The Fourth Option

Team At a Glance:

As you can probobly tell, this team is a balanced team. It has some defensive pokemon, in the form of Donphan and Ferrothorn, but also has some offensive juggernaughts in Kyurem and Gyarados.

The team has gotten to the testing point where I feel that it is suitable to post for a rate.

As for the intricate workings of the team... well, that shall be explained below.


Team Members:

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Sassy
252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Def
Ability: Snow Warning

- Leech Seed
- Substitute
- Blizzard
- Wood Hammer

Considerations: Giga Drain over Wood Hammer, or even Protect for a pusedo-StallRein?

Explanation and Role on the Team:
Firstly, the EV spread is so that Abomasnow can survive as much as possible. I've survived the odd random HP Fire, albeit, bearly. However, the spread is especially good for one particular reason:

I am slower than 0 Speed Tyranitar, even with a Minus Nature, by two points. This means that I will win any double-switch weather wars, although, Ninetales and Tyranitar will force me out, the momentum is firmly in my court.

That's the main purpose of this Abomasnow, to be honest. To set up Hail. He also has a Subseed set to help rack up passive damage, through causing switches, Hail, and Leech Seed Damage.

Abomasnow lures Fire attacks like a moth is lured to a flame, which grants Gyarados a free switch-in, often, early in the game, hazard-free. Fighting-type attacks are even better, as are Bug.

On the other hand, Rock-type attacks grant Ferrothorn or Jirachi free switch-ins. Jirachi can spread status and Wish to heal the team, while Ferro could set up Spikes.

Item: Leftovers
Impish Nature
252 Attack/252 Def/4 Sp.Def
Ability: Sturdy

- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Rapid Spin
- Ice Shard

Considerations: Several. Donphan is my weakest link.

Explanation and Role on the Team:
Donphan is here for one reason: Spinning. Kyurem, Abomasnow and Gyarados are all Rock weak, and the former two are also vunerable to Spikes and T-Spikes.

Obviously, while Jirachi can offset some of this damage, Donphan's spinning is greatly appreciated. He gets that job done... but dosen't do a lot else. He might get rocks up. Then he usually faints.

I rarely use Earthquake, because support takes priority. Ice Shard is used to finish off weakened dragons/Genies. Although, it can't OHKO even Chomp...

Removing Rocks. Also, he is immune to Electric. Donphan draws Water, Ice and Grass attacks, all walled by Ferrothorn, and the latter two by Jirachi.

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Impish
EV's: 252 HP/4 Def/252 Sp.Def
IV: 0 Speed
Ability: Iron Barbs
*Note: Female*

- Spikes
- Leech Seed
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball

Considerations: None, Ferro does his job brillantly.

Explanation and Role on the Team:
Where would balance be without Ferrothorn? Well, despite me personally thinking him suspect, Ferrothorn has an important role on the team: Taking hits.

The EV spread may seem odd, Sp.Def EV's, but a Defense Boosting Nature? Well, this gives Ferrothorn 352 HP, 328 Defense, and 331 Sp.Def. This is enough so that he is not 2HKO'ed by ANYTHING short of boosted attacks, Fighting attacks, and Fire attacks. Nothing bar strong STAB Fire moves will be OHKO'ing this spread.

Between him and Jirachi, dragons are practically shut out of the team. Considering Kyurem is one of the slower dragons, this is a good thing.

Ferrothorn takes hits, retaliates hard, and, when he can't touch something, he goes into defensive move, and uses Leech Seed, letting the Hail and the Seed Damage take their toll.

Spikes helps add even more passive damage on, due to the switches that are forced by Ferrothorn's existance.

Fighting-Type attacks, and Fire-Type attacks are perfect for Gyarados.

Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Modest
EVs: 252 Sp.Attack/252 Speed/4 Def

- Blizzard
- Draco Meteor
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fire]

Considerations: Other Dragon Types, other coverage moves.

Explanation and Role on the Team:
Kyurem is the late-game cleaner, but has a couple of other roles as well.

In an ideal world, I would not have to bring out Kyurem until the foe is weakened, or I have set up my Spikes and Rocks. While this is not always the case, it is what I strive towards. Kyurem's STAB Blizzards, running off 393 Attack dents everything, and vitutally everything in the game is 2HKO'ed after hazard damage.

However, this world is not ideal, and you can only check so much with so few pokemon. For this reason, Kyurem plays the role of Revenge Killer as well. With a Scarf, he outspeeds eerything without their own fashion accessory [Or a Speed Boost].

