The Hackmons Cup Cup [Won by ihasdisname]

Good games, VigilanteVigoroth. This was the full 3 this time, all fought pretty tough.

Oh, look at that, it's finally here.

Conture Town had nothing I really wanted, but there were a top of people happy to see such an intense battle, so I, Zephyr, was satisfied with the visit. The next order of business was to help the Wandering Master, the Sawk who joined me earlier, to restock on hot spring water for that canteen of his. Apparently it has sacred restorative powers, and hearing his feats and seeing him battle, I was inclined to agree with that. So we embarked through a couple of small-time routes. The Linoone needed some battles to toughen up, so I perfectly obliged with that, giving her some pretty simple trainer fodder. They laughed... until that speed and energy was used to explosive effect, and then my opponents realized this was going to be a real fight. Sadly, most of them did so too late for anything to matter, and lost the battle (and their pride).
After around 8 hours of walking, the serene air started to turn thicker with smoke. Tsareena was starting to get very uncomfortable, which we both agreed a Poké Ball would be a suitable enough shelter. The dirt road also gave way to igneous rocks, and the reason was very clear soon after; there was a volcano off in the distance. It looked like it had not been dormant for very long, as lava still flowed freely through these lands, and through the rocks. A single misstep would prove very painful for anyone not used to this heat.
But I didn't have that on my mind for long; a Cyndaquil was being terrorized with a man that had a Heatran. It looked like... he was about to feed it to his Heatran! There was no time to lose, especially with such a cutie. I rushed to the poor Cyndaquil's aid, Pokémon by my side. "Hey, I won't let you do that!" I shouted. "Huh, you runt talkin' to me? You think you can stop someone of MY caliber?" He turned to face me, and this punk had wild hair and an unkempt beard. The jacket he wore was a pure jet black with a blue shirt underneath. His footwear was also a similar black, and there were a few spikes to round out the crazed appearance. He gave off a bit of a monstery vibe, but I've dealt with far nastier individuals in the past. I wasn't about to let him and that Heatran have their way. "You're not touching another hair on that Cyndaquil. We battle NOW." "Oh, that's cute, trying to protect such a useless Pokémon! It doesn't even evolve into anything go..."
Before that sentence could even complete, Sawk was launching an attack on the Heatran. His fist swirled with water, and with a decisive blow, the Heatran fell. "YOU PUNK! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!" He sent out a Noivern to take its place. "I'll teach you what happens to fools that challenge me!" The Noivern was certainly an impressive opponent, though I did have an idea what to do... While the Sawk fainted to one of the nasty Hurricanes loosed by the Noivern, it wasn't before a few blows were landed, heavily damaging the Noivern. Next I sent out the Linoone, and used her speed to beset a similar fate to the Noivern. The next Pokémon out was an Excadrill, and luckily, I had taught Linoone Surf to prepare for this area. While the Excadrill was ultimately victorious, it was also bruised enough that Tsareena easily finished the job. The next 3 Pokémon were a combination of Rock and Ground-types, ending with a Swampert, which were all pretty easy pickings for a Grass-type.
"You haven't seen the last of Valash! I'll make sure you pay dearly for what you've done with my team!" And with that irate exclamation, he ran off elsewhere. It took a bit for me to notice, but there was a small crowd of people gathered around, many of them robed in exotic garb. As I looked closer at them, I noticed many of these garbs depicted rituals and traditions of fire of various sorts. One of the females approached me and begun to speak.
"Oh, thank you for saving the Shrine Maiden from that terrible man! He's been doing terrible things to us for years... none of us could stand up to him." I looked at the Cyndaquil in my arms, and noticed a ecstatic smile and gleaming eyes. "Oh, this is a Shrine Maiden?" "Yes, she's watched our proceedings for months now.... you aren't planning on keeping her, are you?" My hug got a bit tighter. "Her services are required here for ceremonies to run smoothly." I got an idea from this. "How about a deal... we clearly have gratitude towards each other from recent turns of events, so can I at least travel with her if I provide you with several of her heirs?" There were suddenly many puzzled expressions. "And how do you plan on doing that without tainting her bloodline?" a male voice aggressively asked. "Well, I plan on doing so how I always do; breeding. And I promise to find a mate with just as much fiery passion as she does." I glanced back at the Cyndaquil as I said this, who nodded. "...I guess if she doesn't mind, we can find a suitable stand-in for about a week. While it pains me to say that, I believe you have the power to keep her safe." The lady seemed to have reluctance in her eyes, but acceptance in her voice. "I will.", I responded.
After all of that, they led me to the hot spring, which as it turns out, was the place that the Wandering Master was looking for all along. The wounds on my party cleared up, and Sawk managed to fill the canteen without an issue. Seems like the locals saw the Master before, as there were expectant eyes on him. But this was only part of the reason I was here. The other reason was that I wanted to fight here for my next round of the tournament. The display flashed "VigilanteVigoroth", and before I knew it, he was here. We exchanged a few brief words, and then fought our hearts out.
The first round easily went to him, as a Joltik obliterated my initial Togedemaru, and then Toxic Spikes buried my chances of winning, which became more apparent as the battle progressed. But I wasn't about to give in. While the Purugly I started with had no way to attack, it would still prove useful to scout out and annoy the opposing team. While the opposing Duskull was an issue, it was worn down by poison and some heavy hits from Swoobat, who could somehow explode, which I used to my full adavantage to take two Pokémon for the price of one. The final showdown was between their Jirachi and Ursaring versus my Camerupt and Exeggutor. My pair eventually prevailed, but it wasn't easy with a legendary on their end. The score was an even 1-1.
The last match went off fast and furious with the ocean itself assaulting my opponent's first, which was a swapped in Medicham. There were then two Final Gambits in quick succession, one to take down my Florges, and the other to help take down the opposing Zekrom. The match quickly turned to the point where nothing could harm my Chesnaught enough to outlast its healing, so I ended up winning the final match, and moving on to my next destination, with a new friend in tow...
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Congratulations for making it to the Quarterfinals of The Hackmons Cup Cup! Each quarterfinalist is literally* Top 8 in Hackmons Cup, the most skill intensive format to exist in all existence of competition in the human race! Because Round 4 ended very quickly, we're posting Round 5 even earlier.

