The Dawn Of Metagross (2nD RMT)

The King Of Sea: Kingdra Appears!((2nD RMT)


Two Weeks Ago, I Made A RMT And The Team Wasn't Even Successful, Me And My Friend Shoxz Tried To Make A Team That Almost Counter's All Teams And Pokemon. We had A Lot Of Pressure On Choosing Which Pokemon/Team Member To Be In The Team. As Its Past Two Weeks, We Have Been Making A Perfect Team Which Is Not So Perfect. As A Result, I Made A New RMT To See Any Flaws In This Team. I Have Returned Laddering At PO (Its Pokemon Online If You Dont Know That) This Team Actually Came In #25 On Shoddy Under The Nick Shoxz And #200 ( And Above Due To Inactivity).We Tried To Make A Team Around A Pokemon That Is Bulky And Offensive. Seems Metagross Is That Only Pokemon That Can Do This Job. This Team Is Design To Stop Those Counter's Of Metagross And In-Late Game, Metagross Can Sweep. The Record Is 40-3 the Loses Were Haxes. Without Further Ado, Let’s Start!

This Team Wouldn’t Mind a Cleric
Credits: Smogon, My Pal Shoxfire

~Team Building~

First,The Team Was Built Around Agiligross For Being Bulky And High In Attack.He Have Many Resistance To Many Attack.The Only Weakness He Have Is Fire & Ground That Is Resisted By Many Water Pokemon.After Agility,He Sweeps When His Counter's Are Gone.

I Want To Kill Other Pokemon That Stop Metagross From Sweeping,Starmie Was The Pokemon That Could Stop Infernape,Heatran,Gliscor And Tyranitar (Pursuit No Good).It Can Rapid Spin To Remove Those Nasty Entry Hazards That Reduces Metagross From Sweeping.

Now,I Will Need A Lead That Is a Anti-Lead And Destroys Other Bulky Leads Like Swampert And Other Metagross.It Destroys Metagross Counters Also Being Bulky And A Attacker Which is a Good Advantage.I Will Try Machamp Next Time ( Maybe)

I Need a Steath Rock So Metagross Can Sweep More Could Turn 2HKO To OHKO's.Gliscor Was The PokemonHe Have a Good Synergy With Metagross And Breaks Stalls.He Is Also My Status Absorber And Electric Type Move Absorber (Only Thunder-Wave And Electric-Type Attacks)

Now,I need Something That Have High Attack Stat And Helps Gliscor To ABUSE His Ability Sand Veil.Tyranitar Can Do The Job.Being Scarfed,He Revenge Kills Gengar,Zapdos And Rotoms.

Man,My Pokes Will Die Fast Due To SandStorm And Sweeping D:.I need Someone That Can Wish And Boost His Stats.As The Same Weakness As Metagross.Jirachi Can Again Do The Job.With His Decent Stats And Ability Serene Grace,He Can Flinch Hax The Opponent Hard.He Is Also Good

As Others Suggested To Replace Starmie With Suicune Because Of His Bulk,He Pretty Cut It Out As He Counter's My Weaknesses E.G Infernape And Lucario,With His Bulk,He Can Survive Hits And Be My Wall.When Paired With Jirachi,Seems Unstoppable As Wish From Jirachi And Calm Minding :).Metagross Wasn't That Good Because It Shares The Same Typing As Jirachi And Gives Me More Ground Weakness.Kingdra Gives Me Fire And Water Resistance.Plus,The Only Non-Legend With Water/Dragon Typing.


~Team At Glance~


[DR]Infernape (Me)


~Into The Depths~


Dragonite (M) @ Life Orb
*** MenceSucks

Nature: Rash [+ Special Attack,- Special Defence]
Ability: Inner Focus
Ev's: 4 Hit Points/252 Attack/ 252 Special Attack

  • Draco Meteor: Dragonite's Main STAB Move This Attack Is Only Resisted By Steel And This Move Can Deal ALOT Of Damage If It Hits Sometimes It OHKO’s
  • Fire Blast: Fire Blast Is For Pokemon That Resist Draco Meteor, As Well As For Coverage Against Steel/Grass/Ice
  • Superpower:
    To Handle Tyranitar/Heatran And Blissey Easier.
  • Extremespeed: Priority Move. This Is For Sashed Leads Give Them A Hell Lot Of Trouble
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

I Was Like Oh Shit,Which Lead Should I Choose?I Was Totally Inspired With His Anti-Lead Set.I Have Tested Machamp,Machamp Was Fucked Up.Many People Bring Counter's For Him.I Tested Dragonite And STAB Draco Meteor Was Killing Everyone That Doesn't Resist It.He Does Have A Diverse Movepool And Stats That Surprises Me When Salamence Was Banned And I Tried To Use Him.Leading Position's Is Always Crucial Where Every Lead Tries To Get Advantage At The Beginning Of There Match.He Have No Problems Against Faster Leads Like (Aerodactyl,Azelf And Ninjask) Where He Just Draco Meteor + Extremespeed.Even Slowing Lead Lose To Dragonite (Except Machamp).

Superpower > Earthquake For Obvious Reasons.To Kill Tyranitar,Heatran And Skarmbliss Which Earthquake Cannot Do.Superpower Is Also For Umbreon's

Paired With Jirachi,They Have An Excellent Synergy Together. ( Read Jirachi)
Dragonite VS. Top Ten Leads

Green isn't a problem,Orange is a bit of problem and Red is a problem.

: Easy Stuff, They Will Taunt, Stealth Rock Or Explosion At Turn One. Fire Blast Will Bring Down Till 1 Hp If They Focus Sash. If They Don’t Not Have Focus Sash, It’s a OHKO. Explosion Will Hurt Though

- Aerodactyl
: Again Easy stuff, I always go for Draco Meteor, since my opponent could not taunt me due to Me Being A Anti-Lead. If it taunts me, I Just Got a Free OHKO and He Won’t Get Any Stealth Rock Up

: The Third Worst Lead To Face, He Can Ice Beam Me, Usually They Stealth Rock Turn One While I Go For Draco Meteor And Followed By Superpower Or Draco Metoer Which Will KO Swampert. I Just Don’t Want To Take The Risk Though

: The Second Worst Lead to Face. Man is this thing a bitch. I Will Just Draco Meteor until He Is at Red Hp While I Die from His Ice Punch. Next, I Will Switch In Gliscor To Earthquake Him To Death.

