The easiest and hardest boss fights in Pokémon.

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Difficulty is a very subjective thing, especially in a series like Pokémon where the player has a wide variety of options for dealing with every challenge they face. One person's impossible nightmare fight is another person's easy money, and I think that'll create some interesting discussion. In this thread, talk about the boss fights in Pokémon that really challenged you, and the ones that fell over with no effort. I'll start by talking about my easiest and hardest fights from Platinum:

Hardest: Cynthia
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Yeah, this is the obvious choice. Cynthia was quite the challenge for me and many other people, and it's not hard to see why. She has a very well-balanced team, especially in Platinum, and her ace is a broken pseudo-legendary. The only big problem is that her Garchomp carries the team pretty hard, and the rest of her Pokémon tend to fall pretty easily once the Garchomp is out of the picture. Getting there is certainly easier said than done, though.

Easiest: Flint
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Have you tried using Earthquake?
For difficulties I would put Ghetsis from BW1 on the list for the first time you ever fought him simply because you just dont expect it after having a hard enough fight as is with his emotionally abused foster son. And his team is easily one of the best teams ive seen for a team boss in the series and I still maintain that opinion to this day. But funnily enough I find his BW2 team to be piss easy to fight even if its the same exact team, especially his Hydreigon because it has a life orb and you can kind of cheese it with full restores like any real champion. At least he learned after his first beat down to use items and change some of his moves to try and get an edge, but weirdly enough his team with some hold items is easier then the one without hold items. And what makes it kind of hilarious is only two of his pokemon in BW2 have held items, Hydreigon and Cofagrigus. The rest just dont and I never understood it, it makes zero sense to me. But then again I guess that just adds to his character and how he acts all righteous and unbeatable lol

Then we dont talk about his USUM team, its not anything exciting, you have EXP share, you have a literal God(s) at your disposal its a joke of a fight tbh
But hey he stole his foster sons pet dragon somehow and still manages to emotionally abuse him in another dimension so good for him I guess?

I def have more but I will wait to see what others say first because I dont wanna be the only one who had a challenge with some of the unmentioned fights so far lol
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