The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season

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fun fact: #1 Falcons offense went up against the 2nd hardest schedule of opponents defenses in the regular season

#1 Patriots defense went up against the 32nd hardest schedule of opponents defenses in the regular season

The Skills Challenge was way more fun the past years' Pro Bowls. I really hope they make it a permanent thing and we can watch it live in Brazil.

And Dak was atrocious at the skills challenge.
The 49ers hired a broadcaster for Fox with no background in NFL front offices to be their GM, who basically called Kyle Shanahan and offered himself as a lame duck GM while Shanahan makes all the personnel decisions. And they are giving them both six year deals, an almost unprecedented length for a GM and probably tied for the longest for a rookie coach. Unbelievable. I think I've stopped hoping this works out for them, I certainly don't want any other franchises trying to emulate any success the 49ers could have with this approach.

Godspeed San Francisco.


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Well if nothing else he's smart to want his coach to handle all the decisions, since he's very self aware of his lack of experience. Kyle Shanahan isn't the answer though.
Not that 6 years of contract mean anything for the Niners, since the past two coaches got a 4-year deal and are being paid by the Niners for a few more years, since both were released after only one year.

The thing with Lynch is that they are trying to compare with John Elway, but they forget that, before coming to the Broncos, Elway were a co-owner of the AFL Denver team, and even led the team to a National Title, so he did have experience with front-office things, even if in a smaller scale. Lynch comes straight from a broadcast booth to a war room. I don't like the move. If the HC was a Belichick, a Reid, a Harbaugh or someone with experience, then it could be a good balance, but by having a rookie GM AND a rookie HC at the same time, I really feel they are gambling a lot at this.
*ignore the gynmastics, the original song was removed for copyright I guess*

So Brady pull me closer to more Superbowl exposure
Raise that MVP Award while your hoisted on our shoulders
Throw that pass that beats the corner off that pump fake that you sold
To your teammate Amendola, TD Edelman it's over.

Do do do do, do de do do...
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