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Gligar - The Flying Scorpion

Opening Comments

Ever since Little Cup has started up until now, Gligar has been constantly used for its ability to threaten an opponent's team almost instantly. From the Novermeber stats, Gligar takes 2nd place as the most used Pokemon in Little Cup, right behind Misdreavus. Taking a usage score of 40.65, you will almost always see Gligar being used every two teams on the Ladder. What is it that makes Gligar such a wonderful Pokemon in the Little Cup metagame?​

This thread will be held as a discussion thread for our beloved flying scorpion.​

The Stats

65 / 75 / 105 / 35 / 65 / 85

For a NFE Pokemon, that stat spread is pretty great. The stats that really stand out and make Gligar that little monster are its HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Let's scale these stats down to a Little Cup level.

HP: 23 - 26

Gligar is one of few Pokemon that boast a minumum HP stat of 23, most Pokemon tend to have HP stats in the 19-21 range. This number really helps it take hits quite well, as it doesn't need to invest in a lot of HP to do so. The only downside to this is that Gligar needs to use up 236 HP EVs in order to reach 26 HP, which doesn't leave it with a lot of EVs left for its Attack, Defense, and Speed stats.

Atk: 13--14 - 17--18

Gligar is almost always seen running around with 17 Attack with a Jolly nature or 18 Attack with an Adamant (usually only used when Gligar is Scarfed). That decently high Attack stat makes it hit very hard right off the bat with its STAB Earthquake, and it's really hard for defensively frail Pokemon to survive Gligar's assaults. However, like Gligar's HP, it needs to invest in 236 EVs to reach maximum Attack.​

Def: 16--17 - 20--21

You can't disagree that Gligar's Defense is very good. With no investment at all, Gligar sits at 17 Defense, which is incredible for the LC metagame. Pack that with Gligar's unboosted 23 HP, you have a pretty physically defensive Gligar on your hands. Gligar can afford to switch into a huge amount of physical sweepers in the Little Cup metagame with general ease, as it can survive nearly any non-Ice-type attack they use against it and hit back for big damage. Again, Gligar needs to use 236 EVs to maximize its Defense.

SpA: 9--10 - 13--14

A very horrible stat indeed. Gligar's ridiculously poor Special Attack makes it incapable of using a mixed attaking set effectively. The only thing it can hope for is using Hidden power Ice to hit other Gligar, which is still a bit redundant when Gligar has Aqua Tail. Due to the pitiful Special Attack stat, Gligar has to be used physically at all times.

SpD: 12--13 - 16--17

Another lackluster stat Gligar has, and this what makes Gligar not as good as it should be. Now that its Special Defense is pretty pathetic, any powerful neutral attack will be hitting Gligar for some huge damage. Moves like Fire Blast from Houndour, Leaf Storm from Bulbasaur, or even Shadow Ball from Misdreavus will put a huge dent into Gligar. This really hinders Gligar's ability to keep switching into threats. All Gligar can do is switch into physical threats reliably, but needs to be very cautios when switching into special threats.

Spe: 14--15 - 18--19

The last stat Gligar is very proud of. When maximized, Gligar reaches the second highest Speed landmark in Little Cup, that being 19. This allows it to tie with Pokemon like Misdreavus, Aipom, Ponyta, and Staryu. It also becomes one of the fastest and reliable Choice Scarfers in LC. Just like Gligar's HP, Attack, and Defense, Gligar needs to use 236 EVs to maximize its Speed.

The only big problems with Gligar's stat spread are its pathetic Special Attack and Special Defense stats and the fact that it needs to use 236 EVs to maximize its important stats, which definitely sucks.

The Typing

Ground / Flying

Gligar has one of the best type combinations in the game, not just in Little Cup. Although it has a defensive bias, it is still a great typing offensively. Let's see what each bias is like with that typing:

Offensively: The biggest thing Ground/Flying has going for it is having STAB on Earthquake. Ground is a common attacking type in Little Cup, and with Gligar having STAB on Earthquake makes it hit very hard. Although not used as much, Gligar's Flying typing gives it a bonus on its Aerial Ace, a move that is yet to be popularized. Aerial Ace helps it hit Grass-types that resist Gligar's Earthquake for super effective damage, most notably against Paras and Shroomish. It also hits Fighting-types, like Croagunk and Machop, super effectively, so it doesn't have to use Earthquake incase a Levitator or Flyer comes in.