- Metagross
: The Easy Lead To Face, Just Fire Blast Him As During This Metagame, Many Metagross Bring Lum Berry Instead Of Occa Berry Which Is A Bonus :D. He Won’t Get Any Stealth Rock Up

- Jirachi
: Jirachi is a bitch most definitely as a flincher But I Can’t Be Flinch Due To Inner Focus. Ice Punch Hurt So I Will Switch To Suicune.Dragonite Doesn’t Mind Being Scarfed Anyways. Fire Blast Will Deal A lot Of Damage Though

- Infernape
: This Lead Is Funny Though, Fake Out Doesn’t Even Flinch Me Thanks To Inner Focus While I Kill Them With Earthquake And Extremespeed. No Stealth Rock Up.If They Stealth Rock On The First Turn,Who Cares,Infernape's Going To Die.

- Ninjask
: Haha Ninjask. Switch To Gliscor And Taunt Them So That They Can’t Do Anything.

: They Can’t Touch Dragonite But Only Making Him Sleep. I Will Switch To Gliscor To Take The Sleep Powder And Switch Back To Dragonite To Fire Blast + Extremespeed It. My Team Doesn’t Mind Toxic Spikes Other Then Tyranitar. Hidden Power Ice Variant's Are Tough To Handle.

- Hippowdon
: Did you read Swampert? This Guy Is Abit Harder But Still Draco Meteor + Earthquake Kills Him.

- Tyranitar
This guy can be a trouble if it has Stone Edge or Ice Beam. I Will Go For Superpower Which Is a OHKO For Him. He Will Get Stealth Rock Up Or Not.

: Well, He Can Barely Touch Dragonite Except Explosion Which Hurts. Superpower OHKOS Heatran.Not a Problem At All But He Will Get Stealth Rock Up.

- Smeargle
: Do They Even Still Using This? I Will Make Dragonite As My Sleep Fodder While I Switch To Gliscor To Taunt Him And Get Stealth Rock Up.

- Starmie: Possibly the Worst lead Ever to face. Ice Beam Just Kills Dragonite. Switch to Tyranitar on the Ice Beam and Torture Starmie with Pursuit. They Will Stay In and Start to Surf/Hydro Pump Tyranitar Until He Is Low Health and Starmie Dies. Big Threat >:D


Ev’s and Nature

  • Rash Nature: I still keep my Offensive stats high Without Losing Any Speed Against Other Dragonite Leads.Special Defence Drop Isn't Really A Big Deal.

  • 252 Special Attack: This is so obvious. Max Special Attack and STAB Draco Meteor (With Life Orb)Is Just To Awesome

    252 Attack: Rest Dumped Here To Maximize Earthquake And Extremespeed's Offensive Power
    4 Hit Points: Filler

During The Salamence Era,Salamence Was Being Liked By Every Trainer.Salamence Is Now Uber And Many Trainer Had To Use Dragonite Or Flygon.With Salamence In Uber,Dragonite Now Own The OU Tier.You Can Kiss His Ass Now!

Considerable Changes

- N/A.


Jirachi @ Leftovers
*** LoveDestiny

Nature: Bold [+Defence, - Attack]
Ability: Serene Grace
Ev's: 252 Hit Points/ 212 Defence/ 44 Speed

  • Calm Mind:
    Jirachi's Set-up move. After A Few Calm Mind’s, Jirachi Is Hard To Be Taken Down.
  • Wish:
    Wish is the recovery move for Jirachi Also It’s To Support The Whole Team By Passing Wishes.
  • Thunderbolt:
    Thunderbolt gives Jirachi coverage To Hit Bulky Water Types And Other Types (Bar Ground Type).
  • Psychic:
    Jirachi's STAB move. It Hits Pretty Hard Against The Likes Of Breloom And Fighting Types.
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

Who Doesn't Even Recognise WishCM Jirachi? To Me,It Is The Best Sweeper And Wish Passer.Mixape Fails To OHKO Jirachi After +1/+2 Calm Minds.A Simple Jirachi With Psychic.With Stealth Rock,Zapdos Can't Switch In And Out That Much To Counter My Team.Jirachi Is Allowed To Beat Foes Once Its Counters Are Gone.Foes Such As Blissey,Tyranitar,Cradily (LOL) -Just To Name A Few- All Attempts To Set-Up In A Way Against Jirachi.I Would Usually Use Flash Cannon,But Weakness To Breloom,I Had To Choose Psychic.

Paired With Dragonite,Jirachi Have An Awesome Type Synergy With Him.Creating A Perfect ""Duo".With Dragonite,SkarmBliss Will Be Running As MixNite Brings Superpower And Fire Blast.My Opponent Is Faced With A Double Power That Requires Double Effort To Kill Them.

Thunderbolt's Chance Of Paralysis And Psychic's Changes To Lower The Opponent's SpD,Plus Serence Grace,Means Jirachi Can Parahax And Lowering The Foe's SpD Against My Opponents.
Ev’s and Nature

  • Bold Nature: Focusing on Defence While Boosting Up My Special Defence By Using Calm Mind
  • 252 HP: For The Max Bulk Jirachi Can Ever Get
  • 216 Defence: The Only Number That I Can Use Without Losing Any Speed, Plus, It Takes Any Attack Like A Beast Although its 216 Ev’s
  • 44 Speed: Allows Me to Outrun Other WishCM Jirachi’s And Defensive Celebi’s Etc.

