The DPP Latias Tournament - Signups

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Tournament Rules and General Guidelines

DPP OU + Latias Tournament

Standard Rules:
  • Best of three format
  • Single Elimination
  • Standard DPP OU with Latias allowed and Soul Dew banned
  • In order to allow use of Latias, all games must be played in the DPP Ubers format
  • Standard DPP OU clauses - make sure your team follows the Evasion Abilities and Baton Pass clauses of DPP OU
  • Evasion Abilities Clause - Pokemon who do not have Sand Veil or Snow Cloak as their only ability must run their other ability
  • Baton Pass Clause - Baton Pass cannot be used in conjunction with a boost in speed + another stat (this is a teambuilder ban) and no team can contain more than one Pokémon with Baton Pass.
Posting replays is required to ensure that Evasion Abilities and Baton Pass clauses are followed.

Signups will close Wednesday August 22nd, 11:59 PM GMT
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