The Happy Place and The Library's Second Official Attitude of Gratitude!

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~~Attitude of Gratitude~~
The Happy Place / The Library Crossover Event

With this year coming to a close, The Happy Place and The Library are bringing back our Attitude of Gratitude event!

Though this year has been a struggle to many, now is just as important a time as ever to reminisce about the good memories from this year, the friends we’ve made along the way, and to look forward to an even brighter year ahead! The Happy Place and The Library invite you to join us again in partaking in this good cheer to end the year!

December 18th - December 30th - Letters can be submitted and will be sent out in a timely manner during this time. Any letters not delivered by the 30th will be sent out via Monita Mail.

December 31st - The second, live portion of the event begins! More info below.

Over the next couple of weeks, users will have the chance to write letters of gratitude and have them sent off to whomever they like (within PS of course.) There’s no limit to how many letters you can send, you can send one, or you can send dozens! All we ask is that you keep it to one letter per user, so no matter how much you might want to bombard your best friend with 32 letters… please do not.

To kick off the new year and finish the event with a bang, themed games such as tournaments, hangmans, Q&A’s, quizzes and more will be running all day long on December 31st in both The Library and The Happy Place!

How to Participate:
How do you submit these letters? It’s easy! Just fill out the form
here, which will prompt you to answer a few simple questions to identify you and the recipient of your letter, followed by your message. Please keep all messages appropriate, this is a time to show gratitude, not to harass or bully. Once you’ve sent your message, please message an active auth member in either THP or TL with a simple message such as “I just sent 3 messages for the event!” so that we can know it was really you who sent them! When doing this, please make sure who you’re messaging isn’t on (away) or (busy), as they might not see your message if they are. Please also make sure that you’re messaging a room staff member, not a global staff member, as they won’t know what you’re talking about, nor will your message be confirmed. Alternatively, you can also mail the same message through *Lady Monita to one of the hosts of the event: % Ludicrouss, @ ang, @ Peary, or @ Dawn of Khione.

*Just as a reminder, you can PM Lady Monita “.mail [recipient], [message]” to mail a message to an offline user.

Participating in the live portion of the event is easy! Just show up, and follow the directions to join the games when they start! By participating in the various games and events running throughout the day, you’ll get the chance to earn rewards such as Quills in The Library or raffle tickets in The Happy Place! (More info to come on raffle tickets with the announcement of THP’s upcoming event!)


We really hope you enjoy! If there are any questions about the event, feel free to either leave a comment on this thread, or reach out to one of our hosts, % Ludicrouss, @ ang, @ Peary, or @ Dawn of Khione. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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