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Today CAP is 10 years old! Let's celebrate!
Picture was made by Garbagery who i want give a huuuuge thank you to! Love ya man!
Sprites were edited by me and Garbagery using the CAP sprites made by the orginal creators. And huge thank you for the feedback! Again Happy birthday CAP!


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I wanted to make an Avatar for my Smogon and really really enjoy the aesthetic behind the sprites from the G/S/C era so I did something involving my sleepy guy in that style!!
We need to get Pokemon of all type combos that haven't been made, no particular order (sorry if i include CAP combos, but technically they aren't actual Pokemon):
Non-legendary Mono-Flying
Water Bug (besides Surskit, but that's not exactly common)
Fighting/Flying besides Tomohawk, we need another
Psychic/Flying other than the _atus
Electric/Normal (as of this post, X and Y aren't out, so no Helioptile)
Fire/Normal (same with Litleo)
Water, Ground, Dragon, Dark, Rock, Bug, and others/Normal
Non-legendary Ghost/Dragon
Psychic/Normal, other than Girafarig
I was going to say Ghost/Fighting other than Revenankh, but he fills the typing fine
Any other never-before-seen combo

Also, Tomohawk, Mollux, Krillowatt, and Fidgit all look able to evolve, so at least one should be able to be given an Eviolite, that could shift the metagame greatly.

We should give more Pokemon Tail Glow. We already have Krillowatt, Mollux, Scyclant, Cyclohm, and Malaconda who look like their tails are able to glow.

We should have Mons interacting, like the rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper, Palkia and Dialga, Groudon and Kyogre, the Kami trio, or Durant and Heatmor. Perhaps Arghonaut, Tomohawk, and Collosoil have rivalries because they're like the ground, sea, and sky, just like the legendaries from gen 3. If Krillowatt love in fresh water, maybe Collosoil accidentally stumble upon underground rivers filled with Krillowatt, who can obviously light up in the dark, and the Krillowatt get angry and release a Draco Meteor or Outrage that they can somehow learn. Perhaps Revenankh and Voodoom have scaring contests. Scyclant looks a lot like a modern Stratagem, who perhaps existed in ancient times so can fire of AncientPowers. Fidgit may play with Aurumoth's wings.

No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but several thousand electrons were terribly inconvenienced.​
Wow, I was thinking the same thing. Also, I’m new and a pokemon competive noob. So don’t judge plz
Wow, I was thinking the same thing. Also, I’m new and a pokemon competive noob. So don’t judge plz
As a heads up, that post is nearly 5 years old, but if you want to join in with the creation of a new mon, please feel free to add in your concept to this thread - although be sure to have a read through the rules and the current suggestions already posted :) Alternatively, feel free to just observe until the typing threads, where you can promote a typing that encourages the style of play espoused from the chosen concepts.

I'm not going to comment too much on the typing discussions - since that post, XY, ORAS, SM, and USUM have been released, in addition to the CAP creations Volkraken, Plasmanta, Naviathan, Crucibelle, Kerfluffle, and Pajantom, along with the release of Z-Moves and Mega Evolution have been made available to the community, which has shaped the meta very well, as well as a recent fairly in depth analysis of previously created mon bringing them in line with the updates the mon may have expected to see (and a slight rebalance of some of the worst mon in the meta; Voodoom, Malaconda and Arghonaut to name a few) had they been in the core game.

Also, I think that the meta not handing out +3 Special Attacks is a decent way to keep things resembling some internal balance consistency. Giving a bulky mon like Cyclohm or Mollux the ability to potentially get to +3 after switching into something that they resist is an extremely scary prospect.

Hopefully you see a concept that you're able to support or even put down your own within the linked thread though?
I know I'm the one who named Pajantom's Stand as 「Hard Day's Night」, but 「Dragon Force」 or 「Hotel California」 work too really
I don't think it'd get a Mega, or that said mega would be broken. Bumping up to aroun 600 isn't insane since there's plenty 600s that are OU instead of Ubers.


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As said on Discord, I love your use of polygonal shapes! Baobab and lion look fantastic in your style.

As for me, I've been working on this little thing.

Thanks to Sunfished, Reviloja753, and Reiga for feedback. :)

Tagging Marty for implementation when the time comes.

Edit 5/6/18: Updated sprite to be more proportional.
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