The King's IV Pokemon Trading Court:A Humble Restart

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Welcome to my Pokemon Trading Court!

Table of Contents

Don't waste my time, I try to limit the amount of time I waste on this game.
All general and wifi Smogon rules apply, ex. no hacked pokemon.
All trades are to be conducted though 6th gen games
Post in this trade threat if you want to trade with me, PM after with questions.
Please respect me and my redistribution rights which are labeled as Fully Redis, Semi Redis, and Not Redis.
Specify additional options on my pokemon or I will choose for you. (Gender, Nature)

Think of this trading thread as a business and try to be professional in offers and conversation.
All trades are final, with the exception of foul play.

General Info and Things to Note
I prefer to trade with people who have trade threads.
I clone (Powersaves) myself and all Shiny and Legendary Pokemon will be.
Blue Pentagon is highly preferred.
I currently do not do requests.
If you see a mistake let me know, I'm only human.
I'm a busy guy so unless the Pokemon is in stock, trades will take time
Time Zone: PST (GMT -8)

Trainer Info
Pokemon GreenLeaf:
Pokemon Ruby:
Pokemon Diamond:
Pokemon Pearl:
Pokemon Platinum:
Pokemon SoulSilver:
Pokemon HeartGold:
Pokemon Black:
Pokemon White:
Pokemon Black 2:
Pokemon White 2:
Pokemon Y:
Pokemon X:
Pokemon Omega Ruby:


My Format
#001-003 Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur

a. Bulbasaur
LV.1 Untouched

Bold | Overgrow (Thick Fat)
31 | X | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
Tackle | Giga Drain (T) | Curse (E) | Ingrain (E)
b. Bulbasaur
LV.1 Untouched

Modest | Chlorophyll (Thick Fat)
31 | X | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31
Toxic (TM) | Giga Drain (T) | Leaf Storm (E) | Petal Dance (E)

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