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Welcome to the latest iteration of The Happy Place’s Staff Q&A! If you’re new here, this is a popular event where users get to submit questions to get to know the room’s staff better. These questions can range from “which Pokémon is your favourite” to “why on God’s green Earth did Alore rename to McTowelie”, and we’ll do our best to provide a response to each of them!

The participating staff this time around are the following:
AllLikeWas (Eevee), Alpha (Aurorus), Amaluna (Meloetta), BreadLoeuf (Cherrim), Celine (Lucario), DianaNicole (Mamoswine), Froggeh (Toxicroak), MC Princess Pearl (Glaceon), PressPlayBrenden (Salamence), Swiffix (Piplup), and Zalm (Weedle)

And now, without further ado, let us dive into this third iteration of the Staff Q&A!


”Being a mod is something I don’t take for granted, but the best part is being able to work with others and setting a great example. I love helping out!”

"Overall, nothing really changed for me when I got promoted anywhere. I always enjoyed doing what I do and eventually the room staff decided to plant a little symbol next to my name to reward activity and contributions. The only thing that changed is that people now have expectations of me to keep the chat clean, and I will gladly meet those expectations."

"It really depends on the approach you take when becoming one / becoming staff in general! I used to be a very serious and heated moderator 1 year ago before taking a very much needed break; I wasn't in the right mindset at all and now that I'm back I take stuff less seriously. After all, we're here to have fun, play randbats and enjoy memes :]"

“Everyone has a different experience. If you're asking in order to get a secondhand viewpoint into the moderator culture of PS, you really won't. We're all so different as individuals.“

”Honestly not too different from being a regular user. I just chat but have ‘responsibilities’ now…yucky.”

"It is pretty cool. I really enjoy being THP's friendly neighborhood Moddeh!"

"It's nice to be able to help the site out. I've been here for 8 years and to be able to give back to it in a way that is beneficial and helpful makes me happy, especially in a room like The Happy Place."

”It's amazing! I'm totally here of my own volition!! (somebody save me PLEASE)”

"I quite like it, I love helping people and somehow being on top of the user list makes it easier for people to find me I guess? Other than that nothing special really, I’m mainly just vibing c:"

“I don’t have a specific artist I watch, but metal/rock remixes of video game music is always a banger.”

"My music taste is very broad and changes every week. One day I'll listen to metal, the other day I'll have a playlist with a bunch of opera music. Overall, I'd say the music I listen to most range from Rock, Metal, to Alternative. For specific artists, I'll list the first 5 that jump to mind: Glass Animals, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Panic! At the Disco and Arctic Monkeys."

"Most of the time I like listening to psytrance; I don't mind some indie from time to time or electronic dance; my favourite artists for the first genre I listed are Infected Mushroom (hey check out stuff like Spitfire, saeed, and Guitarmass); others include EDEN (formerly known as Th Eden Project), Austra, Nostalghia, Seven Lions, AND ONE, Neelix, and Elderbrook."

“Look, bud. My only favourite artist is Swiffix, who did the art for this event. :)”

“I listen to music of tons of different genres but Linkin Park and Ariana Grande are two artists/groups I keep coming back to.”

"I listen to all kinds of music, but mostly metal music and hard rock. I can start out a car ride listening to Archspire, Tool, Mastodon and heavy stuff, and chill out on the way back home with some Dido or Neil Young. Adding from the previous list I am a huge fan of both Tyler the Creator and Childish Gambino, and have always been a massive fan of Pink Floyd."

‘Movie soundtracks/fantasy music most of the time. Rn currently binging Adele/Doja Cat/Ramin Djawadi”

"I listen to a lot of pop (2000’s English and Japanese), musical soundtracks, and some EDM when I’m in the mood for it."

"I listen to 80s metal, like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath. I also like Post Malone a lot"

“My playlist is a mess (or a masterpiece, it's all in the eye of the beholder). Lemme just click on shuffle and tell you what the first five songs to play are: Dream On (Aerosmith), I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King), A Toi (Joe Dassin), Battle Symphony (Linkin Park), What We Live For (Afrojack & Bassjackers). If you ever have some cool recs, PM me!“

"CORE IS CORE. Mainly speedcore, hardcore, j-core, Frenchcore. I also really love Japanese music though. My favourite artist at the moment is Susumu Hirasawa."

"So far, 2022 has been treating me well, despite only being 4 months in to it. Good things await for me this year. And I do not want to jinx myself so that's where I'll end it."

