Tournament The Golden Generation - Finals (Won by Fireburn)


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GSC Ubers is a very untouched and isolated tier which sees very little action. Even though it was included in last year's Ubers Premier League, there wasn't much interest after our most prestigious subforum tour ended. So as the resident best tournament host in the loving, welcoming, and ever helpful Ubers community, I bring this tour as an opportunity to explore the meta of GSC Ubers.

This is a best-of-1 GSC Ubers tournament (don't wanna risk lack of interest to hurt my tour)

Admittedly, there's very little understanding of this tier among the majority of players, so I've put together some stuff to help you all get initiated.

Ubers Old Gens Hub
Ubers Premier League IV Replays - Check last 2 posts by Pohjis as well
A very old thread

  1. Exiline
  3. Stan Soojung
  4. CKW
  5. Pohjis
  6. Mr.378
  7. Isa
  8. Tomahawk
  9. Fireburn
  10. SaDiSTiCNarwhal
  11. Level 56
  12. MiyoKa
  13. K Legacy
  14. AFuckNotBeingGiven
  15. Raeing
  16. Eseque
  17. The Trap God
  18. xCaptainHero
  19. In The Hills
  20. Leru
  21. kilometerman
  22. Raseri
  23. byronthewellwell
  24. Paraplegic
  25. Aurora
  26. Mindnight
  27. Mysterious M
  28. Jhonx~
  29. DDarken
  30. Manaphy
  31. ItsYaBoi1337
  32. Arthurr pendragon

Round 1

Pohjis vs Isa
The Trap God vs K Legacy
vs Level 56
MiyoKa vs AFuckNotBeingGiven
Mr.378 vs Exiline
Raseri vs Mysterious M
Raeing vs Jhonx~
Tomahawk vs byronthewellwell
xCaptainHero vs Fireburn
Mindnight vs Manaphy
vs Paraplegic
Aurora vs Melle2402
Stan Soojung vs Arthurr pendragon
CKW vs Arii Stella
SaDiSTiCNarwhal vs Leru
In The Hills
vs ItsYaBoi1337

Round 2
vs Aurora
Cynara vs In The Hills
kilometerman vs Raseri
Mr.378 vs CKW
vs K Legacy
Manaphy vs MiyoKa
Stan Soojung vs byronthewellwell
Raeing vs Leru

Round 3
kilometerman vs Stan Soojung
vs Leru
CKW vs In The Hills
Manaphy vs Isa

Round 4
Stan Soojung vs CKW
vs Manaphy

vs CKW
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