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Bet you didn't expect another one so soon, huh?

(Art by Sunfished)
Name: Eskimamba (by Birkal)
TL: Me!
Concept: Focus Punch Abuser (by quziel)
Typing: Ghost / Ice
Abilities: Prankster / Iron Fist / Unnerve
Stats (by G-Luke): 100 HP / 130 Atk / 78 Def / 67 SpA / 82 SpD / 103 Spe | 560 BST
Movepool (by Dogfish44):
Competitive Notes (by me!): Uses sheer power combined with Prankster Encore to force scenarios in which Focus Punch can be executed. Ice Hammer is an option for a stronger Ice STAB at the cost of speed. Ice Shard is another alternative to have for priority. Can also use Prankster Taunt or Haze for extra utility if it so chooses. Finally, it, like Zapparition, can go boom like everything Birkal has ever dreamed of.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and sorry it was such a slow process. I appreciate that you guys stuck it out with me.

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