The Hoopa-Unbound ORAS OU Tour - Finals [Won by Rubyblood]


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(originally posted by BKC)

There's been some chatter about the Hoopa-U ban being a mistake and potentially giving it another shot in current OU. This tournament aims to explore that possibility.

I've received input and thus the tour is now BEST OF THREE. Replays required, post them in the thread. You are not required to use Hoopa-U, but it is encouraged. Play in the format gen6ubers.

Deadline: whenever, probably sooner than later tho (please use hoopa-u :( )
Rubyblood vs Sayuze


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won in 2 ggs
S/o bb crew To be my motivation on this game because it was never easy for me , my friends who encouraged me i very appreciate that
s/o Mounts my favorite player in smogon with McM missing me and for having me train the oras at the very beginning , same for BlazingDark which was a great help for me to become better on this tier.

My bad for not use Hoopa Unbound ..

I always found it risky to use due to the presence of weavile, pursuit metagross, scarf tyranitar, it's mu like a stall and I sincerely think that it deserves a suspect test about it

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