The DPP OU Tournament II -- Round 2

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The DPP OU Tournament II

Art by ThatsMyLatios and Funkasaurus


With the recent release of Black 2 and White 2, let's take a step back to the metagame we left behind with the release of the new generation. Will the DPP OU veterans return to claim their title, or will we see a newcomer show they can hang with the more established players? Has the tier become frozen in time, or has it evolved into something new? Let's find out.

Tournament Rules

General Rules:
  • This is a single elimination tournament.

  • Battles are to be played in a best-of-three format; the first player to win two games advances to the next round.

  • The banlist will adhere to Smogon's current tiers and restrictions for 4th Generation OU.

  • Battles must be played on Shoddy Battle or Pokemon Online.

  • There will be a timeframe of week for each round of the tournament.

  • Save your logs in case of discrepencies.

Battle Rules:
  • Evasion Clause

  • Sleep Clause

  • OHKO Clause

  • Species Clause

  • Timed Battle


Tobes vs ~GreenCore
Golden Sun vs Friar
HellPowna vs Pocket
Marshall.Law vs 6A9 Ace Matador
Jayde vs Symphonyx64
ThatsMyLatios vs bye
Fener vs Sayonara
Funkasaurus vs MarceloDK
[K-12] The Madchine vs Go10
Veteran In Love vs Deluks917
Rockhp31 vs NightFox
apologies vs Lakers
Bomber92 vs Tomahawk9
xtrashine vs Alice
davidness vs Heist
Villari vs Bandicoot
LizardMan vs woebegonenick
aim vs DarkLoic
tito vs Hantsuki
bye vs Masterclass
Fabulous but lazy vs panamaxis
199 Lives vs bye
bye vs M Dragon
Living Things vs Brammi
Chase vs AkHolic
TPO3 vs ThePillsburyDoughBoy
Alakapimp vs bye
Cristal vs bye
extremebeta vs CrashinBoomBang
Lohgock vs Vrille
Conflict vs Emix
McMeghan vs bro fist
Vinc2612 vs Kennen
Jack Frost vs undisputed
kd24 vs Django
WhiteQueen vs MAlkaviano
lapras6666 vs KidChameleon
Leftiez vs BKC
Meh vs Bad Ass
Gabranth vs NirvanaR
michael209 vs Z-rex
Gouki vs D i a b l o
bye vs Zephir
Naru vs Rewer
Maaf vs bye
CyberOdin vs SoulWind
-Frexa- vs DestinyUnknown
Lavos Spawn vs Raichy

There was a small problem when doing the pairings Round 2. In Round 1, there were 83 matchups, which isn't going to turn out well later down the line. I had to add some byes, and I also subbed in some users that requested to sub. I will PM them shortly. If you believe I made a mistake, please feel free to PM me and I will correct it. Thanks guys.

Deadline is 9 pm EST on Sunday the 27th.
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