The Everything NFL Thread - 2017-18 season

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So Case Keenum is going to sign with the Broncos, which means they should definitely take their chances with a QB in the draft. Looks like the winner of the Cousins sweepstakes is the Vikings unless the Jets/Cardinals somehow pull off an upset.

EDIT: Allen Robinson to the Bears. Lots of FA news leaking out now, exciting times!
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So which contender is Duh going to sign with? As long as it's not the eggs. Lord knows they've got enough talent on the dline

Edit: jordy Nelson is out and Jimmy Graham is in in Green Bay. Well fuck, there goes any chance the lions had at the nfc north
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I'm so glad that awful Ryan Grant contract we dished out has been voided cause he failed a physical. I was dreading it tbh. Crabtree in Baltimore time?
Picks #23, #198 this year, #131 last year, (technically #115 but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) and a 1000+ yard season out of Cooks

Picks #32, #103 last year, and #136 this year:



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Ah draft weekend, the time of year where Belichick will keenly retools his roster while the other three AFC teams probably shoot themselves in the foot.


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really gotta respect the browns ability to not take the best players available while having the #1 and #4 picks
Jackson at 32 was a no brainer, first round draft picks get the fifth year option and for a rookie QB is a godsend.

I'm convinced that the Patriots not going all in on a QB means Brady and Bill go out together this year or the next. I was a bit surprised the Josh's fell as far as they did though, maybe that's a sign that most teams around the league didn't value them quite as highly as fans were anticipating.

Can't help but feel the Browns bungled their draft in the worst way imaginable, somehow missing out on the two best offensive and two best defensive players. Time will tell how that goes.
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