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My game has been hit with the lag stick hard, and it's pissing me off (PS3).

As far as followers go, I would never use one. I'm a mage, and followers just get in the way. Atronachs, on the other hand, are awesome. One of my favorite things to do is to summon a Frost Atronach between myself and an enemy, in a narrow corridor, and spam Ice Storm from behind the atronach. Fun times.
Welcome to the club, my save is currently at 8733KB after 142+ hours. Still, i've only frozen 3 times and only one of them wasn't during the loading screen.
Well, I'm using a 40GB "Fat" PS3, which can't be the reason seeing as it's basically the worst Playstaion 3 model ever produced. I only have one character save file though, which might have something to do with it.

However, seeing as the save file size is based on everything that happens in the game (more items, places explored, ect.) it might be something to do with how many quests you've done compared to me and overall levels. I'm currently level 56, but haven't done as many quests as expected for my game time/level.

I really have no idea, I have autosave on which I imagine would increase my save file if anything...
Hm. I also have a fat PS3 (80 GB¿, and am level 36. So idk, lol.

Speaking of quests though, just finished the College questline. Biggest letdown ever...
The amount of quests I have finished are pretty embarrassing, especially considering my play time. I'm about half way through the Thieve's Guild and College of Winterhold questlines, and am putting off doing The Dark Brotherhood until I get 100 alchemy (I'm at the part where you just start the biggest assassination contract you could ever get. You know the one I mean. :p).
I've finished the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild (except for the last quest, but I want to keep the item you have to give back) and the Mages Guild. I just wish there was more to do after you finished each questline (granted Dark Brotherhood does give out contracts after it ends) but for the rest of them it just ends and like I want to take advantage of my leadership roles in said guilds. Also the Mages Guild just ended so fast. :(
I must be on the last Thieves Guild quest then, though I've only just started it and yet to acquire said item. I also think i'm pretty near the end of the College questline, but i'm not too sure. I really should spend more time focusing on quests rather than doing other things...

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So I played Skyrim today and unfortunately I stumbled into "Glitchville." Yup, you guys know what i'm talking about, a session in which the game is so buggy, it feels like you're playing an entirely different game.

1. The legend of the unkillable, unstoppable Unbound Dremora.
(Note, if you're a mage and you're considering doing the Ritual Spell: Conjuration, read the following!)

-So on my way to the college of winterhold, we get attacked by an elder dragon (the 3rd one in a day!!!) Naturally, I fume and get ready. After summoning 2 storm atronachs, we got to work and pound on it until it dies. I got it to land with Dragonrend, when out of nowhere a dremora lord appears and takes it out. "Wait, I never summoned a dremora lord..."

Naturally I assumed it was Phinis Gestor who summoned it, but he was nowhere to be seen. Only Onmund and J'zargo where around, and I know for a fact they couldn't have summoned it, so what gives? Strangely enough it was an unbound dremora lord too... I've never seen those around in the wild before either. It wasn't attacking me so I figured I could ignore it... that is until the unthinkable happened. It started attacking the college NPCs. I had to stop that bastard immediately, especially considering Onmund and J'zargo could actually die. I brandished my sword and attacked it... huh? The hit didn't register. Odd. I tried it again and I still couldn't directly hit it. I switched to magic and I still couldn't hit it. I was getting worried here, maybe shouts would work. Nope, the Dremora lord was like a god, but it could very much attack us mortals!!!

Frustrated I immediately reloaded to a prior save. The same thing happened when I entered the college. Dragon attacks, unkillable dremora swoops in to save the day and terrorize us. I searched for ways to resolve it on gamefaqs and too my surprise, several users had the exact same problems as I did. The cause? The fucking conjuration ritual quest. During that quest you summon an unbound dremora (after beating his ass down) and have him get a sigil stone from oblivion. I assumed he goes back, but no he remains at the top of the tower forever. Dragon attacks will trigger him if they land on top of the tower, and thus you're fucked if goes loose because he can kill the 3 apprentice mages. (they give out Radient quests) Luckily I averted this by making extremely brief visits to the college and hoping the dremora wouldn't show up.

Fucking bethesda...

2. Faralda, do I look like a bitch?

Then why are trying to fuck me like one? (/pulp fiction)
Seriously though, you can't start the destruction ritual quest until you have a 100 in destruction (not 90 like the others, 100!!!) naturally I was pretty annoyed at this, but I was lucky, the full brunt of this glitch is even nastier (supposedly, some users needed a 100 in EVERY school of magic in order to start this quest. Poor them, leveling up alteration must have been a bitch)

3. Going, going GONE?!?
I had lydia follow me during the Meridia Daedric quest. At the end of the quest, the daedric princess whisks you into the air and when she returns you to the ground your follower is nowhere to be seen?!? Luckily, you follower will reappear when you fast travel to the shrine. Also I heard you can get 2 dawnbreakers...
i was at the college with my stolen horse and at the bridge we fell off the bridge and when we hit the ground the horse broke my fall and he died and i didn't

i just got the game and i chose breton im planning on putting on heavy armor and having magic in one hand and a sword of some sort in the other
You know, if this game engine actually unloaded all the damn dead corpses instead of just leaving them scattered around everywhere, the save file would probably be a lot smaller.
I'm currently in the middle of a large plot to kill the jarl of whiterun. Probably never will succeed.

Right now I'm murdering stray whiterun guards in werewolf form :D
Finally got 100 alchemy last night, time to no-life all magic schools and get 3 more perks to be able to make max, non-glitch gear (looking at you, gingbino). Getting more perks are starting to be a real hassle at level 59 though... :/
My armour rating was so high that it was in the negative hundreds of millions. I got OHKOed by a Skeever.

EDIT: you can level alteration really easily by enchanting 4 25% things, then standing in riften market casting detect life and telekinesis at the same time.
Thanks for the tip ging, i'll probably do that for all magic schools bar illusion.

And yeah, the restoration glitch can really mess things up (though I haven't tried it myself). On another forum, someone said that their Health was raised so high from their armour taking it off for a certain quest automatically killed them, forcing them to use a 20+ previous game save to be able to do it. Still, using an item that gives you unlimited shout sounds lots of fun. :D
I never had a problem leveling sneak. It was the first skill I got to 100, and that was back in my mid-20s. I remember having it at around 45 after Bleak Falls Barrow, lol. Just successfully sneak attack and it should gain a level
Sneak is probably the easiest skill to level, just go to high hrothgar with an iron dagger and repeatedly stab the Greybeards in the back until they notice you (after which you wait until they move and then repeat the process). However, if you have perks in stealth already that increase backstabbing damage like Assassin's Blade, it might make it more differcult (though you could always try Master differculty and the greybeards will take less damage).

Also, if the Greybeards become aggressive from seeing you stab them, run out of the building and down some of the steps and they should stop attacking you, enabling you to go back in and start the process again.

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