The Lake Valor Regionals v3 - Primals Not Included

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Hi everyone, this is Silver_Lucario42 coming at you with a brand new regional report. Just kidding, the regional itself happened a couple months ago and I already posted an earlier version of this in the former VGC report thread (which was locked) and on my blog on Nugget Bridge. So what you're reading is a slightly different (and, I hope, better) version of it. Enjoy!
The team
Breloom @ Focus Sash
Ability: Technician
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
-Mach Punch
-Bullet Seed
Fast Spore supporter that packs a punch, unlike the omnipresent dog of 2016. Mach Punch is good for picking off weakened Kangaskhan/Kyurem-W which really helps my Gravity matchup (especially because Gravity tends to have slower Groudon).
Krookodile @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
-Knock Off
Knock Off OHKOs Bronzong, something that Landorus-T could only dream of. Hits as hard as Weavile but has STAB Earthquake. Snarl is good vs. Origin Pulse Kyogre.
Zygarde @ Yache Berry
Ability: Aura Break
EVs: 252 HP / 232 Atk / 20 Def / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
-Land's Wrath
-Rock Slide
After regionals I realized the spread had 4 extra Attack which I put into Sp. Def. Doesn't hit that hard but paralyzes everything with Glare, while having a type advantage against the immune Electric types. Benchmarks: OHKO Talonflame, 3HKO Groudon, Precipice Blades 3HKO 100% of the time.
Ho-Oh @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Careful Nature
-Sacred Fire
-Brave Bird
Tailwind user that has lots of bulk. EVs chosen to live ScarfOgre Water Spout 87.5% of the time. Sacred Fire burns are real.
Mawile @ Mawilite
Ability: Intimidate --> Huge Power
EVs: 148 HP / 252 Atk / 108 Spe
Adamant Nature
-Iron Head
-Swords Dance
-Sucker Punch
SD Mawile!!!!!!! Very high risk high reward mon that has a chance to OHKO less bulky Kyogre with +2 Sucker Punch. Has a great matchup against Kangaskhan too.
Thundurus @ Expert Belt
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk, 30 Def
-Hidden Power Ice
Used HP Ice because my team was weaker to Salamence than speed control, and it seemed to pay off. Not bulky though, and it collapses easily without support.

Thanks to Theorymon for the legends, I literally couldn't have done this without you.
Got an RMT (and a better one on Nugget Bridge) that I'll link to in a second if you want to know more about the team.
Edit: why did this take so long
Anyway, I most definitely overprepared the day before the regional and was barely able to sleep that night. The next day, I packed some stuff into a bag including my phone, 3DS, and paper to write notes on (with pencils, and a pencil sharpener). What did I forget? Why, $20 for the entry fee, of course. Luckily, my mom (who drove me there) had the money, saving my life. Did I mention that this was my first ever VGC event? Anyway, the hall with the regional in it was really, really big; there were long tables with black paper on top in rows. Deino-depicting paperweights sat on top of them; I learned that each round, you were assigned a number, and you sat down at the paperweight with the number on it. After that, you played against the person who also got that number; the Swiss rounds were best of 3, unlike most other regionals I'd heard about. On to the matches!
Round 1
Opponent's team: Aromatisse / Mawile-Mega / Ferrothorn / Tyranitar / Machamp / Meowstic-M
My Round 1 opponent was using a full Trick Room team; this didn't work out very well for him since my Mawile literally outsped all his Pokémon, and it could also OHKO Aromatisse, leading to a victory in Game 1 for me. In Game 2, he led with Meowstic-M and Machamp vs. my Krookodile and Mawile. I was expecting him to double into Mawile, but he went for Krookodile instead with Fake Out, followed by Dynamic Punch. Krookodile survived this with a surprisingly low amount of HP remaining considering the fact that both my Pokémon had Intimidate, but it was able to OHKO Meowstic-M next turn with Knock Off before it could set up Trick Room.
Win (1-0)
Round 2
Opponent's team: Salamence-Mega / Landorus-T / Thundurus / Dialga / Ferrothorn / Kyogre-Primal
My Thundurus did really well in Game 1; it was able to hit Salamence and Landorus-T with Hidden Power Ice; he forfeited after this. In Games 2 and 3, he was able to play around it, and like I said before, Thundurus is just too frail to survive more than a hit or two. Even with Snarl support, it was KO'd after being doubled into. There wasn't much I could do because most games I play on PS against these types of teams play out like Game 1 did.
Loss (1-1)
Round 3
Opponent's team: Togekiss / Kyogre-Primal / Crobat / Ferrothorn / Rayquaza-Mega / Weavile
RayyyyyyeOgre. Mawile did really well here because my opponent didn't bring Ferrothorn in any of the games. Plays aside, there was a lot of hax here. Kyogre missed so many Origin Pulses it might as well have been blindfolded, and I think Weavile missed an Icicle Crash too at some point. In Game 2 Mawile got Taunted (he knew about SD) which contributed to my defeat at the hands of Kyogre, but Game 3 I led with Thundurus / Mawile and eventually got up a Tailwind. This allowed Mawile to beat Rayquaza easily.