"2020-current. Despite the pandemic I started working after graduating from university as a dental hygienist and oh boy, becoming so independent is amazing. I've also met a very special person, which is a doctor I currently work with, and we became really close friends and I'm so happy about it; for some reason he took me under his wing and taught me a lot of things since day 1, and we've started working together in the same dental practices / offices. I have huge respect for him."

“This year. I never peak.”

“The last few where I've been able to be trans and open about it”

"Gotta be 2018 - the year my son was born. Huge change and adjustment to my lifestyle - but definitely a good one."

"The year that I was born was pretty great, but outside of that, the year I began getting into drawing more (roughly 8th grade) was a pretty good one too."

"2017, a lot of fun things happened to me then and I wish I could relive it"

"I think this year? I mean I graduated last summer, got a lot of extra freedom which allowed me to do a lot of fun things in my spare time that I otherwise didn’t have time for."

“You read my mind. I love cats because you don’t have to do a lot to take care of them.”

"Jokes on you, my comrade, my favorite animal is dog. Though I do really like racoons and ducks as well. Cats are cool and all, but dogs>cats."

"CAT!!!! Well, because cat are just what I want to reincarnate into; free food everyday, pats, belly rub-no wait they hate those smh, sleeping all day..."

“It's not a cat!! No, it's not!!!!”

“Weird way of spelling polar/panda bears.”

"So wrong. Frog. Definitely Frog. (I have a cat though so I love cats too)"

"Manta rays are actually my favorite (don’t tell my cats!), because they’re delightful sea pancakes and don’t attack you after requesting belly rubs"

"That's a weird way to spell dog"

“I love cats (and all animals, really). But dogs. I have two adorable doggos, and a TON of pictures of them for those interested :3“

"Ehhh I think it is a salmon actually because of the personal connection I have with the fish nowadays."

“TheHappyPlace and PokemonGames. I’m active in both.”

"Help room is a lot of fun for me. The gratification you get from answering questions is a great feeling. Obviously I like the other rooms I frequent as well, otherwise I wouldn't join them."

"italiano (BIASED), THP (BIASED), PU / LC (I love those tiers), and The Studio :]"

“If I'm in it, it's the best”

“The ones I staff in (THP, TheLibrary, YouTube, and TheCafe) :3 To be fair tho, I have a ton of respect for most rooms on PS but I’m drawn to the ones I staff because the topics are particularly interesting.”

“Dungeons and Dragons, but I may or may not own it.”

"THP is my fav, outside of that: Cafe and Sports"

“Wi-F… I like all of my rooms the same! On a serious note though, shout out to all the wonderful people I staff with over at Wi-Fi, THP, Cafe, Franais, and Tours. I guess I also hang out in A&C :3”

"I love hanging around in The Café (cooking is my biggest passion), The Happy Place (filled with lovely people & has a lovely vibe going on) and Nederlands (I mean I am Dutch so :] )"
To be or not to be, that is the question. To be or to be, that is not the question. Not to be or not to be, I am sorry

“Gg easiest question of the whole staff qna ;)”

"2B are the best pencils. To be, for sure."

"I forgive you dw"

“Interesting question, but I don't think so.”

"You should be."

”To be, of course. We must be swift, as a coursing river. With all the force of a great typhoon. With all the strength of a raging fire. Mysterious, as the dark side of the moon.”

"2 bees or not 2 bees, is there even a question? 2 bees. Don’t be sorry."

"It allows me to impress upon them the severe mistake they have made. For years my conduct has been largely benign and yet without provocation you have severed our détente and forced me to unleash upon you the vengeful flame of a thousand suns. You shall curse your mothers for the day of your birth. So go now... gooo! And begin your life of fear, knowing that when you least expect it, the looming enter button loaded with "/roomban [username]" will crush down upon you, cleaving you in twain and as you gaze upon the smoking wreckage that was once your life, you will regret the day you crossed the wrong Luna."

“Like a SURGE of POWER rushing through my FINGERTIPS. BOW DOWN to your [MONARCHICAL-TITLE] or whatever.”

“Honestly, for me it’s kind of a bad feeling sometimes. Some folks are clearly only here to disturb chat or cause issues and those bans are relatively easy to make but occasionally good hearted users or potentially young users cross the line a few too many times and it kinda sucks having to moderate that, but it’s all in an attempt to keep chat running smoothly.”

