The Hoopa-Unbound ORAS OU Tournament - Round 1 [IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED YET, READ POST #27]

There's been some chatter about the Hoopa-U ban being a mistake and potentially giving it another shot in current OU. This tournament aims to explore that possibility.

I've received input and thus the tour is now BEST OF THREE. Replays required, post them in the thread. You are not required to use Hoopa-U, but it is encouraged. Play in the format gen6ubers.

Deadline: Sunday, November 17th

TPP vs. Lord Ninjax
Vay vs. Adam the First
Alkione vs. Zenadark
Spl4sh vs. PokemonHunter2002
Alvaro271 vs. Lusa
Bowlii- vs. Ophion
Pais vs. Altina
Triangles vs. We Three Kings
yovan33321 vs. Justamente
Kekbreon vs. Curtain
Shaad Skyel vs. Egor
Sabella vs. Star
egalvanc vs. zugubu royale
Oro e Diamanti vs. Vulpix03
Quint_ vs. Entei
SoulWind vs. gorgie
Zesty43 vs. The Thunderbirds
crucify vs. Sayuze
Savouras vs. agenS
Chill Shadow vs. Aurora
Katy vs. Sificon
Louna vs. Analytic
Mannat vs. Exiline
Updated Kanto vs. pqs
Splashbrutha vs. Cicada
Ismail vs. juan123juan
jonfilch vs. RCred403
Misery Was vs. xray
Xevara vs. Bdlc
Dankoc vs. Lord Thorx
Heika vs. Dragonflo
Hiro' vs. ggopw

Priority subs (feel free to still sign up):
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