Defensively: Ground/Flying is noticed as a wonderful defensive typing. That typing helps Gligar switch into Ground and Electric attacks for free, and like mentioned above, Ground is a common attacking type in Little Cup, as well as Electric. It also helps it switch right into Fighting-type attacks, another typing that is commonly seen in Little Cup. Those two little things help Gligar switch in without taking a considerable amount of damage. Also, Ground/Flying only packs two weaknesses to Water and Ice and has a large number of neutralities and resistances combined.

Weaknesses: Water- and Ice-type attacks are the only weaknesses Gligar has, and they are big ones. Those two types are commonly thrown about, particularly Water. With all of the Mantyke and Chinchou spamming Hydro Pump or Surf, it's difficult to keep Gligar in good health. Also, a huge problem is the fact that Ice Shard and Aqua Jet, two priority moves, hit it for big damage. These two moves are commonly held by Snover and Phanpy and Buizel and Carvanha, and they are death-inducing.

The Abilities

Hyper Cutter / Sand Veil

Sadly, Gligar has really crappy abilities available to it in the Little Cup metagame.​

Intimidate using Pokemon are very rare in LC, so Hyper Cutter is usually never used on Gligar. It's just not helpful to Gligar at all, even though it may help against Pokemon who carry Intimidate, like Ekans, but it's not like they won't be taking a big chunk of damage from Earthquake already.​

Sand Veil is another unhelpful ability, only helpful when paired up with Hippopotas, the only everlasting sandstreamer. That's a big downside to using that ability. If it does happen to activate, Gligar could be a really annoying threat to take down when your attacks keep missing.​

All in all, Gligar has crappy abilities to choose from.​

The Moves and Movesets

Gligar does have access to wonderful moves in its movepool. Let's see the notable moves it has both offensively and defensively.

Offensive: Aerial Ace, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Night Slash, Quick Attack, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, and U-turn.

Defensive: Knock Off, Rain Dance, Roost, Stealth Rock, Sunny Day, and Taunt.

As you can see, Gligar has various options to choose from that are all good to use. Now let's take a look at Gligar's most prominent sets in Little Cup, ordered from most used to least used.

Scarfed Sweeper
Gligar (M) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 236 Atk/236 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- U-turn
- Aqua Tail / Stone Edge
- Night Slash / Aqua Tail / Stone Edge​

This is Gligar's most commonly seen set in Little Cup. It reaches a high Speed stat of 27 with a Choice Scarf and Adamant nature, allowing it to outpace a huge amount of Pokemon. Earthquake is obviously the main move for this set's success, hitting very hard right off the bat. U-turn acts as a fantastic scouting move, as Gligar tends to force a ton of switches. Aqua Tail and Stone Edge are both great moves in the third slot, the former hitting opposing Gligar, while the latter hitting Flying-types, particularly Mantyke. The last moveslot is used for Night Slash and the two aforementioned moves. Night Slash hits Misdreavus for super effective damage, a common switch-in to Gligar, and you know what the last two moves were for.​

Rock Polish Sweeper
Gligar (M) @ Life Orb / Oran Berry
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 236 HP/236 Atk
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Rock Polish
- Earthquake
- Aqua Tail
- Stone Edge​

Second most used set, and this is definitely dangerous if your team is physically frail. After just one Rock Polish, Gligar reaches an enormous Speed stat of 30, outpacing every single Choice Scarfer except Diglett, Elekid, and Voltorb, who are literally never seen holding that item. Since Speed is not necessary, the 236 EVs are put into HP to give Gligar the bulk it needs to sweep. The attacking moves provide perfect coverage and hit very hard with a Life Orb increasing their power, should you run Life Orb instead of Oran Berry. Some RP Gligar run Roost or Night Slash over one of the last two moves if they want Gligar to have longer survivability (Roost) or to hit Ghost-types super effectively (Night Slash).​

Swords Dance Sweeper
Gligar (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 236 Atk/236 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Aqua Tail / Quick Attack​

This is one of Gligar's most terrifying sets to run, as one simple Swords Dance can be devestating. If your team has nothing faster nor defensive enough to survive one of Gligar's attacks and hit back hard, you're in trouble. This set uses the same moves as the Rock Polish set, as they offer perfect coverage; however, Quick Attack is an option in the last slot. Quick Attack helps Gligar hit very hard against frail priority users, such as Cravanha or Snover, as they can possibly KO Gligar with their STAB super effective priority moves.​

Stealth Rock Lead
Gligar (M) @ Oran Berry
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 156 HP/76 Atk/236 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Stealth Rock
- Taunt
- Earthquake
- U-turn​

