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Hello everyone. First off, let me start by making a small introduction. The name's Greg, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Puerto Rico(which is where I'm residing as well). I love Pokemon as much as the next guy, but obviously it's not the ONLY think I like to do.

Some of you might be extremely obsessed with Pokemon and it could be the only thing you talk about with your friends or colleagues, but many of you must like something else, right?

Now, there are a few things which are a bit too obvious in forums relating to video games which people usually like, those are:

1. Video games(Duh!).
2. Cartoons in general(including anime).

You may post these as your other "hobbies" besides Pokemon, but what's the fun in that? So remember, make it interesting.

My few hobbies are:

Slinging(making slings and practicing shots with it).
Making some clay crafts(I don't do this as frequently as I'd like and I mostly make shots for my sling anyway).
Smoking pipe(tobacco, not cannabis).

I guess that's about it for my irregular hobbies. I've also gotten interested in archery, falconry and other things like that, but I haven't practiced any of them to date. Well, archery a wee bit and nothing more.

Hopefully, this thread will get some attention and you'll feel like sharing a bit. I'm gone! Be breezy.
Hmm...well besides World of Warcraft, which itself eats up more time than Pokemon in a given year except around Pokemon competition dates...

-Flying RC Helicopters. Not super good at it and I mostly stick to the smaller ones, but it's a fun diversion. Would like to expand into cars and planes, but I already know I suck at plane flying from my few failed tries, and proper RC cars are too expensive.

-Reading books. Yes, book reading for fun is not extinct.

-Shooting, though not very often. I'm a bit weird, as I prefer more looking at guns from an aesthetic/collectable view more than actual firing, but sometimes it's fun to go out and let off a few rounds.

That's about all I can think of at the moment that aren't videogame or cartoon/anime related. I guess if I really have spare time I like to build legos and other normal models, but that's a once in a blue moon thing these days.


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Aside from browsing the internet and playing games almost all day most days, I occasionally scuba dive and play the church organ.

Oh, and I like game design.
Gaming (even though I haven't played a game in a while), reading, sports and anime.

I love building computers too but I don't consider it a hobby because it's something I can't do often.

-Shooting, though not very often. I'm a bit weird, as I prefer more looking at guns from an aesthetic/collectable view more than actual firing, but sometimes it's fun to go out and let off a few rounds.
I've always wanted to go to a shooting range but never have. Definitely something I plan to do in the future. Your view on guns is similar to mine with knives. I enjoy collecting them and stuff.
Hmm, well the obvious one would be video games (namely Pokémon, Tales, Persona, Mario, etc just video games in general).
Also I love doing art (like drawing and painting), running, going on the trampoline, hanging out with friends and just pure relaxing.


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One sort of collection hobby I have is with greek komboloi or worry beads. Essentially rosary beads that are supposed to help deal with stress and help stop smoking. I might have had them at one or two live events I cannot recall but here are my current ones

I also have a book on them and I've been going to a few art stores to find beads to make my own (although too many are impossible small for these style). Mostly I buy off ebay but I do know of a few shops downtown as well.

That and writing, general arts, video games, blah blah blah.

-Aquarium Design
-Landscape Photography
-Computer Illustration

-Wrestling (assistant coaching at clubs and old highschool)
-Judo (season just ended)
-Jujitsu (not doing it now because it's too expensive... love this sport, but not going to pay 150 a month to a Gracy gym when most wrestling clubs will have me for free as a coach)

-Reading Manga/Anime
-Go (Mostly online Go at KGS, or against my iphone lol)
-Pokemon (mostly posting on Smogon!! lol)
-Translating manga/anime/dramas
Run (every day)
lift (3 days/week)
game (like never I have no time go kill yourself ap classes)
anime (rarely, although my backlog is uncomfortably large)

otherwise I'm asleep


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ugh vader/whoever is doing this posting i even changed my password to avoid this but clearly it was not enough


my hobbies are rugby, vaders mum, football, playing fifa, vaders mum and being a dickhead. and also vaders mum


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Does sunbathing count as a hobby cuz I like to think it is and it sounds better than saying I'm just perpetually lazy. Also I like reading and gaming too I guess, and biking or playing tennis when I get the chance


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swimming, learning japanese (yes, hobby, not classes), pondering about languages/linguistics, beach (sports), currently reading Hikaru no Go in japanese (yes the actual physical copies), listening to music and appreciating the instruments and lyrics be it in any language im ok listening to, among other stuff i might post later if i remember.

edit: ok you said no saying videogames but i must really put this here because games as a whole are a VERY interesting thing to me, you name it; board games, card games, silly social games. Currently I'm trying to become a better go player, but with the japanese/swimming/stuff its kinda hard to sit down with someone IRL and play a game. i might just resign and have to play online, not really fond of that for some reason on go...

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