“When someone is blatantly disregarding the rules it's such a good feeling. Keeping the bad users out is half the fun of moderation.“

"Honestly it is not really a great feeling - but if someone has disrupted chat consistently enough or in such a manner to warrant the ban then it is really just a choice to protect the well being of the room and it’s users that want a cool place to be."

"It's annoying tbh, we never want to ban anyone. It's always a last resort for users who have a history of being bad without showing signs of improvement."

“No one likes handing out punishments, trust me. When I first started staffing, I used to feel very guilty for doing it. But in the end, it's all done to ensure a positive environment for everyone to feel comfortable and safe. The less I need to ban people, the better.“

"Terrible, but also good because the chat got rid of a troublesome user meaning people can enjoy the lovely vibe again without interruptions ."

“I have a whole list of faves, but to keep it simple: Mario Kart 8 DX, Mario Maker, Pokemon B2W2, and Splatoon.“

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - A game from 2005 but it's still insanely enjoyable to this day! Minecraft is another worthy mention. A game that sparks your creativity with less than stellar graphics that is still able to entertain me for hours."

"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Sky; I could play it 100 times and never get tired of it."

“My taste is trash, but I like The Elder Scrolls Series of games.”

“Pokémon Battle Revolution. Still play it sometimes. If you know it and have it/enjoy it… try post-game gateway colosseum. Trade battle is super fun!”

“Skyrim is what I've put the most hours into, but Lego Star Wars is a close second.”

"Hard to say, so I’ll just list a few. Shadow of the Colossus made a tremendous impact on me. I have been playing Smash Bros since in launched on the 64. And Elden Ring currently is amazing and a culmination of everything I love from Dark Souls/Bloodborne games."

"Mario kart (basic, I know, and not Pokémon, but it’s fun and I’m actually good at it!)"

"Halo Reach"

"Old school Runescape :]"

"Nah, room has a chill userbase most of the times so it's not hard at all imo, I've rarely punished there + I'm more focused on the event side of THP than moderation right now."

“Occasionally moderating THP is tough. Some things are obvious but others you need to be careful about.”

"I would not say it is hard really, but sometimes it can be challenging to allow freedom of discussion while also keeping things within the rules and in a respectful manner to others. Sometimes the options are clear but other times the right path forward gets a little murky."

"If it’s 'hard' or not depends; some days feel easy, some days make me feel like I’m working an actual job lol"

"Not really too hard thankfully. Aside from occasional trolls its very easy tbh."

"It varies from time to time/case by case, but overall it’s very doable."

“I have a cat named Charlie. He did a sit up once.”

"No, I dont have any pets rn :c; my girlfriend has a cat (a ginger one, he's fuckin crazy I swear) and a dog, named Simba and Biagio respectively."

”I have an Okeetee corn snake and a dog (boxer).”

"I have got one 17 year old sweetie of a kitty cat."

"I have a dog named Luna! She is a treeing cur, a breed of dog from the Kentucky mountains"

"I do not have pets (yet) but I do have plans for pets after moving to a bigger place. I’d love to have fishes, shrimp, snails, a duck, a rabbit, a chicken, birds? I mean I would also absolutely love to get a cat but allergies ☹."
All the regs and global auth loved the name Towelie, but it’s appearing that staff of THP are haters who aren’t too psyched about it. Before we stage a mass revolt, we thought we’d let you explain. Why are you all so jelly of Towelie?

“I only hated McTowelie because I kept confusing him as MC PrincessPearl (Speaking of which, McTowelie = Minecraft Towelie. Forza Itowelicraft anyone?)”


“Who's paying you?”

“Because he obviously lacks the same intelligence level the rest of us have, and oftentimes ignorance is bliss. Hard to overthink if there's nothing going on upstairs (Love you Towelie)“

“Alore was a better name is all.”

"Towelie is a Towel. Nuff said. (and a good towel at that)"

"As much as I would love to stand on my soapbox and say “it’s his name, let him have it, it’s his choice”, even I gotta admit that his taste in both names and friends (namely me) is HORRENDOUS"

"I assure you I am not jelly of Towelie. And a lot of global auth did not like the name either lol"

"No, you’re a towel."

"Some topics interest me more than others. I will join the conversations if I have something meaningful to say about it or if I just enjoy it. Some topics confuse me because people have crazy obsessions."

“My eyes glaze over a lot of the idle conversation in chat.”

“All of the above. There are so many conversations in THP daily that you experience all kinds of thoughts about what's going on. Sometimes it's super cool. Sometimes it's less interesting to me. Other times I'm just totally lost lol.”

