The Dutch Plumberjack is now a Flying Press Co-Leader


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It's hard to overstate how much The Dutch Plumberjack's done for TFP since joining the mod team a little over a year ago. He's certainly been our most consistent uploader, meaning he's usually the last set of eyes on anything being published. That's a good thing, as he happens to be one of our most active editors and coders. He also already handles the majority of the upkeep on our contributors list and is often the first to nominate new badge candidates, so he's definitely suited for being a badge leader as well. Congrats and well-deserved, my man.

Also, a huge thank you to anto, who's been a fantastic co-leader over this past year. Probably best known to readers for her beautiful CSS, she's similarly done a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work and has consistently raised the quality of our webzine. I wish you the best of luck in life; we'll all miss you, friend.

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