Jirachi Is So Cute And Adorable,Its Called LoveDestiny.Pretty Much In Movie's,If You Meet Jirachi,You Can Change Your Destiny By Wishing.Well,Sometimes It Doesn't Work.You Must Love Your Destiny :)

Considerable Changes

- Using Flash Cannon To Hit Celebi,Tyranitar And Psychic That Block's Jirachi's Sweep


Suicune @ Leftovers
*** MeowCune

Nature: Timid [+ Speed, - Attack]
Ability: Pressure
Ev's: 4 Hit Points/252 Special Attack/ 252 Speed

  • Surf:
    I’m an Accuracy Freak, I Just Hate When Hydro Pump Misses Important Kills. Surf Is Better In A Long Run Due To PP And Power. It Hits Hard To The Opponent Due To STA
  • Hidden Power: Hidden Power gives Suicune coverage with Ice Beam and the ability to hit hard To Flying And Bulky Water Types That Resist Ice Beam And Surf.E.G Gyarados
  • Ice Beam:
    Ice Beam is for cove.rage, It’s The BoltBeam Combo, Many Pokemon Doesn’t Stand Against It Except Lanturn (Rarely See It)
  • Calm Mind:
    Suicune's Set-Up Move.After A Few Calm Minds,He Is Devastating.
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

A Standard Offensive Set.With Calm Mind And Paired With Jirachi To Wish Pass Him,You Better Hope You Care Carrying Blissey Or Else This Thing Bro,Is Going To Sweep Your Team Clean,Or Dent Your Team Members.Some People Use Life Orb On Suicune,He Doesn't Need Power.Keeping Your Opponent Thinking About Which Set Is This Suicune Using,It Is An Advantage.

I Have So Many Opponent Trying To Roar This Thing Out,But Gets KOED In The Process.Pokemon Like Breloom Are Hoping To Spore Suicune,But With 252 Speed And +Nature,He Outspeeds And Ice Beam It.Because Of His Natural Bulk,He Gives A Decent Check Against Lucario,Gyarados,Heatran Especially The Non-Scarfed Ones And Other Suicune's.Suicune Gives A Fire Resistance To The Team That Jirachi Appreciates.Every Foe Thinks Suicune "Must" Be Crocune,But Its Not.Surprising The Foe Is Fun

Paired With Jirachi,They Have So Called "Almost Excellent Synergy",Jirachi Resist Grass While Suicune Resist Fire.Pretty Simple Eh?
Ev’s and Nature

  • Timid Nature: To Maximize Speed To Outspeed Breloom And Other Pokemon Slower Than Suicune.

  • 252 Speed: To Outspeed Breloom And Jolly Gyarados.
  • 4 Defence: To Give Suicune A bit Bulk In Def And Walling Moves
  • 252 Hit Points: To Give Suicune The Max Amount Of Hp To Survive Hits

Suicune Is So Fierce And Cute,Also Look Like A Cute Cat.I Named It After They Growl Meow.I Don't Really Have An Ideas For Suicune's Nick -.-
Considerable Changes

- N/A.

Tyranitar (M) @ Choice Scarf
*** BigDaddy

Nature: Jolly [+ Speed, - Special Attack]
Ability: Sand Stream
Ev's: 4 Hit Points/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed

  • Crunch: Tyranitar's STAB move.Its Awesome Has It Have 10% To Lower The Opponent's Defence And Also With STAB,Psychic And Ghost Types Doesnt Want To Stay In With This Big Boy
  • Pursuit: Pursuit is Tyranitar's trapping move. It Helps Me To Deal Damage To Pokemon That Are Escaping Like Starmie And Gengar And OHKOing Them In The Process
  • Stone Edge: Tyranitar's main STAB move. 100 Base Power means that after STAB boost it has 150 Power.It Helps Me Deal With Flying Type Pokemon Like Gyarados,Dragonite And Zapdos
  • Superpower: Superpower Is To Deal With The Another Tyranitar And Also Blissey Who Thinks She Can Wall This Set.
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

Tyranitar is the glue of this team; it keeps everything in check and fills in all the little gaps that the team could not attend to otherwise.The idea is simple; Tyranitar walks in on most resisted attacks and outpaces the unsuspecting foe. Tyranitar acts as my check to Life Orb Starmie, Gengar, Infernape And Froslass Check. The moves involved need no comprehensive explanation, but the key to the set is Pursuit and Superpower. Pursuit in the sense that it can removed fleeing Gengar and Taunted Rotom-A, and Superpower because it allows me to check Lucario: they usually come in on Tyranitar, Go To Suicune Or Gliscor And Do Their Things Respectively.If They Fail, Tyranitar Comes In, Revenge Killing Lucario.

Sand Stream is a useful asset because it can negate Any Weather Effects Or Focus Sash survival attempts of a lot of foes such as Roserade And Gengar. In addition to being a useful revenge killer, Tyranitar maintains excellent synergy with my Pokemon, Gliscor, In Terms Of Activating His Ability Sand Veil.
Ev’s and Nature

  • Jolly: To Maximize Speed Without Losing Any Neither Offensive Power Nor Defensive
  • 252 Speed: To Get the Max Speed To Outspeed Base 115 Speed
    [*]252 Attack: To Get The Max Attack For Offensive Power
    4 Hit Points: Filler

Phew,Thinking Tyranitar's Nick is Hard.After Thinking,I Nicknamed Him BigDaddy.BigMama Was Like Tyranitar.Fat And Montrous.Since Tyranitar Is Male,Changed It To BigDaddy >:)

Considerable Changes

- Putting Earthquake In The Move-Set

Gliscor @ Leftovers
*** FlyingFreak

Nature:Jolly [+ Speed, - Special Attack]
Ability: Sand Veil
Ev's: 252 Hit Points/ 40 Defence/ 216 Speed

  • Taunt: It Is To Deal With Stall Teams Which Think They Can Beat Me.It Also Helps From Baton Passing To Other Pokemon That Ruin My Team
  • Earthquake: Earthquake Is A Great STAB That Hurts SD Lucario To End His Sweeper Capabilities.
  • Stealth Rock: Stealth Rock Is Needed For This Team As It Turns 2HKO'S To OHKO To Help Me Kill The Important Pokemon.No Other Uses Then That.
  • Roost: To Recover Any Damage,Enable Gliscor To Survive Longer
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

After Having 4 "Dudes" In My Team,I Realise I Have An Unbelievable Lucario Weakness.Both Agility And Sword Dance Set.Only Suicune Can Handle Lucario,Smart One's SD And Close Combating All Of My Pokemon.So Gliscor Is A Must For This Team.Gliscor Makes A Nice Stall-Breaker Thanks To Taunt.Gliscor Gives Me An Excellent Check To Tyranitar,Lucario,Scizor And Those Physical (BAN ME PLEASE)s That Can't Hurt Me With Super-Effective Moves

Excellent Team Player Because It Absorbs Fighting,Ground,Bug And Electric Moves.He Has A Nice Synergy With Suicune,Jirachi And Tyranitar.Since It Attracts Celebi And Bulky Water Types Giving Suicune An Advantage To Set-Up.As For Celebi,I Can Taunt And Switch In Tyranitar With The Fear Of Leech Seed/T-Wave.