"THP is just a very cool place to be and I love being a part of this community. I don’t feel the need to be a part of every conversation (that would get exhausting) so if I ever don’t understand anything, I’ll ask a question if I am interested or just let chat keep flowing."

"It really can vary depending on the conversation, some are very confusing to me (anything involving football or soccer or whatever you call it), but others I’m very interested in and will pay attention to even if I’m not chatting personally"

"I do like to talk a lot in chat, so I'm a part of a lot of conversations, but if I'm not talking I generally am just reading and policing what everyone says to make sure its all safe for the room. I don't really get confused too often"

"When they are about a very specific topic that doesn’t catch my interest, I usually just let the chat flow. It doesn’t really bother or confuse me. Overall I feel the conversations are nice ."

“THP is a slower paced chatroom where there’s more amazing conversations, which can also be about our everyday life.”

"The Happy Place is very accepting and easy to get in to. Most other rooms I frequent either disallow socializing or are very topic specific. I like being able to help people, which is why I am such a big fan of the Help room. The Happy Place allows me to do that on a whole different level. Where I can actually give advice and insightful comments on situations I have experience with and people might struggle with them. I enjoy doing it."

“The people you meet. It might seem like a cop-out, but there are so many cool people from so many cultures on this website, and especially in the room where personal expression is encouraged. Pokémon is a universal language, after all.”

“Honestly there's not too many differences. The biggest one I guess is the freedom of conversation. The room topic lends itself to varying conversation topics which most rooms don't have too much of.“

"A lot of the rooms I hang out in (Cafe, Wifi, TV/Films) have a similar vibe, but I know that some rooms are a bit more chaotic and wild, something that is good for the site as some people love that"

"In here I can’t talk about food all the time and have to be an actual interesting human being e-e."

“No doubt has to be awa, she’s been so supportive of me during my tough times, and she’s always fun to joke around with.”

"I really hate picking favorites, especially because I interact with a whole bunch of people all across Showdown. It's unfair to the people I don't interact with regularly. But I have to give credit where credit is due; Lionyx. I met Lionyx a long time ago which I want to say started in the Help room and they've always been super friendly and approachable. They seem to be able to keep up with my shit and overall make me feel very appreciated. Lionyx, never change."

“That would be myself. Self love is important, after all.”

“I love so many different folks here on PS and I hate picking favorites. I will give a special thanks to Felucia who may or may not ever see this because she’s helped me a lot through the years, but by no means is she the only one who I value extremely highly.“

“There's so many that it's hard to pick one, but if you're twisting my arm PiratePrincess. I owe a lot of my growth as a moderator/room owner to her, and she's been a great influence on me.”

"Cc (formerly known as cobalioncouncil). We also met irl sometimes and it has always been a blast :> If you are reading this, you’re amazing!"

"I am a very old person when it comes to PS. I joined when Showdown only had a single chatroom, the Lobby. I was not as active as I am now and initially joined for the battles but stayed for the chatrooms. I discovered PS by videos on YouTube. It always looked super interesting to me and very easy to use. I believe the first person I saw make a video on this was Haydunn way back when."

"I joined PS! in 2016 (jesus christ why am I still here) after watching some videos on youtube of an Italian youtuber (Maysunders) which used to stream battles on PS! with her community. So in late Summer of 2016, I took my pc and bop, joined the italiano room (and the rest is history :3)"

“Initially, I joined in the year of 2017 in order to play competitive Pokey-mans. I ended up discovering the live chatrooms by mistake and I've loved the general layout ever since. I've since hardly played competitively, and left the site a year later because mobile was hard to communicate through for me. In 2020 I returned due to several complications created by the Coronavirus pandemic and I've stayed on the website since then using my computer.”

“I was at a state competition awards ceremony in high school, and between categories one of the guys I was with was on it on his phone. I kind of forgot about it for a while, until the next year when more friends were on showdown and that's when I got hooked.“

"Classmate told me about it one day, and the rest is history"

"A friend of mines invited me for a random battle, and I kinda sticked around "

“I honestly don’t know, I’ve only tried it once haha”

"I do not dislike pineapple on pizza. I dislike lukewarm/warm pineapple. Sorry, I am not the one to start a civil war I am afraid."

"Imagine asking an Italian if they like pineapple on pizza............"

”I don't like pizza.”


“Only had it once in middle school and it wasn't bad!”

"No, but I’ve actually TRIED it!"

