The Hoopa-Unbound ORAS OU Tour - Round 4


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(originally posted by BKC)

There's been some chatter about the Hoopa-U ban being a mistake and potentially giving it another shot in current OU. This tournament aims to explore that possibility.

I've received input and thus the tour is now BEST OF THREE. Replays required, post them in the thread. You are not required to use Hoopa-U, but it is encouraged. Play in the format gen6ubers.

Sorry for the delay ladies and gents, but we are back!

Deadline: Wednesday, December 25th, 11:59 PM GMT-6
PokemonHunter2002 vs gorgie
Curtain vs Rubyblood
ggopw vs Sayuze
(Star vs Analytic) vs Bowlii-
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