I Hate Ice/Water Move's That Ruin Gliscor From Attacking/Stalling The Foe.Oh Well,My Team Helps Him By Sand Storm And His Ability Sand Veil Activates To Avoid Some Of The Moves.(Relying On Hax =P).With His Bulk,Defensive Capabilities,Amazing Typing As Well As To Set-Up SR,Totally Gets A Spot.
Ev’s and Nature

  • Jolly: To Maximize Speed To Beat Lucario And Outspeed The Other Gliscor And Also Base 95 In Speed And Below

  • 216 Speed: Enough To Outspeed All Types Of Lucario
    40 Defence: To Survive Any Physical Attacks Aimed At Gliscor.
    252 Hit Points: Enhancing His Surviving Ability

Gliscor,Gliscor,Gliscor.I Kept Thinking What Nick Should I Give Him.You Guessed It,Random Nicks Pl0x.He Is Flying,Looks Like A Freak.Together,They Form "FlyingFreak".
Considerable Changes

- Putting Toxic In The Move-Set.Just Don't Know Where


Kingdra @ Chesto Berry
*** KingOfSea

Nature: Adamant [+ Attack, - Special Attack]
Ability: Swift Swim
Ev's: 144 Hit Points/160 Attack/164 Speed/42 Special Defence

  • Waterfall: Kingdra's Stab Move.After A Few Dragon Dance, Kingdra Sweeps With Ease When His Counter's Are Gone.
  • Outrage: Stab Move, Only Resisted By Steel, And With A Few Dragon Dance, Pokemon Are Going To Be KOed.

    Dragon Dance: Kingdra's Stat-Boosting Move.After A Few DDs, Kingdra Is A Beast.
    Kingdra's Self-Healing Move.It Is Used When Kingdra Is At Low Hp and Rest+Chesto Berry Is Epic.
Why Did I Choose This Pokemon?

You Might Ask This Question, What? Chesto Berry On Kingdra? Why Not Lum Berry?.Lum Berry Always Activates To Any Status Such As Poison,Sleep,Paralysis And Burn.So When Using Chesto Berry, It Only Activates To Sleep Which Is My Recovery Move Rest. I Have Tested Other Variants Of Kingdra When BlazeMurder Suggested This. Actually, This Set Is A Beast. It Can Live LO Starmie's Thunderbolt/Ice Beam And Also Suicune's +1 Ice Beam/Hp Electric. Usually Kingdra Gets Up To 2 DD's Or 3 At Max, Then I Rest Activating My Chesto Berry.Immediately Kingdra Wokes Up And Sweep.

With Dual STAB's And Access To Outrage, It Isn't Resisted By Any Pokemon In OU Except Empoleon.You Better Wish You Brought Empoleon ;).Also, Kingdra Is An Excellent Team Player.Resistances To Steel,Water,Fire And Neutrality To Grass,Electric,Ice Etc, It Is Appreciated By Its Team Members Like Gliscor,Jirachi And Suicune.

Great Synergy,Great Team Player.Overall, The Best Kingdra Moveset Ever Made.Natural Bulkness And Unique Typing, Definitely Gets A Spot
Ev’s and Nature

  • Adamant: To Maximize Attack To Enable Him To OHKO
  • 42 Special Defense: Enabling Him To Take Special Moves.
  • 164 Speed: Maximize The Amount Of Speed He Can Get In His Bulky State.
  • 160 Attack: To Get The Max Attack For Offensive Power As Say To Gain Certain Amount Of KOs
  • 144 Hit Points: Enable Him To Be Bulky Enough To Take Hits.
Considerable Changes


Whew, That Was Long :).So Here's My RMT.My Problems Are Zapdos And MixApe.Anyways,Hoped You Enjoyed Reading And Pls Rate With Your Heart!I Need Help As My Team Have Flaws :).Dont Ask Me To Change Any Pokemon Without Any Good Reasons :).Thanks For Reading!

~List Of Changes:

  • Replaced Starmie With Suicune

    [*]Changed Dragonite,Gliscor And Metagross Ev Spread
  • Replaced Ice Punch With Thunderpunch On Metagross
  • Replaced U-Turn With Roost On Gliscor
  • Changed Rest With Calm Mind On Suicune
  • Changed Metagross With Kingdra
~Last Look~


Well,Thats My Team Rate It!Dont Steal It Without Permission Pls ;_;

Thanks For Reading!
~Threat List~

~Sorry Guys,Due To The Threat List Was So Big,I Wasn't Able To Finish It.I Will Do The Pokemon In OU/BL/UU That Causes Me Problems ~Only.I Hope You Understand And They Are Not In Order ~

The Thing That Costs Me Misses And Important Kills :
| Hax : I Hate Hax,Damn,Those Crits,Parahax And Misses.Always Cost Me Important Kills.An all-round bitch.Can a description really define how ridiculous it is?

| Infernape :

  • Special-based Mix:Suicune Is A Beast.As I Said,This Is Why I Used Calm Nature On Suicune.To Take Grass Knot And Ohkoing Back With Surf.

  • Physical-based Mix: See Above ^
| Zapdos :

  • Generic Wall: Only Gliscor,Tyranitar And Dragonite Can Do Damage To This Guy If It Lack's Hp Ice.If It Carries Thunderbolt/Heat Wave/Hp Ice,GG For Me.Stone Edge Always Misses Gawd Dang It.

  • SubToxic: Gliscor And Jirachi Is My Only Answer To It.I Have To Play Around It.
| Swampert :

  • Standard Tank: God,I Can't Do Any Damage To Swampert.My Best Hope Is Swampert Is In The Lead Position While I Draco Meteor + Superpower Them.If Dragonite Is Down,GG.

  • CursePert: See Above ^
| Machamp :

  • Sub + 3 attacks: I always suffer against this. Somehow I have to break its Substitute and find a way to hit it With Jirachi's Psychic.