Although not as common as the above three sets, Gligar can play a very reliable Stealth Rock lead. It has the HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed to move first and take a couple of hits before dying. Since Gligar reaches 19 Speed, Taunt is especially useful in stopping the opponent from setting up Stealth Rock, or any other supporting move. Earthquake is obviously for attacking purposes, hitting for a reasonable amount of damage with just 76 Attack EVs. U-turn rounds off the set by allowing Gligar to scout and deal respectable damage at the same time.​

The Great Wall
Gligar (M) @ Oran Berry / Leftovers
Ability: Sand Veil
EVs: 236 HP/76 Atk/156 Def
Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Aqua Tail / Stealth Rock
- Roost​

This type of Gligar is commonly seen on defensive-oriented teams, commonly paired up with Hippopotas to actiave Sand Veil. It must be said that physical sweepers will have an incredibly hard time breaking through Gligar without any STAB super effective attacks. 26 HP and 20 Defense is definitely nothing to scoff at; that's bulkier than Hippopotas. Earthquake and Stone Edge provide great overall coverage, while Aqua Tail makes it have perfect coverage. Although, Stealth Rock can be used instead of Aqua Tail if none of your Pokemon carry it. Roost completes the set by giving Gligar an excellent way to recover 50% of its HP.​

The Checks and Counters

Gligar has numerous checks, but it doesn't have many solid counters. Many of Gligar's counters are incapable of handling Swords Dance Gligar for example, because Gligar will be strong enough to break through their defenses. Gligar is usually disposed of by checks.


Kabuto's Aqua Jet can put a serious dent into Gligar and can possibly KO Gligar if its HP is in range.

's Aqua Jet is much stronger than Kabuto's and has a chance to OHKO Gligar if Gligar takes a bit of prior damage.

Like Kabuto and Carvanha, Buizel can use Aqua Jet to put a big dent into Gligar as well. It's also in the same Speed range, so it has a chance to move first and use Waterfall.

Snover can switch into Earthquake or Aqua Tail with general ease and threaten Gligar instantly with Ice Shard, OHKOing it without question.

Swinub's Ice Shard OHKOes Gligar as well, but it doesn't have the ability to swutch into most of Gligar's attacks that Snover can.

Elekid is capable of outpacing Gligar that don't have a Speed boost and can destroy it with Ice Punch.

Like Elekid, Voltorb does the exact same thing, except it OHKOes Gligar with Hidden Power Ice.

Diglett does the exact same thing as Voltorb. It basically only uses Hidden Power Ice just for Gligar.

Choice Scarf Chinchou can switch into Aqua Tail and threaten to OHKO with its STAB Water-type attacks or Ice Beam.

ties with Gligar, but Choice Scarf variants can outpace non-Choice Scarf Gligar and OHKO with Ice Beam or Hydro Pump.​

Mankey's Ice Punch can eliminate Gligar instantly, but it can't afford to switch into Earthquake or Aerial Ace.​

Porygon has the bulk to survive an unboosted Earthquake from Gligar and OHKO back with Ice Beam.​

Choice Scarf Cranidos can OHKO Gligar with Head Smash if Gligar takes Stealth Rock damage or can use Ice Beam instead.​

Basically, any Pokemon that has access to Ice Shard or Aqua Jet or any Pokemon that has a STAB Water- or Ice-type attack and uses a Choice Scarf can beat Gligar. The above Pokemon are just the more common ones.​


Bronzor is probably the number one counter to Gligar. With its excellent physical bulk, it can take on Gligar like a champ. It's also immune to Earthquake, thanks to Levitate, and resists Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, and Quick Attack. However, if you plan on using Bronzor to take out Gligar, Hidden Power Ice is definitely recommended. You don't want Gligar to set up numerous Swords Dances against you.​

Duskull is another wonderful counter to Gligar. It can switch right into Earthquake, as it has Levitate, and threaten Gligar with Will-O-Wisp. Once Gligar is burned, it is way more easier to dispose of.​

Ironically, Gligar is a counter to itself. It's great defenses and immunity to Earthquake lets it switch into Gligar a lot of times and can Roost off the damage should you run that move. Only Aqua Tail variants can threaten Gligar, but it's not an OHKO.​

Paras' Grass/Bug typing helps it be resistant to Earthquake by 4x, and its ability, Dry Skin, gives it free HP recovery upon switching into Aqua Tail. It can also survive Stone Edge, which is definitely helpful, as Paras can then cripple Gligar with Spore. It needs to watch out for Aerial Ace though.​

Mantyke is immune to Earthquake and can absorb Aqua Tail for free HP recovery due to Water Absorb. Also, Mantyke has a good opporunity to set up Agility and destroy Gligar the next time it sees it. All Mantyke needs to watch out for is Stone Edge.

