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Welcome to my underwhelming art thread! I've been debating whether it's worth putting up for awhile now, but I figure that this is probably the quickest way for me to get feedback on my pics. I enjoy drawing and I'd really like to improve (or at least get more efficient at it)... so feel free to comment and/or criticise!

PS: Ignore the shitty thread title.

FEATURED: Realistic woobat! No longer my best piece of work, but still cute and I'm too lazy to change it.

INDEX: Oldest to newest + picture sets.
Long eared jerboa
Flareon. My oldest digital pokemon pic.
WIP: Jolteon

BFFA: Drifloon vs Whimsicott
BFFA: Jynx vs Drowzee
BFFA: Emboar vs oshawott
BFFA: Scyther vs Dragonite
BFFA: Pinsir vs mankey
BFFA: Politoed vs Lopunny
Floating Drifloon
Round animals: Owl
Round animals: Goat
Round animals: Jerboa
Round animals: Pikachu
Round animals: Togekiss
Round animals: Cow
Round animals: Purugly
Round animals: Rattata
Round animals: Ambipom
Round animals: Grumpig
Round animals: Spoink
Round animals: House Stark heraldry
Round animals: House Baratheon heraldry
Round animals: House Arryn heraldry
Realistic woobat
Flying woobat
Togepi loves to hug
Mareep and Togepi
Shiny Metagross and Scizor
Sculpture: Jigglypuff
MAC: Storm bats
Sculpture: Togepi
MAC: Problem, Charizard?
Collab with PSG: Spring pokemon
Collab with NJ: Archeops
Secret Santa #2
Realistic ampharos
WIP: Shedinja sketch
WIP: Vigoroth sketch
Realistic shedinja

Realistic shedinja watches you while you sleep.

Pokemon center cadeceus
Baby pokemon doodles
MAC: Lady Jynx
Watercolour(ish) Squirtle
Mobster Squirtle
A4A: Palkia vs Blissey
Derpy Christian Bale
Christie Brinkley
WoW gryphon
A friend
WIP: WoW drake and whelp
CAP3 design
Pokefusions: Nidofetch'd
Pokefusions: Doras
Pokefusions: Manpoke
MAC: Om nom
Some guy
LoZ dark lizalfos
Baking Adventures: Owl cake pops 1
Baking Adventures: Owl cake pops 2

Baking Adventures: You use Eat on burger cupcake. It's super effective!

MAC: Growlithe
WIP: WoW farm pic
Facebook Keldeo and pals
Collab with Bummer: Goodfellas tournament
Pokefusions: Charbat
A4T: OU cavalry
WIP: Bundaberg distillery
Collab with NJ: Legendary foo-dogs
Baking Adventures: Deformed baboon cake pops 1
Baking Adventures: Deformed baboon cake pops 2
A4T: UU All gens tournament
OU hub: Potato of the week
Ubers hub: Creation of Mewtwo
A4T: ADV users only tournament
Pokefusions: Raipuff
Pokefusions: Blastsian
Pokefusions: Arcabat
Patamon speedpaint
Happiny and Togepi speedpaint
The Competitor: Garchomp and scrafty
Pokemon redesign: Tepig
Pokemon redesign: Pignite
Pokemon redesign: Emboar
Gunnerkrigg Court fanart