“Yes. It’s delicious. And guess what, I like ketchup on pizza too #sorrynotsorry”

"Yes! I love it."


What’s your opinion on Gen 5?
“Best gen hands down, but I have a question. How did you know to ask me? ;)”

How did you pick your username?
“My username was from a kindergarten catchphrase. We made it a song on DK summit’s melody. ‘And they were alllikewas, and that’s because, they were alllikewas…’”

If PS ceased to exist tomorrow. What would be the next best site to head to?
“PS’s afd site, get outplayed B)”

Cutest Pokémon in your opinion?
”Eevee and sylveon. Leaning towards eevee cuz bias.”

Who is your custom avatar?
"If you asked me this the week I got it, I'd have told you I have no idea. I've always been active on DeviantArt where I also uploaded my own stuff for a long time. I mostly enjoyed scrolling through the website looking at other avatars / trainer sprites people made to get inspiration from. Eventually I stumbled upon the one I got on Showdown which was made by Eternal-Rainbow on DeviantArt. I was attracted to it because it looked good and mysterious. To answer your actual question, I think it's someone from Alice: Madness Returns. Allegedly some washed up game for the PS3 and XBox."

Do you hate how many crossovers there are on fortnite now?
"Yes, yes I do hate Fortnite."

Is G-Max Cinderace the floofiest thing alive?
"No, have you ever seen corgi butts???"

If you decided to work a part time job either to take a break from your current one or for extra cash during your studies or simply for a new experience what would it be?
Probably another animal shelter. I currently do voluntary work in an animal shelter and have no study or job besides it. Is that an acceptable answer?

How do you feel about gen 9?
"Fuecoco looks stupid. We stan grass cat."

What made you pick the name Amaluna?
"I have had many, many, MANY names on Showdown. Some of which we don't talk about anymore because I was a shitty cringy teenager. The ones I have used are Kasumi and Marie Rose. Marie Rose is the name I'd likely still be using if PS! never changed the name colors to be more suited for dark mode. The name color I had on that name was a super nice and dark blue. It was also the name I used just before I switched to Amaluna. When I used Marie Rose, I saw an advertisement on television about a Cirque Du Soleil show which was named "Amaluna". I thought it sounded super cool and yoinked it as my own!"

How do you overcome stress?
"I am extremely stress resistant. Even during my studies and work I was always the calmest person around. I guess it's just my "everything will turn out just fine" mindset. I comfort and distract myself all the time."

Which Pokémon should be erased from existence?
"Suicune, Dusclops and all of Gen 8 with the exceptions being Toxtricity, Indeedee, Obstagood and Cufant."

"Sussy baka UwU"

What is the best type of bread?
“Me. I am the best. Don't get me wrong, other bread is great, I would never insult them. I'm just better than them.”

What is your favourite bread to loaf?
“To loaf? I'd say plain old white bread comes great when it's loafed.“

How do you pronounce your username?
“If we were to go by very conventional pronunciation standards for the two syllables my name is derived from (English bread, which means bread in English and French l'oeuf, which translates to "the egg"), then it would be /bɹed.lɶf/. I do, however, accept /bɹed.loʊf/ (homophonous with "bread-loaf") as an alternate pronunciation.”

0 divided by 0?
”This calculation. It's naansense.”

Do you eat bread every day?
“I do not. My office hours (for eating bread, of course) are Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If you would like to schedule me eating a bread, please call me.”

How many languages do you speak?
“I do not like overusing the words "speak" and especially the word "fluency." I only ever consider myself capable of speaking two languages, which are my native tongues, English and American Sign Language. I do learn languages as a hobby, however, so my knowledge of formulating often really basic sentences could expand to several other languages outside of these two. This is especially prevalent grammar-wise, as I usually study language grammars and how words interact with each other in my target languages.”

Fav eeveeloution?
"That is not a Frog. But I like Umbreon"

Who is the best Frog Pokémon?
"Easy answer. Toxicroak. Fell in love with his design after rediscovering Pokémon at Gen 4's release."

Has COVID made you use PS or other online community platforms more compared to before?
"Yes and no. I have taken all of the proper precautions related to Covid but I still gotta work and be a good dad. I’d say about the same."

Have you seen that one TikTok of people making a lofi song out of a frog crying? It's called "Shy little frog", check it out
"I had not heard it before you asked - but I really dig it. Lofi music is often a go to of mine at work or when I need to focus on something."

What is your 6th favorite Pokemon?
"Hmmm. I’d have to say Seismitoad."