Phanpy is capable of switching into Earthquake, thanks to its great physical bulk, and return with an easy 2HKO with priority Ice Shard. It could also take an Aqua Tail incase Gligar uses that.​

As you can see, the list of Gligar counters is much, much shorter than the list of checks. This is why Gligar is mostly brought down by its checks, rather than counters. Also, sometimes Gligar can break through its counters by using Swords Dance or catching them off guard with a super effective move.​

Closing Comments

Gligar's been often said to be a broken Pokemon in LC because of its ability to threaten teams instantly; however, Gligar is not as broken as it may seem. It's pitiful Special Attack and Special Defense, weakness to Water- and Ice-type attacks, and the fact that two common priority moves completely destroy it, Gligar is easy to handle.

All in all, Gligar still plays a huge role in Little Cup and is a very good Pokemon to use on almost any team. If you have any comments to share about Gligar, feel free to post them!

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Imo, Gligar is one of the most threatening pokemon in LC. Not only because of its sheer power, but becuase when it switches in, guessing what its going to do is almost impossible. It has such a large pool of effective movesets to draw from that it can almost get a free turn on you if you mispredict what set it is running.
Gligar is quite funny in that I don't think any one set in isolation is broken, nor is its ability to wall and set up SR. The funny part is that I think every competitive team outside of hail teams are weak to some sort of variant of Gligar and it's so versatile that it has the defences to run a SD variant with Quick Attack and beat your scarfer or run Rock Polish with Roost and heal off Life Orb damage and beat non HP Ice Bronzor.

Looking forward to testing though on SB2.
I'm also looking looking forward to the testing. The thing with Gligar is that every single set is counter able.

Rock Polish set - This one is slightly difficult. In my experience, I found that Snover is the best counter for this set. Why? Because of the STAB Ice Shard. Since this set doesn't carry Quick attack, Snover shouldn't have a problem OHKOing Gligar. This also applies to the Scarfed set.

SD set - Scarfed Ghastly is immune to quick attack and can OHKO Gligar with his powerful shadow ball.

The rest of his sets aren't as common so I won't comment on em. Imo, and I think a lot of people agree with this.. Misdreavus is far more broken than Gligar.
Gligar is to LC as Venusaur is to UU imo. Its versatility is unmatched. (except maybe by missy)

I use an annoyer Gligar on my "stall" team.

Sand Veil - 252HP/252Spe; Jolly
~Swagger / Sand-Attack

This thing is one of the most annoying things I think anyone will face. Sandstorm support is necessary of course.

Right off the bat, you only have a 72% chance of hitting it due to BrightPowder and Sand Veil. If you get hit by Swagger, you're down to a 36% chance. Gligar then can feel free to Substitute until you miss and Roost when it needs more health. Remember that you won't only be missing against Gligar. There's a 50% chance you'll hit yourself with a boosted hit from confusion. All the while, sandstorm damage is mounting. You can also choose to run Sand-Attack, which forces even more switches but doesn't effect flyers/levitators.

EQ is a reliable STAB - you can choose to go with something else instead to hit flyers/levitators.

There are many reasons why this set works better on Gligar than anything else in LC. Gligar, as stated in the OP, hits the magic 19 Speed, allowing it to outspeed all unboosted pokes in LC bar Elekid, Diglett, and Voltorb. He also has naturally bulky defenses, allowing him to take the odd attack that actually hits even without a Substitute. Add to the fact that he gets the ability Sand Veil, gets many easy switch-ins, and forces lots of pokes out, and you have yourself the best hax-staller in LC.

If there's any set that breaks Gligar, it's this one :) The only true counters that I can name off the top of my head are Slowpoke and Snover, due to Own Tempo and Snow Warning respectively. Munchlax handles most Snover easily, and Misdreavus can take on any Slowpoke.

Hate, rate, yeah.
rolfkip, that set does not break Gligar at all, its just an extremely annoying set.

If anything, it relies on hax to win and a 72% chance is big enough to hit you with Ice Beam etc, or anything with a recovery move will beat it.

I don't think Gligar is broken, just hard to counter with its versatility.

