The Crystal Geodude Academy's Tournament - Round 1 READ POST #688

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Activity post. Majaspic is on the forums everyday, but he/she refuses to reply to my vm's or schedule with me. No need for that.

Knight1337 hasn't been on since last Sunday, so idk about him.
activity post.

I contacted all my opponents (bar llvallejoll, my bad .-.) at the beginning of the week asking when my opponents could battle and CyberOdin and Fusxfaranto have not responded. Both have been online since the VMs. If this isn't johning, idk what is.

So yeah. Come at me llvallejoll, CyberOdin, and Fusxfaranto.

I know at least 2 of you are online atm.
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Requesting Activity Win vs Derk.

I contacted him on the day the tour started, and he hasn't responded. I have PM'd him also, to no response. I believe I should get the activity win as he is not responding.
I'm also having a hard time getting a match done with 3 of my opponents in the Snubbull Group. They're highly inconsistent trying to find a way to fit with my schedule. I'm GMT-5 idk how hard could it be when i spend 8 Hours Online during the night certain days.
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