*The Inaugural* Ancient Lower Tiers Premier League I - Player Sign Ups

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Player Name: Losen
Timezone: gmt+2
Tiers Played: ADV Ubers, ADV NU
Tiers NOT Played: GSC UU, RBY UU
Activity Issues: I am in a lot of PLs but I will make your teamchat SO shit you won't even notice I am busy
Player Name: Monai
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers: RBY NU, GSC NU, RBY Ubers, RBY UU, ADV NU, ADV Ubers in order of preference, but I can play any of them without support
Activity Issues: SPL and school take precedent but I will play my games and try to contribute of course
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Hosted by BigFatMantis and Monky25

Welcome to the very first edition of the Ancient Lower Tiers Premier League! Lower tiers of these older gens tend to get less representation in their respective subforums for many team tours, so this tour is designed with the goal to give these tiers an extra team tour to shine! There will be 10 total tiers for ALT PL:
  • RBY Ubers :Mewtwo:
  • RBY UU :Tentacruel:
  • RBY NU :Moltres:
  • GSC Ubers :Lugia:
  • GSC UU :Granbull:
  • GSC NU :Xatu:
  • ADV Ubers :Kyogre:
  • ********ADV UU :Walrein:
  • ADV NU :Wailord:
  • ADV DOU :Gengar:
********ADV UU will be unofficially testing Jumpluff + re-testing Arena Trap. As such, Jumpluff + Arena Trap will be unbanned from ADV UU for the duration of this tour.

If you would like to play, sign up below using the following format:
Code:GSC Ubers :Lugia
Player Name: NotAReportedName
Timezone: Central Pacific
Tiers Played: All Tiers
Tiers NOT Played: All But Chaos Battles
Activity Issues: To Much Time For Players Less Time =Intense Battles.

"Tiers NOT Played" will bind you from playing in those tiers, and you should use it only if you do not intend to play that tier under any circumstance for the entire regular season. "Tiers Played" is a non-binding field that you can use to communicate your preferences to all managers. Players will not be able to change their 'Tiers NOT Played' in midseason. Whatever was on the original signup remains in effect.

Player Signups will close 24 hours prior to the draft, which will be scheduled at a later date, but it will likely be sometime around January 27/28/29. Good luck everyone!
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