The Everything some hero (NFL) Thread - 2015-16 Season

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Lol Unlucky Desperado I was just guessing. I really could care less about stats. You seem to care about stats, and if you didn't notice Cam had an over 80% completion percentage this past Sunday. His passing is getting better, inching closer to his career average. Do I honestly believe Kaepernick is better than Cam? No. I'll quote myself.
I think his passing skills will get better, they already have this year if you look further than the stats.
You will see, if you watch the games, that he's not a bad passer at all. It's improved over the course of the year (I'll edit in some clips later). Completion % doesn't win games. The only stat that matters is PPG because that's what wins games, right? Currently they are ranked #3 in the category.

Last thing. Cam is not what people are expecting him to be. Yes, he's not an excellent passer, but he's different. Each of the "standard" QBs (Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, etc.) always puts up good passing numbers. People keep expecting him to be an amazing passer and disregard his running ability. If he's able to put up great numbers as a passer as well as a runner, that's great. But until that happens people will always criticize him for not being a great passer, which then leads to him not being a good QB (not referring to people here, I'm talking about in general).
Am I as bad as Some Hero yet? :P

But seriously stats are not a good way to discredit him becuase they don't show what kind of a QB he is. That, and the fact that people are still stuck up with his past and ignore all the good stuff he's done the past few years. I'm happy he's the Panthers franchise QB even though his completion precentage is subpar.
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I was not trying to say u are completely wrong my are not as bad as some hero. Anyways I just felt like doing some math based in ur statement and I found the results interesting.
For those of you *cough*somehero*cough* who think Megatron is done, you're either blind, or speaking out of ignorance and haven't actually watched any tape of him. Lions' lack of O-line and Lombardi's sub-heavy offense are what caused our offense to go to shit. Even with Lombardi out the door and Stafford targeting Johnson more, he doesn't get the ball downfield because there is no time in the pocket for plays to develop. The fact that Calvin isn't the YAC threat he used to be doesn't aid him in all the quick slants and crossing routes he runs these days. If he were to go somewhere like Carolina or Baltimore and give them a true #1 receiving threat he'd probably post numbers close to his 2012 stats
Someone please splain to me how Cam Newton is "elite" and "playing like a stud" when he's completing 56.3% of his passes at 7.5 ypa with 15:9 TD-INT ratio and 84.8 passer rating? That's pretty mediocre as far as I can see. Make excuses for him all you want by saying his WRs are bad, he's still not the reason this team is winning. Their defense, especially the secondary, is keeping them in games and Newton is doing just enough to get them over the hump each week. He's a good goal line RB, but a pedestrian QB at best.
cam's wrs wouldnt even start on 90% of the teams in the nfl. i watched a game vs the colts this season where it went to overtime, cam threw a bomb to a wide open ted ginn who dropped it with no one around him. it is embarrassing that cam has to play with these fools. cam is definitely elite if you watch him play instead of just looking at the stats here. its like punishing rodgers this year for "regressing" when he has no one who can catch or separate on his team
Aaron Rodgers is "regressing" into completing 63% of his passes with a 21:3 TD:Int ratio. While I'd probably take Green Bay's offense over Carolina's (though not by much, Randall Cobb is pretty overrated) Cam is literally completing 7 percentage points lower than Rodgers in comparable situations.

Receiving options are NOT the only thing that cause Newton's poor passing stats. He's also consistently among the worst QBs in the league in uncatchable passes (Ironically ARod is near the bottom this year, lol) all the way back to when he joined the league. Newton is not an accurate quarterback, and he doesn't have to be. But don't try to make it look like it's not his fault.


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Brawl MK is a modern-day version of "I don't care about stats, Vince Young just WINS"
As a lifelong UT fan, I've watched quite a bit of Vince Young. Cam Newton is MUCH better than Vince Young.


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Cam's passing stats have remained almost exactly the same since he entered the league. His WRs this year are garbage, but in past years he's had Kelvin Benjamin, Steve Smith and others. The quality of the WRs isn't his problem...
The Lions suck balls but we're letting them bet us right now...
The refs also called a 3rd down conversion by Crabtree incomplete but they also just called Pettigrew short of a 1st down so I guess it's evenly bad.
Fuck Case Keenum

Fuck Nick Foles

Fuck the equipment guy for lubing up the receivers gloves, because there's no way they can all be this bad

Fuck Zuerlein for missing a kick or two pretty much every game this season

Fuck Greg Robinson for always picking the wrong guy to block hold

Fuck Jeff Fisher for having the exact same issues on this since he got here

It's that time of year. 4-6 again and fuck everything.


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Anybody who thinks Cam is not a top 10 QB is on crack. Top 5 we can debate, but outside the top 10, with everything he can contribute to his offense, is just retarded.

Look, I'm sorry yall can't swallow that with eli manning the Panthers would be 6-3. There are not very many qbs on par with Newton right now. All these stats mean nothing in the long run, because if Eli Manning hadn't won the two super bowls against the patriots, he would likely not be the Giants QB anymore. Cam brings MORE to the table than any other QB in the NFL and that's a FACT, he is literally a running back who can throw at a high level.

Having bad WRs doesn't just influence completion percentage by drops alone; it destroys completion percentage because of miscommunication and bad route running. The former accounts for 2-3% of Newton's missed passes when compared to that of other QBs, while bad route running makes windows smaller for him to throw into and will force him to hold onto or force the ball in situations where good receivers would've gotten open. If you turn on some film (which I know none of you will look at objectively) of Cam this season, most of his missed balls are bad communication and tight window throws, while his opportunities are very low.

This can lead to a LOT of mistakes. Yet, with Cam, you don't get those mistakes. He isn't throwing interceptions or turning the ball over in general, and that's not luck. With all the tight window throws he makes, and all of the times he has to hold onto and/or force tough throws, he still doesn't make mistakes, and makes a lot of those throws. His completion percentage doesn't make him a "not-elite" QB. What makes him an elite QB is his command of the offense, his value to his team, the ability to come through in clutch situations (not game-clutch, but 3rd down sort of thing), and his ability to lead his team to victory on a consistent basis. Cam is in total command of his offense, is so valuable to his team that they would be utter shit without him, is extremely clutch and makes great throws under pressure and on third down (watch film before you argue otherwise or I won't listen to you), and wins consistently. Yes, he is an elite QB. Anybody who denies it is just that; in denial.
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