  • Lead: Explained In Dragonite Section.This Thing Is A Bitch.Why Nintendo Gave Him Bulk,Power And No Guard?Its Insane.Anyways,Draco Meteor While Dragonite Dies And Go Gliscor!Earthquaking Him To Death.
| Lucario :

  • Swords Dance: If it sets up on Tyranitar, then I Go To Suicine On The Sword Dance Then Koing Him Back With Surf.If One For My Pokemon Dies,Tyranitar Can Come In Back And Superpower Him.
  • Agility: Oh Shit,If This Guy Set-Ups And Suicune Is At Low Health.GG For Me ;_;.If Suicune Is Pretty Healthy,He Can Strike Back With Surf Koing Him In The Process.Big Threat.Jirachi Also Can Attack Him Using Psychic


It's all coming back to me now
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Well I can see that you have slight issues with Sub Gengar, SD Infernape (with Mach Punch) and SubTran. Subtran in particular seems like it causes issues since it can freely come in on Jirachi and get a free Sub. From their you are taking lots of damage.Starmie is pretty muhc the only thing that does not take huge damage from it (and even then some subtran have EXplosion) and Starmie will not taking repeated Earth Powers.
However most of what is on your team has a purpose so its difficult to fix it. I would definatly consider a Gyarados over Starmie since Jirachi can kinda check Gyarados and Gengar. Oh and Metagross wants Thunder Punch over Ice Punch so that you can beat Gyarados who otherwise walls you.

Have a Nice Day!


Humblest person ever
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Hi. I would suggest a slight change to your Dragonite. I would suggest a small speed investment to get the jump on Metagross, at the expense of attack (the drop will not cost you any particular KOs). 232atk 252spatk 24spe for instance. This prevents Metagross from SRing then Exploding if it has Occa berry, and prevents it doing anything if it has a lum berry. I would also suggest Superpower over Earthquake. This lets you OHKO Shuca Heatran and Tyranitar leads without worry. It is also great against Blissey and Snorlax, which is useful for wallbreaking later in the game.

I would suggest a spread of 60hp 252atk 196spe on Metagross with Zen headbutt over Ice Punch. This lets you outrun scarf Rotom and adamant Scarf Jirachi and Flygon (considerably more common after the departure of Mence) after an Agility. Zen Headbutt does considerable damage to Scarf Rotom and has much better neutral coverage so that you aren't totally walled by Gyarados, for instance. Remember that a nuetral Meteor Mash is as powerful as a SE Ice Punch. Edit: Thunderpunch is also a good option, though the extra speed is less useful with it.

Gliscor's spread is a little iffy. I would suggest either 252hp 40def 216spe or 252hp 4def 252spe. 216 spe is needed to outrun jolly Lucario. It is then advisable to invest in HP before defense as Gliscor's base HP is mediocre and is base defense excellent. With Taunt it is important to at least tie with other Gliscor, which is the reasoning behind the second spread. I would also recommend Roost over U-turn, which is necessary if you want Gliscor to check Lucario and set up SR and help with stall without being esily worn down. Gliscor's U-turn is too weak to be of much significance.

Good luck.
On Metagross, Ice Punch is inferior to Thunder Punch IMO, Meteor Mash OHKOs 0/0 Flygon 100% of the time with Stealth Rocks, and non extremely bulky Dragonite's die from it too with SR up. Thunder Punch would probably be better, to help with the likes of Gyarados, or even Explosion to finish off an annoying wall.

- Machamp: The Worst Lead to Face. Man is this thing a bitch. I Will Just Draco Meteor until He Is at Red Hp While I Die from His Ice Punch. Next, I Will Switch In Jirachi To Psychic Him To Death.
Terrible terrible idea, revenge kill him with another pokemon, because the only type of Jirachi that runs Psychic is the Calm Mind variant, and you don't want to give that away early!!

The team in general looks solid, I do think there needs to be one change, can't quite put my finger on what needs to go and what should replace, ill keep thinking!

The team is quite solid, I just wanted to weigh in on dealing with Machamp leads. Rather than letting Dragonite die, it may do you better to bring Jirachi in immediately on the Ice Punch, Psychic it while taking a Dynamic Punch (this will leave you at roughly 60% I'd guess. You can then go back to Dragonite on what is likely to be anything but an Ice Punch, Earthquake will then always KO it.

Just something to think about.


EDIT: Did it take long to write the whole RMT with the first letter of each word being a capital?
Hi. Just by taking a first glance at your team, I realized that you are incredibly weak to the likes of Agility Lucario and DD LO Gyara. If either can get up an Agility or a DDance by coming on your choice locked TTar, then with proper Spikes and SR support, Lucario and/or Gyara can sweep through your entire team.

Damage Calcs; Agility Lucario
Ice Punch Vs. Dragonite: 100
CC Vs. Jirachi: 45.5-53.7 (90+ chance to 2HKO)
Crunch Vs. Starmie: 97.3-100 (OHKO 100% of the time w/ SR)
CC Vs. Tyranitar: 100
Ice Punch Vs. Gliscor: 93.8-100 (OHKO 100% of the time w/ SR)
CC Vs. Metagross: 61.7-73.1 (2HKO)

Now let's take a look at DD LO +1 Gyara, shall we?
Stone Edge Vs. Dragonite: 100
EQ Vs. Jirachi: 82.7-97.5 (Always OHKO w/ SR and 1 layer of Spikes)
EQ Vs. Starmie: 99.6-100
Waterfall Vs. TTar: 100
Waterfall Vs. Gliscor: 100
EQ Vs. Metagross: 100


Right now I'm suggesting either a bulky water or a Defensive Rotom in place of your Starmie. Crocune (or Resttalk) can take a Close Combat (40.1-47.5) and hit back hard with Surf (after the SDef drop). DD Gyara will be stopped by Suicune as well (providing it has roar/HP Electric).

Suicune @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Sleep Talk
- Rest
- Roar/HP Electric
- Surf

As for Defensive Rotom, it can always survive a +1 Waterfall from Gyara, as well as a Crunch from Agility Lucario, and hit them back with Tbolt and WoW/Overheat, respectively.