The Genies and Dragons fall to Blizzard or Draco Meteor. Shadow Ball handles anything such as Slowbro or Starmie. Renkulus actually takes more from Blizzard. Ferrothorn dies to HP Fire, which is truthfully filler purely to kill Ferrothorn, but also does a number on most Steels, who would otherwise resist my whole moveset.

While, ideally, Kyurem is being used purely as a revenge killer/cleaner, I do have some plans for if he needs to get out. Fighting types, particually Mach Punchers, bring in Gyarados. Steels are easily switched on by Ferrothorn or Jirachi. Fire types attract Gyarados again.

Dragon Attacks are handled by either Steel type.

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Impish
240 HP/160 Def/76 Sp.Attack/32 Speed

- Wish
- U-Turn
- Thunder Wave
- Iron Head

Considerations: I'd rather not touch this.

Explanation and Role on the Team:
With a balanced team, which is made of bulky pokemon that lack reliable recovery, a Wish user is a massive boon. While Vaporeon was a possibility, it brought little else to the team.

Jirachi is such a useful little pixie. Thunder Wave cripples switch-ins, and makes them prime for Iron Head spam. Wish keeps Jirachi healthy when coupled with it's flinches, and it's teammates in top condition when using U-turn, or manually switching.

There is frankly little else to say about Jirachi.

Ground Attacks give Gyarados and Abomasnow free switches.
Fire gives Gyarados a free switch-in.

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Jolly
156 HP/72 Attack/96 Defense/184 Speed
Ability: Intimidate

- Dragon Dance
- Taunt
- Waterfall
- Bounce

Considerations: Other sets?

Explanation and Role:
Never did I think, when I started this team, that I would be running a bulky Dragon Dance Gyarados. Yet here I am, with it almost as the cornerstone of my early-mid game.

This Gyarados is like a swiss army knife. It always finds something to do, be it causing massive damage early-game, only to be healed by Jirachi later, or messing up my foe's set-ups. It can even spread status with Bounce, as well as rack up residual damage when the foe notices that 'Gyarados has sprung up High!'

There are loads of things I have done with this Gyarados. From sweeping, to shutting down Ferrothorn, to denting something for later game. I've even caused a Turn-1 Ragequit against a Shell Break Goyrabass with this guy. Although, that might just be because that guy knows no other tactic.

Using DD early game makes foes think this may be an purely offensive Gyarados. They then find they are wrong when I taunt them later.

Also, Gyarados makes a PERFECT partner to Ferrothorn. Both resist the other's weaknesses. Gyarados loves the passive damage from Spikes, or even Leech Seed, while Ferro loves coming in on resisted hits, as he often leaves with more HP then he came in. Forget Jellicent and Ferrothorn, Ferrodos is the best defense for balanced teams!

Electric-type attacks pivot to Kyurem, Ferrothorn or Abomasnow
Rock-Type attacks pivot to Jirachi or Ferrothorn

Tactics, numbered in Priority:

A higher priority will always superceed the former, if it is possible to be acomplished.

For example, Kyurem cannot clean up if Conkeldurr is still around, so the next tactic is started

1: Get Kyurem in to Clean Up.
2: Keep the Hail Up - Preferably by KO'ing their inducer
3: Remove Hazards
4: Set Hazards
5: Keep team healed with Jirachi
6: Find an opening for Gyarados to soften the other team
7: Stall for passive damage
8: Cripple with Paralysis

This battle plan allows me to adapt tactics turn-by-turn. I could be stalling for an opneing for ten turns, and then bring in Gyarados for a decisive move.


Major Threats:
Infernape: Fire/Fighting does a massive number on my team. Gyarados can handle it, but if it's down, Infernape is deadly.

Other Weather: While not as reliant as other teams, Kyurem like his Hail, and everyone else likes the passive damage.

Scarfed Dragons: They outspeed and OHKO Kyurem. While Ferrothorn and Jirachi can take hits, that dosen't stop the Dragon pummelling them later.

Renkulus: Well, this thing annoys every team without Spiritomb. My general tactic is to hit it hard. Gyarados' Taunt often gets the drop on it. Jirachi can Flinch it to death, and Kyurem can finish weakened ones.

Rock Polish Terrakion can outspeed and OHKO the whole team if allowed to set up, except for Jirachi and Donphan. Thankfully, my whole team carries SE moves, bar Jirachi, who can Paralyse it, and Kyurem, who it can't switch in on.
If you wanted to drop U-turn on Jirachi for Stealth Rocks, you could run a bulky Hitmontop as your spinner. Just something to think about. I'll give a better rate later.

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