McMeghan's trophy avatar

Smeargle card project: Two of Diamonds, Sableye

Extreme Pokemon Makeover: Regirock
Extreme Pokemon Makeover: Regice
Extreme Pokemon Makeover: Registeel
The Competitor: Cryonicles vs Tigers
CAP4 Prevo design stage 1
CAP4 Prevo design stage 1 back
CAP4 Prevo design stage 2
CAP5 Design 1, sup freudian imagery
CAP5 Design 2
CAP5 Design 3, cauliram 1
CAP5 Cauliram 2
CAP5 Cauliram 3
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 1
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 2
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 3
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 4
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 5
CAP5 Supplemental Cauliram art 6
CAP5 cornmon size
CAP5 Malaconda painted
CAP5 Malaconda sprites
CAP4 Prevo sprites
VGC Hub header
Sketches/cartoonifying myself for a nuzlocke
A4T: The Metagame Tweak
Tauros/Miltank/Bouffalant Prevo: Calfpint/Moo
The Competitor: Firemage's avatar
The Competitor: Governess' avatar
The Competitor: sirndpt's avatar
The Competitor: Stone Cold's avatar
The Competitor: sandshrewz' avatar
The Competitor: vinc's avatar
LC Hub header
LC Hub links
collab with Bummer and paintseagull: Sketch
collab with Bummer and paintseagull: lineart
collab with Bummer and paintseagull: painting
MAC #24: Retyping
CAP5 Prevo design
PS sprites: Quilladin front
PS sprites: Quilladin back PS sprites: Frogadier front
PS sprites: Tyrantrum back
PS sprites: Aurorus back lineart
PS sprites: Vivillon polar recolour
Final Fantasy XIV pudgy puk
XY Hub header
Secret Santa failed to submit avatar - Don't be this person!
Secret Santa 2013 gift to macle
Secret Santa 2013 backup gift to Hollymon


A4T: Battle Factory
The Competitor: Bad Ass' avatar
The Competitor: cbt's avatar
The Competitor: Firemage's new avatar
The Competitor: Heist's avatar
The Competitor: BKC's avatar
Super cute orphaned baby microbat I found and took a shitty picture of
PS Competition: Mamoswine retyping fighting/dragon
Facebook Competition: Koffing
World of Warcraft troll skull
World of Warcraft talbuk sketches World of Warcraft talbuk painting

Baking Adventures: Homosexual Bee Swarm
Baking Adventures: Homosexual Bee Guts 1
Baking Adventures: Homosexual Bee Guts 2
Smogon Tumblr: Garchomp
CAP6 Design: Camelmon
PS Interview avatar rileydelete
PS Interview avatar Nani Man

Smog art

Smog #23: Scramble Challange
Smog #23: RitterCat's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Kevin Garrett's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Fatecrasher's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Swaggersaurus's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Bummer's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Birkal's JaP avatar
Smog #23: Danmire's PokeTour avatar
Smog #23: jas61292's PokeTour avatar
Smog #23: Windsong's PokeTour avatar
Smog #23: Superpowerdude's PokeTour avatar
Smog #23: Layell's PokeTour avatar
Smog #24: Featured LC: Tirtouga
Smog #24: Stars of RBY
Smog #24: Gen 6 speculation
Smog #25: A taste of sand in LC
Smog #25: RU RMT
Smog #25: Sandshrewz' PokeTour avatar
Smog #25: Level-51's PokeTour avatar
Smog #26: Best new pokemon of GSC: Skarmory
Smog #26: Best new pokemon of GSC: Tyranitar
Smog #27: Top 10 things that ruined pokemon
Smog #28: Incredible Edibles
Smog #29: NU Spotlight: Jynx
Smog #29: Banned but not forgotten
Smog #29: Letter from the Editor avatar
Smog #30: My Arterview avatar
Smog #30: Bummer's Arterview avatar
Smog #31: Forgotten Pokemon
Smog #31: XY NU Spotlight: The terrible Mr Mime
Smog #32: Worldwide Vivillons 1
Smog #32: Worldwide Vivillons 2
Smog #34: Viable Families

Favourite pokemon meme

Pokemon fav meme: Volcarona
Pokemon fav meme: Woobat
Pokemon fav meme: Umbreon
Pokemon fav meme: Bouffalant
Pokemon fav meme: Spheal
Pokemon fav meme: Palpitoad
Pokemon fav meme: Ho-oh
Pokemon fav meme: Drifloon

And to conclude... steeldix and his two friends.

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Grats on making your very own art thread! Knew your art would be great, judging by your spriting abilities. :toast:
But artist with varied styles! Likey. The art is so much more interesting to watch.
Though Vaporeon looks like he gained the Insomnia ability. He's got dark rings around the eyes o_o
Luvdisc'd. And there should be more to come.

...inb4 cute owl
Thanks Ice! I know what you mean with the vaporeon, I think I originally had it with eyes like flareon's, then changed it and messed with the shading for... some reason. Let's pretend it represents the sleep deprivation I had back in '09 when it was drawn!

