 60 254 Attack 252 Defense 4 HP Naughty
Shiny Tyranitar Level 100 100 of each Ev except 10 HP Timid
Shiny Near Flawless Gengar Level 100 254 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 4 Defense
Shiny Near Flawless Typhlosion Sp. Attack 255 Speed 255 Modest
Shiny Near Flawless Bisharp 252 HP 252 Attack 4 Defense Adamant Nicknamed JetJaguar
Shiny Flawless Latios Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 6 Defense Modest Nicknamed LiteDragon
Shiny Milotic Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 HP 6 Defense (Near Flawless) Bold
Shiny Flawless Cressalia 255 Sp. Defense 172 HP 22 Attack 61 Defense Timid
Shiny Rayquaza Level 100 100 Evs in every stat except 10 in Sp. Defense Hardy
Shiny Meganium Level 100 100 of each stat except 10 of Sp. Defense Impish
Shiny Near Flawless Metagross Level 100 252 Attack 236 HP 22 Speed Hardy
Shiny Ninetales Level 100 100 of each Ev except 10 Sp. Defense Serious
Shiny Accelgor Level 100 252 Sp. Attack 252 Speed 6 HP Modest

UT Shinies:

Shiny Ferroseed Level 1 Relaxed
Shiny Groudon Level 50(Soulsilver) Relaxed
Shiny UT Audino Level 14 Serious
Shiny Darumaka Level 19 Serious
Shiny Vloconora Level 70 Timid
Shiny Landorus Level 70 Jolly
Shiny Nidorina Level 23 Quiet
Shiny Pansear Level 15 Calm
Shiny Turtwig Level 1 Rash
Shiny Horsea Level 20 Timid
Shiny Zapdos Level 50 Mild
Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina Gentle
Shiny Azelf Level 50 Modest
Shiny Pidove Level 12 Rash
Shiny Flawless Larvitar Adamant
Shiny Absol Level 1 Rash
Shiny Moltres Level 50 Modest
Shiny UT Cobalion Level 42 Timid
Shiny Zorua Level 1 Modest
Shiny Terrakion Level 42 Adamant
Shiny Charmander Level Adamant


Event Dw Arceus level 100 Lonely
Shiny Flawless Darkrai Level 50 Timid
Cilan's Pansage Level 1 (UT)
Janta's Golurk Level 70 Mild
Hadou Regice Docile
Carlita's Hydreigon Level 70 Shiny and Modest
VGC10 Shiny Evee Hardy
Pokemon Movie 11 Victini Level 50 Adamant
2004 ANA Pikachu Timid
PCNY Flygon Level 45 Lax
Shiny Mew Level 30 Serious
Shiny Raikou Level 30 Rash (Shiny+Gamestop)
Shiny Entei Level 30 Adamant(Shiny+Gamestop)
Shiny Suicune Level 30 Relaxed(Shiny+Gamestop)
Victini 15 or 100 (your request) request a nature have about 7 natures
Wishmaker Jirachi Level 5 Quiet

Flawless Shinies:

Shiny Flawless Adamant Aerodactyl Level 1
Shiny Flawless Rhyperior Level 45 Bold
Shiny Near Flawless Latios Level 35 Bold
Shiny Flawless Staryu Level 1 Timid
Shiny Bagon Level 1 Adamant
Shiny Flawless Petilil Level 1 UT Timid
Shiny Flawless UT Litwick Modest
Shiny Near Flawless Thundurus Level 40 (BT) Timid
Shiny Flawless Larvitar Level 1 Adamant
Shiny Flawless Dratini Level 8 (BT)Jolly


Lucky Eggs,Masterballs,and Exp. Shares,Sun Stones,Oval Stone


Ev Training

DW Pokemon:

Shiny Evd Male Dragonite (Learn more in Evd Section)
Female Elikid Level 1 Bashful
Female Evee Level Adamant
Female Poliwag Level 1 Naive
Female Dratini Level 1 Calm
Female Khangaskhan Level 1 Hardy
DW Arceus (learn more in events section)


UT flawless shinies or Ev trained flawless Shinies and DW Pokes(Big Wants)
Any shinies or events I dont have.(Small Want)
Suggestion: Only post EVs if they are close to flawless/perfect HPs. If they're not, - no offense - but most people here won't want them, and listing them is not worth the effort.

Good luck! I'll be back when Evs are posted! :)
I want this:
#059. Arcanine (Arcanine) | ★

Nature: Bold | Ability: Flash Fire | Type: Fire
Location: Johto
Hidden Power: Water 70
IVs: 11/ 27/ 24/ 9/ 10/ 13
EVs: UT | Level: 20
Moves: Bide | Roar | Fire Blast | XXX
Notes: Fully Redis (Caught in Wild)
Hey mate, i'm interested in your Flawless shiny bagon, what i can offer you is

Name: Latios OT: Newts
ID: 58515
IVs: 31/6/31/30/31/30 HP FIRE 70
Nature+Ability: Timid, Levitate
Gender: Male
Notable moves:
Level: 35
Nickname: No
Fully redis


Dragonite Shiny
IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31 | HP [70 Dark] | Multiscale {DW}
Hatched at Entralink, Nov 6 2011 | OT: Julius | ID: 56094
Available as Adamant | 254/44/0/0/0/212 | Level 100
{Dragon Dance, Outrage, Roost, ExtremeSpeed} | Lum Berry
fully redistributable
Heres bagons full stats:Skill Base IV EV Stat Cntst
HP (Sheen) 45 31 0 12 0
Attack (Cool) 75 31 0 6 0
Defense (Tough) 60 31 0 6 0
Sp. Attack (Beauty) 40 31 0 5 0
Sp. Defense (Smart) 30 31 0 5 0
Speed (Cute) 50 31 0 6 0
Hidden Power 70 Dark
Move Type BP Acc PP PP+
Rage 20 100% 20 0
Dragon Dance -- -- 20 0
Hydro Pump 120 80% 5 0
Dex Number 371
Pokémon Bagon (dex)
Nicknamed No, BAGON
Gender Male
PID 1819378428
Shiny Yes
Experience 0 (level 1)
Nature Adamant
Ability Rock Head
Held Item None
Happiness 70
Pokérus No
Fateful No
Type Egg / Pal Park / Event
At level 1
Egg received Day-Care Couple
Date Jan 27, 2011
Hatched/Met PokéTransfer
Date May 22, 2011
Pokéball Poké Ball
Original Trainer

Name Johnny
Language English
Trainer ID 18339
Secret ID 43305
Region Sinnoh (Diamond)

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