How epic are frogs from a scale of 1-10?
"Easy 10"

What’s your favorite frog species
"I really like Milk Frogs. So pretty looking"

Are you fabulous?
“Humility 100”

Do you believe in ghosts or aliens?
“I don't not believe in them, and am open to evidence of their existence.”

What is your opinion on the April SS tiering changes?
“They're certainly changes. I'm loving stakataka+glastrier in NU as a trick room core.”

Who is your favourite Pokemon?
“Abomasnow/Mamoswine/Shuckle depending on my mood.”

Where did you get your name from?
“It's my preferred name+preferred middle name. On the market for a name change, something better than Towelie...”

What would you rate 2021 out of 10?
"2/10, would not recommend to time travelers, though not as bad as the previous year"

Favorite non-GC game room?
"Cafe does games sometimes, so it technically counts"

If money and COVID weren't a concern what country/city would you want to visit for a holiday?
"Japan! Every picture I’ve seen has been so gorgeous and there are lots of stores and restaurants I would love to go visit and shop/eat at"

Do you still play mc
"I played it for like 15 mins a few days after it first came out and I haven’t picked it up since, so no"

What languages do you speak?
"English, a 'Spanish 1 class' amount of Spanish, and a moderate amount of Latin"

First shiny Pokémon?
"Technically the Red Gyarados cause RNG HATES me. Been playing for 20 years and have never had a random encounter."

How often do you Press Play?
"Like, 2-3 times a day"

Is Pokémon the only competitive video game you play, and if not which other ones you play and which one is your favorite?
"I used to play Team Fortress 2 a ton, but haven't in a few years. I haven't been super into competitive Pokémon since Gen 8 happened though. I loved the Gen 7 meta, and am always down for a Gen 7 Mono or Ubers battle"

Why are Avs so much better than the Red Wings?
*cracks knuckles* "Okay here we go. The Avs currently are a better team but that is due to the fact that the Red Wings had a bad General Manager in Ken Holland for many years, who signed bad contracts and brought in aging players who no longer were in their prime. Prior to this, the Avs were horrible after their 2001 Stanley Cup win (Only their second cup, to Detroit's ELEVEN). During their peak rivalry, from 1996-2002, the Wings won 3 cups, while the Avs won 2. The Wings currently are considered to have the brightest future of any NHL team, while the Avs have had limited playoff success in general. The Wings had a 25 year run in the playoffs where they won 4 cups, and are considerd by most to be the greatest American franchise in history, with countless legends playing for them, like Ted Lindsay, Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, and Nick Lidstrom, as well as having a team where 10 of the 18 starters are in the Hockey Hall of Fame"

Favourite fairy type?
“Hmmm… Togekiss? No, it’s not swirlix. Yes, swirlix is a cutie. No, my name doesn’t come from swirlix. I just randomly picked it when I was 8 cause I thought (and still think) it sounds cool.”

Rank THP ROs by username color
“Alore < everyone else. Oh, this says username color. Well uh, they all have great colors. If I had to pick one to be mine color-wise, I’d go Alore > Alex > Celine > Niko, for colors.

What’s your favorite Pokémon?
I mean... I’ll give you three guesses.

Do you like anime?
Sure. Do I love it to the point of having a weeb-ass username on PS? No. Do I like it to the point of having a weeb-ass CA on PS? Maybe uwu

First ever Pokémon game?
Pokémon Platinum (well, technically Pokémon Pinball on the GBA).

Do you prefer angsty or fluffy fanfiction?
"I don’t really read fanfictions, but I would most likely prefer fluffy over angsty"

What's your favourite mon :>
"Weedle <(:O)00000> <(:O)00000> <(:O)00000> <(:O)00000> <(:O)00000>"

What’s your favourite Pokémon type?
"Water "

Is salmon your favourite fish delicacy
"Actually it’s eel, I also really love mackerel. Salmon is probably at #3?

Favourite kind of salmon?
"Coho salmon"

Why is there a tree named after you?

or did you mean Eucalyptus salmonophloia? I have no idea. I do know that once when I was still a smolt and ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom from nine hazel trees that surrounded the well. After doing this I gained all the world’s knowledge. People nowadays refer to me as the Salmon of Knowledge."

Would you still love THP if it was a worm?
“If it was a weedle, yes. Otherwise, I don’t know”

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed being a part of this as much as we did! By the way, be sure to swing by The Happy Place this weekend, as we'll be hosting a whole bunch of games throughout the day for our Easter Event! See you soon :D​

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