The Equal Opportunity Tournament 3 - Semi-Finals


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^Little baby noobs with no tournament wins.

Originally hosted by: Lady Salamence
First installment won by: CZ.
Second installment won by: TheThorn

Hi and welcome to the third installment of the Equal Opportunity Tournament! The concept is simple you can only join if you have never won a tournament on this site. This will be a best of one in SM OU for each round.

I will be crosschecking names to the list of tournaments in this forum. If you have won a tournament and then received a name change, I will find out.

1. Any tournament where you receive a trophy for winning, this includes WCOP and SPL.

2. Any individual tournament in the tournaments subforum.

3. Any pair tournament in the tournaments subforum (i.e. you and one other player on a team).

4. Smogon Classic individual tournaments and individual Grand Slam Tournaments (i.e. UU Open).

1. Team tournaments of more than 2 people other than WCOP and SPL.

2. Individual Smogon Tour weeks and any other live tournament.

3. Minitours that are held in subforums for certain tiers or Ruins of Alph.

4. Any Pokemon Showdown room tournaments or contests.

5. Any tournaments held on other sites such as POCL or any international leagues.

6. Any other outlier that wasn’t mentioned in the above hide tag.


KevinELF vs. Vertex
Hamhamhamham vs. N01syBoy
Xiri vs. imsosorrylol

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We might need an extension since my opponent was unable to show up at our designated time twice, and I'm busy on the weekends.

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