Rotom-h @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP/168 Def/88 Spd
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt/Discharge
- Shadow Ball/HP Fighting
- Overheat
- Will-o-Wisp/Reflect

I hope this helps.
I really don't like Taunt Gliscor with Stealth Rock tbh. Toxic + EQ is the big selling point of that set, hands down. I would suggest finding a different lead that can lay down Stealth Rock and hopefully not be a suicide lead so that you can open up that spot on Gliscor for Toxic instead. I would also use Thunderpunch over Ice Punch or Meteor Mash on Metagross. With type coverage in mind, it's interesting to note that Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, and EQ hits the majority of OU just as strong as Meteor Mash, Thunderpunch, and EQ, so give that a try IMO. Other than that, your team looks fine. Good luck.
ok, heres my two cent's

From a quick marriland typing you have 3 heavy weaknesses to Eq even a non stab Eq creates a danger to alot of your team, whilst this is counterable by swapping in gliscor or dragonite once they have gone down your team is free to be Eq to death.. Second an infernape has the Ability to Ko 3 members of your team (jarachi ttar and metagross).

To counter these problems i noticed your using starmie as your early game sweeper, being unbulky means it has a hard time switching in to members of the opponents team and without using its utility (rapid spin) i find its almost of of place on your team. Due to that i recommend you swapping to a Suicune set preferably a Rest talk suicune to act as a bulky sweeper/wall.

This Acts as a fairly stable wall agaist a weavill who is said to be giving your team trouble as you hit weaville for 43.6% max with surf using the rest talk set.

other than that its a fairly stable team but i am slightly worried about the Eq weakness in using ttar jarachi and metagross.
Hello got your VM ^^

I agree with jc104 about changing Earthquake to Superpower on your lead Dragonite. This allows you to do more damage to LeadTran with Shuca Berry and the likes of Tyranitar leads. I also suggest you use a Quiet nature on Dragonite. You already use the EV spread for that nature so that doesn't need to be changed.

I also agree with Philip7086 about Taunt being pretty bad on Gliscor if you don't have Toxic. The strategy is Toxic an enemy and shut it down with Taunt so it cannot heal itself while you stall it out with Roost. Since you don't have Toxic, Taunt turns pretty redundant (yes it allow you to stop Skarmory from laying down Spikes but since you will need to switch into it it will still get one layer up, there is also nothing else you can do against Skarmory in return). Therefor I suggest you'd replace Taunt with Aerial Ace. Like Earthquake, Aerial Ace is a STAB move and it will help you against the likes of Breloom and various other Grass types.

There is much else I can suggest that isn't already suggested.
Hope this helped and good luck with your team!


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I probably yought to clear something up here. The spread I gave you was meant to go with a Quiet nature; this is standard and I didn't notice that you weren't using it. With mild and no speed evs you will comfortably outrun Metagross. Quiet with 24 speed lets you outrun up to 16 speed Metagross, though a little more speed could of course be added.
Hey there, this team is pretty cool, but its extremely weak to offensive Suicune, Shaymin, anything with 62+ Speed and a +Speed Boost and pretty much any GWF core and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is very bad. Mostly since Shaymin is becoming quite popular. To fix this we just need to make a few simple adjustments.

First of all, I don't really see AgiliGross being that great of a sweeper for you, since it shares common weaknesses with Jirachi and Tyranitar so basically, Scarf Flygon poops on you. Since CMWish Rachi is pretty much a sweeper in and of itself I think we can drop AgiliGross for something else. Imo the best answer to Offensive Suicune is other Offensive Suicune. So lets plop that guy in there. We will give him Leftovers since we don't want him to be shitted on by Sandstorm. Also, Suicune helps a lot with your big big big big stall weakness. Since a boosted Surf is enough to keep Skarmory from coming in and it wards of a lot of PHazers.

Suicune @ Leftovers | 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe | Timid
Calm Mind | Surf | Hidden Power [Electric] | Ice Beam

Basically perfect coverage here its only stopped by Lanturn who isn't all too common and ScarfTar pretty much says gtfo to it anyway.

However, 1 addition does not fix a team. If I were you I would change Tyranitar to a CB Tar and change Starmie out for ScarfGon. CB Tar hits literally any switchin for a ton of damage with any of its moves, unless they are immune (and lets be honest, its not too hard to predict) and ScarfGon is an excellent Revenge killer. ScarfFlygon will help with your DDNite, DDGyara and DD<pokemon> problems. Here are the two aformentioned sets:

Tyranitar @ Choice Band | 160 HP / 252 Atk / 96 Spe | Adamant Nature
Stone Edge | Crunch | Aqua Tail | Pursuit

Flygon @ Choice Scarf |4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Jolly Nature
U-Turn | Outrage | Earthquake | Thunderpunch

tl;dr list of changes:
Offensive Suicune
CB Tar

Other than that I think the team is pretty solid. I was never crazy about AntiLead Dragonite, but I guess its cool if it works/you like it. Hope my changes helped and good luck. :toast:
I would use Jolly over Adamant on Metagross. This will let you outspeed Jolly Choice Scarf Flygon and Jirachi, which are everywhere these days. This will allow you to beat Agiligross' best revenge killers.

I also think you need some sort of revenge killer because you're very vulnerable to +Speed sweepers.

I would make Jirachi Choice Scarfed as it's one of the better revenge killers today.

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
Serence Grace | Jolly (+Spe, -SpA)
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Iron Head
- Fire Punch
- Ice Punch
- Trick
Fire Punch is for Agiligross and SD Lucario while Ice Punch takes out Dragonite, Flygon, and a weakened Shaymin.

If you still want a Wish-passer, you could replace Starmie with Vaporeon. This will give you an answer to Gyarados, Infernape, Heatran, and other threats you were previously weak to.

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Water Absorb | Bold (+Def, -Atk)
192 HP / 252 Def / 24 Spe / 40 SpD
- Surf
- Wish
- Protect
- Hidden Power Electric / Roar
HP Electric is preferred since it lets you beat Taunt Gyarados. The speed EVs are to outrun most Scizor.

Alternatively, you could just make Starmie Choice Scarfed, but that would make your only revenge killer vulnerable to Pursuit. Tyranitar is commonly found with Gyarados and Lucario.


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Hey there.
Just one little thing, Use Bold Nature on Cune. You cant increase his physical defense, so you want it as high as possible.

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Hi, got your PM...

