The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season

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Even pendulums swing both ways
That jags game was AWFULLY officiated. So many missed pass interference calls and the few they called were borderline at best. Robinson catches that ball in the corner at least 6/10 times, which again would have won the game. If bortles took another second on the RZ 3rd down play at the end of the game, he would've found allen hurns wide open on the same route right next to the guy he threw it to, in double coverage no less.
so last year when i started supporting the bucs i figured i was cursing them to go 0-16 the following year.

i am glad my faith in them was not misplaced.
That Lions game was way too stressful. Really good to see all our skill position players being productive. Riddick was making this LBs look silly
While seeing the Patriots take the field without Tom Brady will physically disgust me, I feel slightly better knowing that the team that caused this (Colts) just lost in heartbreaking fashion.

If that's not Karma I don't know what is.
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I'm pretty excited for this year. The Giants look great. All they needed last year was to make a couple of stops in the 4th quarter. It seems like they can do that this year. Vernon is scary.

Plus we got the best wr in the league so we'll always have a shot.
No Brady
No Gronk
No Solder
No Problem

Nice to have the division locked up this early in the season. 3-1's pretty much worse case scenario now, and 4-0 is a realistic possibility.
Seattle offense looked pretty pathetic tbh, they can go to far in this manner, against a defense as weak as Miami's
Meh weak is a bit of an understatement imo. Edit: I actually meant overstatement lol, I don't think the Dolphins defense is that bad.
(Though, being a Dolphins' fan is really depressing...)

Ah yes, Patriot fans being super cocky after a close game, now it really feels like football is back!
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