Tournament The Epic Casual Duomod Gaming Tournament [Won by Sceon]


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Grand Finals! I said last time but I made it so these two didn't fight each other just because I didn't want to see them eliminate one another, they're both very close friends of mine. Part of me was hoping for the pipe dream chance that they ended up facing off here, we are! It's important that I say - this tournament WILL NOT be over after this round! Stick around afterwards for a little bit, I do have one more fun surprise planned! and both players did agree it was okay I did this I promise! Anyways, one new Pokemon + one thing I failed to mention...

(no image - this will be a hyperoach relative. guidance from rkcbb)
Steroach | Bug/Poison | 98/119/111/47/89/71 | Guts
Learns X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Knock Off, Swords Dance, Lunge, Leech Life, Bulk Up, Fell Stinger

Insane stats with Guts will be this thing's claim to fame, but otherwise it's pretty lacking. Bad typing, low power moves, zero coverage, not very fast etc. Knock is pretty rare and cool though.

Also, not long ago, shiny odds in randbats were increased to 1/64! Costumes are an important part of this mod and you can't really see them in randbats under normal circumstances! Still aren't everywhere but now you could feasibly see them all while playing.

Sceon vs. rkcbb
Sceon - For your next bo3, the Roulette Wheel spins twice per turn. These matches must be done on Duo's private server, so let him know when you are battling! - This was blocked by rkcbb's get out of jail free card!
rkcbb - You get to add one Fakemon of your choice. It stays for the rest of the tournament. (NOTE - Steroach.)

I don't have a strict deadline but this match should be done within a week or so. Change is technically pushed onto the server but may not be live yet, and there definitely won't be any new sprites on there until at least a day or two pass. Otherwise, please wish some luck to these two!


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Alright, and that's it! Congrats to Sceon for winning The Epic Casua-

note that this has zero bearings on who wins the tournament, sceon wins regardless
Did you seriously think it was gonna be THAT easy? News flash, bub. Remember how I said in the first post that this tournament would prove who the best player is? Well I already know who the best player is. That's right. It's me. And none of you fools are even close. I set up this tournament just to put all of the best Duomod players into a bracket, see who came out on top, and then assert my dominance by effortlessly beating them to a pulp. No more fun and games, no more player wheel, just the most intense and serious Duomod games this world has ever seen. Sceon will be playing me in a best of 5, and to add a bit of stakes to this match, I'll be giving him some control over a future update if he wins this -

- 3 new, fully custom Pokemon
- 1 custom ability or move for each of those Pokemon
- 3 rebalances for existing Pokemon
- 5 Roulette Wheel effects
- And since he's been so adamant about it, I'll let him keep Sharmpedo in its current form and let him give it an in-battle form change.

Hope you're ready. It's about to get real.

EDIT: Do not angry react this post
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You imbeciles really thought I had any chance of losing this, huh? I'll admit that Sceon gave me a better run for my money than I had initially thought, bringing it to Game 5 before falling beneath my undeniable skill, but even the greatest player in this whole bracket amounts to nothing when compared to me! Congrats to me for winning thug finals!!

...onto a more serious note. He may have lost thug finals, but as I said before, that has no bearings on who wins the tournament. It was just a fun little thing for more prizes. Congrats to Sceon for winning the tournament! He's still going to get to add a few smaller goodies to the mod free of charge for winning, basically just one of each thing I listed earlier except for Sharmpedo who is getting a redesign. Thank you all for joining! Looking forward to hosting another event here some time in the future.

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