The Ho-Oh + Celebi GSC Tournament - Round 1

Snorlax is widely considered to be better than these two uber Pokemon. Celebi was even OU at one point. Some people prefer slower GSC. Let's make a tournament out of it!

Best of one - I would make it three, but this is niche and likely to be filled with lengthy battles as is. If you and your opponent both agree on best of three, I will allow it. Finals will be best of three. Replays required.

Subs welcome. Deadline: April 3rd

XxAwesomePlayzxX vs. LeoShakur
SoulWind vs. pinktidal
Fantos13 vs. Funbot28
BKC vs. Diophantine
Sinkyr vs. Melle2402
Fireburn vs. Fear
Astamatitos vs. sig
Mr.378 vs. rozes
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