Anyway, I don't know whether I should just update these into the OP or just leave them here... or whether hide tags are needed. Better safe than sorry, I guess! Here's a couple more pics, an obese jerboa in the round animal set, and something I created in a hurry for the battle FFA thread before Yilx stepped in with his own pic. Let this be a lesson to everyone, reserving is a pretty good idea!

second ICC's DRIFLOON SQUEEEE because that is just too cute for words omg

I really liked the stuff you posted for the BFFA thread and the rest of these are pretty great. Eeveelutions aww. Maybe try doing the rest?

Anyway I am quite satisfied with this thread.
Yeah... lots of my pics have issues with uh, soulless creeper/raepface. Seems on par for any pic involving lopunny though, tbh.

Also, thanks Kipp! I had originally planned to do the entire eeveelution set in that style... but each of the pics takes forever to get through, since I basically just use photoshop like MS paint with layers. Here's where I got to on jolteon before giving up.

I've also got another oooold pic, this or flareon was my first tablet pic (though I'm 90% sure it was flareon). While I was pretty happy with how the fur turned out, almost everything else went horribly wrong. The legs... the ears... the head sitting at a bizarre angle... the complete lack of soul in it's eyes. /sadfase

Finally, here's a few more in the fat pokemon/animal category. I really like making these since they're simple and tend to turn out fairly cute. Not all of them can escape the raepface, though (the togekiss I'm working on atm seems to have that issue).

Kind of wanted to get some opinions about the last two, personally I like the cow without the hooves (even though it needs some cleaning up), but I need a plainer background (think along the lines of shirts). I was thinking a solid yellow but with a simple brown fence around the cow. Thoughts? Which cow is better?
AWWWW those chubby pokes are adorable
Can I have a chubby Purugly (verry cute please)
Thankyou in advance, and good luck for your arting in the future
Well, I completed the fattest purugly around and a couple of other 'mons. Enjoy!

PS: How many of these have you collected now anyway, RitterCat? :O

Finally, here's a pic of a panda and penguin I threw together for a friend a year or more ago, non-obese style. Nothing special.

So. Cute. Oh. My. God.
Can I have it in avatar size please around the head?

Also, I have 15 different Purugly pictures drawn by 13 different artists.
Ugh, been falling off the bandwagon as far as posting goes lately (not that anyone really cares). But yeah, I've done a few more things lately (mostly non-pokemon related) that I find carries a certain level of shame for some reason I can't quite fathom (I'd understand it, maybe, if drawing pokemon felt similarly shameful).

TL;DR: Woobat for that crazy meme and obese-style A Song of Ice and Fire heraldry.

Writing in ribbons is tough. ;-;
Thanks all. :D

Dingram, sorry for not answering earlier... didn't want to bump the thread without pics to post (and of course I got a new desk so I can't draw for awhile until I can get some sort of extension cable for my tablet)... but anyway. I use a pre-release version of photoshop cs5, but not very effectively. It's more like ms paint with layers for me.

Anyway, here's an old and kinda shitty pic I did alongside the panda/penguin from earlier. I'd kinda prefer to put up my shitty msn doodles but I'm guessing not many people would be interested in them.

Woo. Bumping for great justice. Finally got some new art done. I wanted to work on making feathers/plumage look a bit more realistic and mostly failed, but /shrug. Outline shamelessly stolen from some pic off google with some editing done, rest is all me.

You know, I did up an ambiloon before realising that you were talking about the obesemons. /fail. Oh well, I'll see what I can do. I'll post ambiloon up in the spriting thread if you wanna check that out.
Some really good stuff you have here! I really like the style you drew Vaporeon and friends, I'm looking forward to your interpretation of the other Eeveelutions!

On that note, I would like to see an Umbreon :3
K, here's that fat ambipom. Simple designs ftw.

Also NatGeo, I'll see what I can do about the umbreon... problem is that it's been years since I worked with that style and it took me forever to get anything done due to it being really bloody inefficient. I'll probably try out a smaller version and see how it goes, though.
:O! This isn't really the best attempt at the original style, but I tried. I really can't remember how I did this stuff originally. Hopefully it looks decent, at least.


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