The Everything NFL Thread - 2018-2019 season

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don't we usually make the next year's thread come draft time

Haskins is garbage, so good on the Giants for passing on him and good on the lolskins for keeping him in the division still so my Cowmen can continue to beat them.
Stallion, what are we paying you for? Post the new one so I can cry more about how I hate being a Seahawks fan during the draft.
I normally hate being a Skins fan during the draft.... Im deeply pissed that I went to bed on pick 25 and woke up this morning to find that the Redskins did the rare move and TRADE BACK INTO the first round cheaply (two 2nd round picks, one this year, one next) to steal Montez Sweat... who just found out an hour ago that the supposed heart condition that kept him from being a top 5 pick was in fact misdiagnosed...

And we stole him from Oakland too... frick yes.. now im pissed I didn't stay up another 5 minutes...
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