Your team looks pretty solid, but there is a bit of a Dragon Dance Life Orb Gyarados weakness and a large Dragon Dance Life Orb Dragonite weakness.

Since two Scarfers on a team is not a good idea in general, you should replace your Jirachi with a Choice Scarf Jirachi, and replace Tyranitar with a BaitTar:

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 SpD
-Iron Head
-Ice Punch

Iron Head is to revenge DD Tar (and for general FlinchHax), ThunderPunch is for Gyarados, and Ice Punch is for DD Nite. Having a Trickster on a team is always great to eliminate walls.

EVs are standard and an Adamant Nature is recommended because you are still able to outspeed any Pokemon after 1 Dragon Dance, and the power is much needed.
Tyranitar @ Expert Belt
Hasty Nature
252 Atk/48 SpA/208 Spe
-Fire Blast/Flamethrower

This has a similar function as your Choice Scarf Tyranitar, except you are able to catch Scizor, Breloom, Forretress, and Skarmory off guard!

EVs allow you to outspeed Adamant Scizor, Adamant Breloom, Bold Rotom-A, and most Metagross.
Finally, as your team would love some wish support (and a phazer), try a Vaporeon over Starmie:

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 HP/220 Def/24 SpD/12 Spe

EVs allow for equal special and physical bulk, and it also lets you outspeed standard CB Scizor.

Good luck!
Hello I got your VM

Anyways on to the rate, your team at the moment is very scarf nape weak. I agree with everyone else that you should test suicune, or you can just slap on a scarf to starmie and well problem solved. Since scarf nape can only use one attack, you could do some prediction and use a Empoleon, preferably the aglity sub petaya one or agility + 3 attacks, but seeing as you got agiligross, this is a lesser option.

Another suggestion is to use a wish Vappy and then switch t-tar to an expert belt mixed set which eats unprepared team.

Good Luck!

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Um, Roar isn't just for Ninjask. You are also able to pHaze things like CurseTar, Curselax, and Agiligross before they become troublesome. If you don't like Roar, try Heal Bell or Toxic.
You have plenty of rates, but I'll still RMT by request.

I'm sure this is totally unnecessary but I'll do an examination on how you check and beat Gross's Counters:

Rotom-A is the perfect counter to Metagross. Rotom-A resists all of Metagross's main attacking options while also being immune to Explosion and Earthquake. Rotom-A can immediately threaten Metagross with Will-O-Wisp, who obviously won't enjoy being burned, or stall through Rest + Sleep Talk if needed. TTar hits it with Pursuit / Curnch for a KO if you Crunch and they stay or Pursuit and they switch. Check!
Rotom-H can also severely weaken Metagross with Overheat; in fact, minimum Special Attack Rotom-H stands a small chance of 2HKOing Metagross with Overheat, provided Metagross has taken previous damage from Stealth Rock. Same deal as before. Check!
Zapdos is also immune to Earthquake, resists Meteor Mash, and can severely damper Metagross with Heat Wave. SE on TTar is your best bet. But you have to keep it in. Pursuit as they switch hits hard.
Skarmory can come in on most of Metagross's attacks with ease. Choice Band ThunderPunch hurts, as does Hidden Power Fire. Otherwise Skarmory can get in safely, set up Spikes, and Whirlwind Metagross away. With no T-Punch, Skarm can come in and WW you away. Not good. Ice Punch only hits for 21.6% - 25.1%. Lol. Scouting is important before you go out and KO it with HP Electric on Cune. Best bet. Needs Improvement!
Bronzong handles most attacks with ease as well, and unlike Skarmory, it can hurt Metagross directly with Earthquake. Fire moves hurt Bronzong hard, but only problem is your only fire move is FB on Nite. Not good. If FB doesn't hit for 68% - 80.5%, hit it with an EQ because he has Heatproof! Needs Improvement!
Forretress also does well if it has Earthquake, but out of this group, it has the most to fear from Hidden Power Fire. It won't enjoy repeatedly switching into Choice Band Earthquakes, either. Same deal, no real fire type attack. Needs Improvement!
Sturdy Ground-types such as Gliscor and Hippowdon can handle Metagross's attacks, but beware of Attack boosts when switching into Meteor Mash, particularly from the Choice Band set. MM does 55.9% - 66.1% to Gliscor and Hippo is really only lead. Gliscor DOES outspeed you if you don't have Agility. Ice Beam on Suicune KO's it, if you don't weaken it to that point, bye bye Gross if you don't switch. Good, but be careful.
Swampert is less at risk from boosts as it resists Steel. Like any grass move KO's it. But.. you have none. Can be a pain to take down, work on it! Needs Improvment!
In general, most bulky waters can easily wall Metagross that do not carry ThunderPunch, but one has to be wary of Explosion. You carry Ice Punch that really only hits Zapdos, one of Gross's counters. More reason to use T-Punch. Explosion on a sweeper is silly to me. Besides, you don't pack it. More Reason!
Suicune, Vaporeon, and Slowbro are the most notable bulky waters that can switch into Metagross, primarily because they have the ability to recover off any damage Metagross might induce upon them. Suicune and Slowbro can easily Calm Mind if the opponent is foolish enough to stay in. Electric attacks deal with them. Only electric attack you pack is HP Electric on Cune and T-bolt on Rachi, but if your switching to ScarfRachi...
Magnezone terrorizes any kind of Metagross that cannot Earthquake it before it uses Magnet Rise. Magnet Pull prevents Metagross from running, so if Magnezone is faster and Metagross is low enough on HP to be OHKOed, Metagross is a goner. Should Metagross be locked into any attack besides Earthquake or Hammer Arm, Magnezone will also come out on top. If you Agi it's all good.
Dugtrio can also trap and kill, but can't switch in directly on an attack that isn't ThunderPunch. You don't pack T-Punch, kind of silly, and you have Agi to outspeed, I think...
For the most part, keep Metagross away from Fire-type Pokémon if it isn't carrying Occa Berry. You don't have Occa. :(
The vast majority will die to a well predicted Earthquake. That is a fact! Watch for it!

What is the whole point of that? More reason to use T-Punch to remove counters and hit Bulky waters like Cune hard. Also provides a general strategy for it's counters and now you have a better glimpse on what the counters are if you didn't have every one memorized already.