For me the hardest set to beat is SD Gligar for me, since after Wynaut removes Scarfers, barring Gastly wihch can be removed by the Munchlax / Stunky, SD Gligar gets enough power to beat nearly everything lategame, and one can make it bulky to take one priority hit or two.

RP Gligar I find lacks the power to hurt defensive mons enough before they take it down, like Bulkymiss without Night Slash and Phanpy etc...

Scarf Gligar is a good scarfer, being able to U-Turn is a plus to scout for their Gligar counter etc, and EQ can sweep late game.

I also agree that Misdreavus is far more broken than Gligar, but this isnt the place to talk about it I guess.
I think what sets Gligar apart is its Versatility.
You don't know if it's scarfed, RP,Agility, SD, or a Wall.
So if you make one wrong switch, it can end up being game changing :S
Speaking from a general perspective, the fact that Gligar has many equally viable sets that can beat what would be counters make it a powerful force in LC, and the fact that each individual set can be completely countered doesn't mean much. Everything can be countered - even Arceus apparently has no perfect set - but it is the versatility which makes Pokemon dangerous.

I think the annoyer set is just one of many nails in Gligar's coffin, but the nails aren't as big as some of the others in LC.

Pay no attention to me, though - I have not played a single LC match yet...
When I made the comment about the annoyer set breaking Gligar, I didn't literally mean it breaks Gligar, hence the smiley. Sorry for the confusion :\ I meant more along the lines that it is really freaking annoying and people want to kill me when I use it.
I've been messing around in the Little Cup metagame for only a week, so I obviously don't have the experience that most of you do, but I feel that Gligar is slightly over-hyped. This may be because I run a team with both Carvanha and Snover, some of the best counters to Gligar, but I think that various special sweepers can hit it pretty hard. While it can come in on many threats and can hurt something or set-up. The abundance of Aqua Jet and other priority seems to hurt Rock Polish versions of Gligar. Honestly, I never really though Gligar posed a huge threat, but again, I've only played my current team, who has an abundance of ways to deal with Gligar.


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In addition to aforementioned counters and checks, Substitute Will-O-Wisp Misdreavus also makes Gligar's life hell. Missy is capable of coming in on EQ and burning Gligar, which for most sets means that it can't do a whole lost to Missy. Really, your only hope to beat SubWoW Missy is to run Night Slash and hope to win the Speed Tie, because otherwise you're looking at a neutered Gligar.

Scarfed Gligar's biggest enemy, in my opinion at least, is Stealth Rock, possibly moreso than other Choice users. Because it uses U-Turn so much, it is constantly switching. While this might not seem like such an issue as it's bulky and only takes 12% damage upon switch-in, it is in fact a huge issue. Gligar becoming easily revenge-killed because it U-Turned too much is a very undesirable outcome for me, particularly because it is usually relied upon as a revenge-killer and lategame attacker. With the omnipresence of Priority, this is clearly a very present issue. So, how do you fix the problem? Well, that's tricky. U-turning with Scarfed Gligar is my favorite means of scouting in Little Cup, beating out ProtectLax and U-Turn Scarfed Mankey by a longshot. In matches where my opponent has used Stealth Rock, I usually try to eliminate their priority-users early on so Gligar can have an easier time of cleaning up lategame if need be. I also have recently tried to limit the number of times I use U-Turn, as it has become an expected move of ScarfGar, rather than the "unorthodox choice" it used to be.

On Rock Polish and Swords Dance Gligar, I find it very difficult to force the switch necessary to properly set up. Gligar is a threat that people have been overpreparing for for some odd six months now, and most would rather keep whatever they have in and pound the hell out of Gligar rather than switching to their check/counter/what have you. The same is true of the Swords Dance set, but magnified. In fact, the Swords Dance has the added issue of being stuck at "only" 19 speed. The fact that Snover is basically a guaranteed revenge-kill on both sets isn't any incentive to use them either. This isn't to say they aren't effective without the proper team support of course, it's just that I feel that Gligar is better with the Scarf and not needing to set up.

The Great Wall is totally mediocre imo and I'm not going to write any long thing about it. 15 speed is just average and Gligar will just end up Mantyke bait once they know you're slow.

You could also have mentioned a straight-up four-attack sweeper.

name: Gligar
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Stone Edge

move 3: Aqua Tail
move 4: Night Slash/Quick Attack
item: Life Orb/Oran Berry
ability: Hyper Cutter
nature: Jolly
evs: 236 Atk / 236 Spe

You may be wondering why one would use this set over SD or Rock Polish. Well, with four attacks Gligar becomes capable of dealing with most opposition that would stop it otherwise, Snover being an exception. Night Slash hits Missy harder than any other move Gligar could use, Stone Edge hits Mantyke before set-up and Snover upon switch-in. Quick Attack can let you outspeed other priority users, like Houndour or Carvanha. In fact, against users of Sucker Punch it can even save you.

