The Everything NFL Thread - 2018-2019 season

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Fuck sake. Whoever wants to organize it can do so if they wish. I'll retain commissioner status in league A, but i do not have the time to organize all the leagues this year.
Sorry bros i'm a lil busier this yr after graduating

I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but I've been running a sports blog for the past few months ( and we've just released our AFC Preseason Power Rankings.

This thread is dead at the moment, so figured they could spark a little bit of discussion and banter.
I think the Steelers are still the second best team in the AFC and I think the Titans are a lil underrated this yr and will surprise some ppl.

Jags are getting a bit to hyped up this season for my tastes, that defense isn't all its made out to be and I think they'll take a step back unless Bortles somehow has a career year.


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I love NFL for the simple fact no-one knows anything until the season is 6 weeks old or so. No-one was saying anything about the Rams or Saints or Jags this time last year. Anything beyond the Patriots is up in the air.


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That Lions summary was really lacking. Didn't mention our O-line (which should be beastly) or the fact we might have a much better HC. Lazy write up in the extreme to out it all kn kerryon johnson
Yeah the Lions were written up by my friend Ryan and I actually kind of got up him for the lack of mentions about their improvements.
Sam Bradford is Starting for the Cardinals -- Of course, as always throughout his career, it he stays healthy.
Jimmy G: we will know in the regular season if he's the real deal.
The NFL is dying. These new rules. We may never have a hard tackler, or a long return. these new rules are fucking stupid. case in point: texans vs 49ers preseason week 2. A DAMN 49er IS LITERALLY FLAGGED FOR 15 YARDS, BECAUSE HIS HEAD WAS LOOKING DOWN WHEN RUSHING THE PASSER. PUSSY LEAGUE.

yeah i'm pretty mad about these new stupid rules
pretty soon it'll be flag football league.


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Hot take apparently: you can tackle without aiming to hurt someone and it’s actually pretty damn easy and the players who can’t do that were not so secretly always the worst players on the team.

Y’all remember Brandon Meriweather? He was a classic headhunter for a few years. He was a genuinely shit fucking safety. His only use was to hurt other players. If you have to try and injure players to win it sounds like you suck and shouldn’t win in the first place.

These rules don’t just make the game safer, they make the game better.

Hopefully tho they make rules that let defenders have the right to their own space as well so that pick plays get erased and the classic Joe Flacco underthrown ball PI’s stop being called. It’ll also let defenders be more physical in their engagement with receivers by being able to enforce their space. But that’s a pipe dream rule change.


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I'm so down about the Seahawks this year, genuinely the player I'm most excited about is our new punter. Anything over .500 is a success this season, definitely a transition season.


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I'm slowly realizing that I hate everything my team stands for and now that Witten's retired the only redeeming factor in that equation is like........ Tyron Smith.

It's gonna be a long season.


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“Rodgers is expected to sign the deal at some point Wednesday, a source told Schefter. The deal would run through the 2023 season, when Rodgers will turn 40 years old.

The extension includes nearly $103 million total in guarantees, another record amount, and has an annual average value of $33.5 million, according to Schefter.”

Goat $$$$ :psynervous:
Without Wentz and Jeffery, you guys have a chance. I still think my birds will win, tho.
i'm an Eagles fan too! i can see us losing this matchup without carson and alshon BUT knowing the falcons they will find a way to choke it up late in the 3rd or 4th quarter. also carson wentz's recovery shouldn't be rushed since we face a winston-less tampa bay and then the colts(?) so we will either start off 2-1 or 3-0
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