The Crystal Cup - A GSC Team Tournament [Signups]


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Inspired by BKC's generation 3 team tournament.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Crystal Cup - the very first GSC team tournament!
Matches are to be played in the tiers GSC OU, GSC UU and GSC Ubers (best of one).
Sign up as a team of three detailing who is to be playing which tier and a team name.
If you wish to change the tier that you are playing midway through the tournament, PM me to do so.
Signups will close when 16 teams sign up, though is subject to change depending on demand.
If you don't have a team, feel free to sign up as a free agent so I can allocate you to one.

Team list:
gorgie - GSC UU
Astamatitos - GSC Ubers
McMeghan - GSC Ubers
KratosMana - GSC OU
SoulWind - GSC UU
voltix31- GSC Ubers
Night Yagami - GSC OU
EriDBst - GSC UU
Jorgen - GSC OU
Earthworm - GSC Ubers
dice - GSC OU
Diophantine - GSC UU
Century Express - GSC Ubers
GSC OU - ElectricityCat
GSC UU - ziloXX
GSC Ubers - MegaLucario
No name yet
Gsc ubers OminousDraco
Gsc ou Real FV13
Gsc uu alive
Ubers: Cynara
OU: Djokra
UU: Sage
Shakur - Ubers
StarBlim - OU
Revulsion - UU
RahelGamer09 - Ubers
Descending - OU
Oibaf - UU

Signups close Tuesday 3rd October at 23:59 EST
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