Also, I can confidently say that I've seen maybe five swinub in the entire time I've been playing LC, so I'm not 100% sure why it made the list but not, say, Spheal or Snorunt who have Hail Body. Other than that, cool and informative thread.


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With Gligar, I've noticed that the title of "best set" is not permanent at all, and that it goes in an endless circle depending on the metagame.

At the moment, I am almost 100% sure the best set is the bulky Rock Polish set. With great defenses, awesome attack, and incredible coverage (you need to use 3 Attacks), you will not only check so many threats, but you will sweep.

The biggest advantage RP + 3 attacks gives you is that it removes the possibility of being walled, while also taking advantage of this Stunky, Croagunk, and even Misdreavus filled metagame (since it OHKOes most Missy with Night Slash).

On a different note, I think you're missing some Pokemon from the counters / checks, Bulky Missy in particular. Bulky Missy is a good check/counter with = Speed, EQ immunity, WoW, and high SpA.
Looking through Gligar's movepool, one seldom used move that sticks out; Torment. Speaking to my experience of Torment Tran and Gyarados in OU, it seems like it could work wonders (in theorymon world). Most Pokemon that try to counter Gligar, save Water types, only have one move that will significantly hurt him. Not only this, but a Pokemon weilding Scarf, ala, ScarfChop are completely shut down my Torment+Protect.

Ideally speaking, the moveset will be;

Gligar (M) @ Oran Berry / Leftovers
Ability: Hyper Cutter
EVs: 236 Atk/236 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Torment
- Protect
- Earthquake / Aerial Ace
- Swords Dance / Taunt / Substitute

Earthquake vs Aerial Ace is really dependent on what Gligar's role is. Aerial Ace combined with Swords Dance insures you'll be able to setup, not being walled by Levitating and Flying Pokemon. Earthquake provides good damage against everything else though. Substitute and Taunt can be used with Protect, to turn Gligar into a more effective member of stall. Toxic / Roost might have a role, but I don't think it would be as effective.
So I bring in my Gligar response, you Torment me, I KO you, then what?
Gligar gets a move on the switch-in, namely Torment. You appear to be expecting the Torment to occur with the counter switched in and attacking. Here's what actually happens:

Gligar brought in
Other Pokemon switched out, Glicounter brought in, Gligar uses Torment
Gligar uses Protect, Glicounter uses countermove
Gligar switches/attacks, Glicounter uses less effective move
So I bring in my Gligar response, you Torment me, I KO you, then what?
Like the poster before me said, the idea is to Torment on the switch, and response accordingly. Protect is the safe choice, and will really screw over any Choiced Pokemon, forcing them to Struggle next turn. Given the absurd number of Scarfed Pokemon in Little Cup, it's a strategy that has merit.

Even against Pokemon with multiple moves that can hurt Gligar badly, it can allow a safe switch in for the next Pokemon too, because if you Torment+Protect against a Life Orb Mantyke's Ice Beam, it's likely that Hydro Pump will be coming next turn, and allow for a Water Absorb Pokemon to switch in.


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Meh, Gligar pulls off other sets far more effectively.

I personally still think that the god damn Sand Veil set is Gligar's best set. It is so annoying..
~Aqua Tail
~Sword Dance
Hyper Cutter
EVs-252Attk/195 Def/63 Spe

I Love This Set Becuase I OWN Most Little Cup Teams
I Made This In My Spare Timee:3 And it Workk:))
See If You Like It:))
P.S.,I'll Will Post My Friend Sooon:3
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Ideally, you don't use a boosting move (like swords dance) with a move that makes you LOSE the boost (like U-turn). Quick Attack or Aerial Ace or something is probably a better option for an SD set.

-EDIT- Oh also, the set does absolutely nothing to hit Mantyke outside of U-turn (not very effectively), which just proves my point more.


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What? Earthquake KOs after a Sword Dance. But Mankey will scare you off anyway so that is beside the point.


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Mantyke, not Mankey. Mantyke is Flying-type, which makes Earthquake futile, and the ability Water Absorb, which makes Aqua Tail useless.

In general, Leftovers are an inferior item choice in Little Cup. I'd much rather use Oran Berry.

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