In order to make this even more skill intensive, all series from here until the conclusion of the tournament will be Best of 5/First to 3 Wins. Be sure, when scheduling, that you have time for 5, not 3 battles!

HSOWA vs GaryAjax
ihasdisname vs Official Fissure
Zephyr Dragon Lord vs Lucas2543
neycwang vs Rory Mercury

Deadline: July 31st, 11:59 PM GMT-5.
Let myself or lvl100Blaziken know if you need an extension.

Best of luck to all!

*not literally
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What was missing since R1 you say? ~~me~~
Also my predictions!!

HSOWA vs GaryAjax

Although HSOWA has had a splendid run in this tour, GaryAjax with their skill and their recent luck takes the cake.

Ihasdisname Vs Official Fissure

Both these players have taken down really tough opponents and have established themselves as masters of the Hackmons. It'll be fun to see who wins this one.

Zephyr Dragon Lord Vs Lucas2543

Zephyr has had an impressive run in this tour and I don't see them stopping anytime soon.

neycwang Vs Rory Mercury

Rory by far has been the standout player in this tour, taking down tough opponents every week right from the very start.


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Well folks, we're officially in the Semifinals of The Hackmons Cup Cup! The top 4 contestants will battle it out to determine the undisputed champion of what Time Magazine calls, "The most skilled meta in competitive Pokemon today." Good luck!

Remember, all series from here until the conclusion of the tournament will be Best of 5/First to 3 Wins. Be sure, when scheduling, that you have time for 5, not 3 battles!

HSOWA vs ihasdisname
Rory Mercury vs Zephyr Dragon Lord

Deadline: August 3rd, 11:59 PM GMT-5. Let myself or Wigglytuff know if you need an extension.

Have fun!
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After a month of intense, heart-pouding, and down to the wire battles, the likes of which haven't been seen since the glory days of Minecraft, two contestants remain in the finals of The Hackmons Cup Cup!

Coming out of wherever they make anime, Rory Mercury has had an extremely strong showing in this tour, causing no end of heartbreak in the Randbats Auth Discord as he literally destroyed all of us, round after round. His path to the finals was no easy feat, taking down several big Randbats names, such as i want a lamp, RBTT II Defending Champion Young Dumb & Woke, professional gambler Elgino10, RBTT II finalist Neycwang, and Zephyr Dragon Lord, whose experience in topping the Hackmons Cup Ladder is practically unrivaled.

On the other side of the bracket, ihasdisname has also had a strong run, taking out RBTT II CC1v1 god My Big Diggersby, esteemed Randbats Room Owner Rach, and several other opponents in his path to the finals.

By pure, unfettered skill and skill alone, both players have reached the Finals. However, there can only be one who walks away with The Hackmons Cup Cup, and (more importantly) one free commission to A Cake Wearing A Hat's glorious MS Paint art. So, without further ado:


Rory Mercury vs ihasdisname

Deadline: get it done

Best of luck to both of our finalists and may the best Hackmons Cup player take the ring home!​
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