Programming The Helpful Bot - Automated PS! Help Bot

Hello all,

I have recently been working on a new bot, which is currently still under heavy development, so the source code will not be made public until it is fully working.
The bot has a module which checks for certain keywords in a chat message, for example, if a user says "How do I get a custom avatar?", the bot will PM them an answer which is taken from the Help room's /rfaq command to ensure that the answer is as accurate as possible.

I am currently in the process of adding more keywords and answers, which will take some time, as there is a lot of uncommon questions which aren't currently answered on the /rfaq command, therefore making the work more of a manual job, instead of copy and pasting the really common question answers.

I do not currently have an exact date which the bot should be finished by, but by my estimates I would probably say it will be most likely finished by Early-Mid October of 2019.

If anyone wishes to contribute to this project, feel free to send me a message here on the Smogon forums and I will be happy to discuss it further.


Banned deucer.
But why not make this into a PS server functionality? I'd be down having a help button which let's you ask questions to a bot in PM. panpawn had ideas for question answering AI before as well. Might be worth looking into.

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