Electric and Fire types seem to be important in a Metagross Sweep. Scarf Rachi with T-Punch, Fire Punch, Iron Head, and U-Turn can scout as well as Revenge people.

SCOUTING IS VERY IMPORTANT! No sense going out mid game and not know their entire team. A pokemon like a ScarfRachi or Flygon can scout easily.

I like Flygon better becuase it gives several resists and an immunity to electric and ground.

Well... That's all I can think of. Good Luck! Hope I helped.

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Hey,After Testing The Pokemon That You Said (Super Mario Bro),My Team Is Weak To Scizor And Vappy >_>.I Prefer Suicune Though

Gosh,Breloom Defeats This TEAM >_>,I Need Suicune With Higher Speed Than Breloom,But Ev Spread?

For your apparent Breloom/Vaporeon/CM Suicune issue, try a Tinkerbell Celebi over Jirachi (or preferably Metagross, but I see this team is based around him):

Celebi @ Life Orb
Modest nature
EVs: 232 HP/244 SpA/32 Spe
-Heal Bell
-Leaf Storm
-HP Ice

Heal Bell wakes up Suicune and heals the rest of your team from status. I don't recommend HP Fire, as giving Heatran a Flash Fire Boost is a big no no for this team.

Scizor shouldn't be too much of a problem. Gliscor walls it completely.
ok, i got your PM.
after the changes people said there is little i can say.
you do have a large ground weakness as once gliscor is gone, you are in trouble.
replace suicune with SD feraligatr. it helps agiligross a lot being able to KO things such as scarf ape and scarf gar, both of which can stop metagross sweep.
it also takes out bulky waters as after a SD almost all are 2HKOed. it can aqua jet scarfers as well.
also run lum berry on gross. otherwise, things such as blissey (who with the right EV's can take meteor mash) and twave. life orb doesn't really help alot in terms of power.

good luck with the team
Hello! Big fan of the Dragonite lead. I was just wondering why you chose Mild nature as opposed to Rash. Giving Dragonite a Rash nature may provide it with a slight advantage when dealing with priority attacks such as Extremespeed and the ever prevalent Bullet~Punch from Scizor allowing you to KO it. Dragonite already has an advantage with it's 100 base Special Defense over it's 95 base Defense. Just a thought good luck with the team!
I noted that you have 3 ground weaknesses but eh that shouldn't be too much of a problem because you have two immunities.

The next thing is some moveset changes I must suggest. Firstly UTurn/Toxic >>> Stealth Rock on Gliscor for sure, you should probably find some other way to lay down rocks, and I would recommend Toxic so you can hit bulky waters on the switch, since they kinda can sponge a lot of your attacks with the exception of cune. Also I noticed that you don't want Rotom-A coming in for free when you can Toxic it. UTurn is also really viable though because if you Taunt an incoming Celebi then UTurn out then it has no way to recovery which can be easily followed up by a scarftar Pursuit, which would be unbelievably appreciated by agiligross later in the game, also Celebi is much more common in these fire/grass/water teams I see a lot at the moment. So basically it is up to you since personally I couldn't decide which would be more beneifcial here.

Rotom-A can beat most of main sweepers, espeically Rotom-H, yeah sure you can lure it in with Metagross, Gliscor, Jirachi, Cune and bring tar in but I really wouldn't want to be burned if it predicts your switch so that ttar is dead weight and Rotom can run through the team. Yeah the addition of Toxic on Gliscor does help because you can lure it in if he thinks you will go eq happy but it still isn't too reliable. Ehhh, it might be crazy but you could run maybe some sort of bulky Heatran which would solve the problem of where to run sr, and also it can tank Zapdos/Rotom-A very effectively, who are both agiligross checks, I'm not sure exactly what set to run, but atm I am thinking LO so that you can 2hko Flygon switching into fb, which is really beneficial as Flygon is a main check to Agiligross. Heatran also has its way with non-ep Celebi and also Cresselia to an extent.

Hope I helped and gl ;)
Hi there.

Pretty solid team here. One of my biggest problems with this team is Jirachi. Although, that set does help with Wish, it's basically allowing the opposing Tyranitar or another pokemon on your opponent's switch in and do some damage or possible set up.

I think if you ran the wish support set on Jirachi, it will still be able to be a team
player,while keeping some things in check.

Wish Support Rachi @ Leftovers
Nature: Impish
Evs: 240 HP / 160 Def / 76 SpD / 32 Spe
~Body Slam/Twave
~Iron Head/Ice Punch
I Will Think About Using Jirachi Plus,Tyranitar Can't Hurt Jirachi If He Lacks Earthquake.
As For Now,I Have A Big Zapdos Weakness.Me And My Friend Is Thinking About Replacing Metagross With Celebi.With Heal Bell/Grass Knot/Hp Fire/Recover.

It Will Give Me A Nice Ground,Electric Resist
Any Thoughts?
Most tyranitars don't lack Earthquake. :/ I would not get rid of Metagross. To be completely honest I think you should replace jirachi if anything.

EDIT: If you have good prediction Tyranitar would be a good counter for Zapdos. I could see Snorlax fitting well on this team, but I doubt that you will want to use him.

Well,Tyranitar Is THE ONLY Counter For Zapdos.Calm Mind Jirachi Is Hard To Be Taken Down If Its Being Used Well.Celebi And Suicune Work Together.

Suicune Used Rest
Azlanslayer Called Suicune Back
Azlanslayer Sent Out Celebi
Celebi Used Heal Bell
Bell Chimes Around The Area!

See That,Well,I Made Em Myself...Anyways,I Love Snorlax.But I Wonder How He Fits In This Team :D.Thick Fat?
Yes, you should definitely run Thick Fat on Snorlax. Use the Curselax set and see how well that fits with your team.

About That,Well,I Dont Really Know The Ev's And Moves.So Can You Recommend Me The Moveset And Ev's Pls?
Evs:168 HP / 120 Def / 220 SpD
~ Curse
~ Body Slam / Return
~ Rest / Selfdestruct
~ Earthquake / Crunch / Fire Punch

As a solution to your ground weakness problem replace Agiligross with a bulky Kingdra.

There's a link to the analysis of Chesto Rest Kingdra. This will be a great benefit to your team.

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