The Happy Place and The Library's Annual Attitude of Gratitude


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Another year has come and gone and while it hasn’t been easy, it’s important to make sure we remember all of the good memories we made and cherish all of the great friends we made along the way! The Happy Place and The Library invite you to join us once again in spreading some cheer and brightening some spirits! Time to end off 2021 on a note of positivity and appreciation to ring in the new year!


Over the next couple of weeks, users will have the chance to write letters of gratitude and have them sent off to whomever they like (within PS of course.) There’s no limit to how many letters you can send, you can send one, or you can send dozens! Just be sure you keep it to one letter per person, I know some of you love your friends a LOT and want to send them one hundred letters but...please refrain from that :)

December 10th - December 30th - Letters can be submitted and will be sent out in a timely manner during this period. Any letters not delivered by the 30th will be sent out via Monita Mail.

How to Participate:
So how do I participate in this event? Just fill out the form here, which will prompt you to answer a few questions to identify you and the recipient of your letter, and then you can type out your letter. Please make sure your letters follow PS rules, we’re here to spread positivity and gratitude, not to bully people or use this as an excuse to be mean to people.

Once you’ve submitted your message, please message an active auth member in either The Happy Place or The Library with a confirmation message such as “I just sent 3 messages for the event!” so that we can double check and make sure it was you whose response was submitted! When doing this, please make sure it’s an active staff member, and not someone whose name is grey and on Busy, as they might not see your message if they are. Please also make sure that you’re messaging a room staff member from THP and TL and wait until you get a response of confirmation. Alternatively, you can also mail the same message through *Lady Monita to one of the hosts of the event: RavioliQueen, awa, Celine or Dawn of Athena

*Just as a reminder, you can PM Lady Monita “.mail [recipient], [message]” to mail a message to an offline user.


We hope you have a wonderful time and have fun sending all of your letters of appreciation to your friends! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on the thread or reach out to one of the event hosts: RavioliQueen, awa, Celine or Dawn of Athena. We’re more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have. Happy letter sending!
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