Win (2-1)
Round 4
Opponent's team: Amoonguss / Kyogre-Primal / Kangaskhan-Mega / Salamence-Mega / Thundurus / Groudon-Primal
This was probably the most intense and fun battle of the regional. The first battle was really interesting because I didn't bring either of my restricted Pokémon, which has never worked well for me in the past. This time, though, it did, probably because Breloom had a big advantage against a lot of his team: It outsped Groudon, walled Amoonguss and threatened Kangaskhan; if I recall correctly, I doubled into Kyogre with Thunderbolt + Sucker Punch for the win. In Game 2, I got up Tailwind at the cost of Ho-Oh, which was a bad trade since without Mawile, I ended up getting walled by Amoonguss and losing. Game 3 had the leads of Groudon + Kangaskhan vs. my Thundurus + Zygarde. I really regret not being able to save the Battle Video because I don't remember much of what happened. Great plays took place, switches were made, and the match eventually came down to Thundurus and Breloom vs. Amoonguss and Groudon, while I had Ho-Oh in the back and he had Kyogre. Since Groudon was a Substitute variant, it was able to touch neither Thundurus nor Ho-Oh when Kyogre switched in, and Thundurus KO'd Kyogre while Ho-Oh hit Groudon with Brave Bird for the win.
Win (3-1)
Round 5
Opponent's team: Meowstic-M / Groudon-Primal / Kyurem-W / Whimsicott / Mawile-Mega / Kangaskhan-Mega
Whenever I see a Gravity team, I usually do the following: Lead Ho-Oh and Krookodile, set up Tailwind, KO Meowstic-M while weakening Kyurem-W, Mach Punch Kyurem-W for the KO, and bring something to deal with Groudon. For Game 1, I didn't bring something to deal with Groudon. I brought Mawile. As we all know, Mawile does nothing to Groudon (Sucker Punch does only 60% even after a Swords Dance) and I ended up losing my first game in the most epic fail so far. In Game 2, my opponent used Whimsicott, which was almost able to Encore my team into oblivion, but Ho-Oh was able to put a stop to it, fortunately for me - in the RMT he made, he said that Whimsicott "almost made my Round 2 opponent break his 3DS". Props to him for using an annoying Pokémon that is not Smeargle. In Game 3, he used Swagguard featuring Meowstic-M, Mega Mawile and Primal Groudon. Ho-Oh and Krookodile were barely able to take down Mega Mawile and Kyurem-W (I think) before it came down to paralyzed Breloom + Zygarde vs. Meowstic-M + Groudon. I stupidly doubled into Groudon, giving him a free Safeguard; next turn, Meowstic-M Swaggered. Groudon got to +2. My Land's Wrath hit both Pokémon. The Precipice Blades came out... and Zygarde held on with 17 HP. It was so satisfying to see that spread pay off as Breloom fired off a Bullet Seed at Groudon. Next turn, a Mach Punch and a Land's Wrath sealed the deal.
Win (4-1)
I learned that there's only 5 Swiss rounds, not 6 like I originally thought. I felt betrayed relieved that I was pretty much guaranteed top cut, and I managed to make it in. The top cut was the next day.
After a healthy seven hours of sleep, I was hopefully ready to go. The Deino paperweights on the tables had ominously changed to Zweilous. The battles happened like this:
Top 8 - Round 1
Opponent's team: Meowstic-M / Groudon-Primal / Kyurem-W / Whimsicott / Mawile-Mega / Kangaskhan-Mega
My opponent in Round 5 was saying something about having "resistance"; I think this meant getting a higher placement based on the records of the players you lost to. Since I somehow went 4-1, he also made it into the Top 8. The games were actually pretty underwhelming, to be frank - he didn't use any of the Grass Whistle / Swagguard shenanigans from the previous day, and in Game 2, he brought Groudon and Kyurem-W with no way to set up Gravity. I guess he must've just been having a bad day (not to mention the fact that the top cut matches started at 9:00 AM). I was also able to get a ton of burns with Sacred Fire, unluckily for him - Kangaskhan and Kyurem-W alike were haxed by this phenomenon in both games.
Top 8 - Round 2
Opponent's team: Salamence-Mega / Landorus-T / Thundurus / Dialga / Ferrothorn / Kyogre-Primal
I was pretty surprised when I found out that I'd be facing another of my previous opponents, but I was more worried this time considering that my team does a lot better against Gravity than against teams like this. In Game 1, he doesn't Protect Salamence, which I got off an HP Ice against; the other two games, though, I made bad mistakes, like trying to beat Kyogre with Thundurus (it can take a Thunderbolt and hit back) and not bringing Mawile in games 2 or 3.
After the match, my opponent told me that I was a great player. Huh. I guess those guys on PS were wrong after all.
My opponent wasn't able to win the whole thing, though, taking second place instead. During the finals, I challenged his opponent to a casual match afterwards; he accepted.
Casual Match
Opponent's team: Groudon-Primal / Xerneas / Kangaskhan-Mega / Thundurus / Salamence-Mega / Smeargle
My opponent's team was basically the Big 6, but unlike the Big 6 noobs on PS, he didn't just assume he could win with Smeargle + Xerneas; instead he led Kangaskhan + Thundurus vs. Thundurus + Zygarde (a good play on his part, because Thundurus + Zygarde absolutely obliterates Xerneas + Smeargle). I won't spoil the ending for you, because I'm going to share the Battle Video (because this battle wasn't affiliated with the regionals, I could use the Vs. Recorder). I'll post it in a second.
(Edit: 5JSG-WWWW-WW44-HY2T)
Another thing: This was the only Smeargle I saw at the regional. And my opponent didn't even use it! See that senior haters?
For my placement, I got a lot of swag well worth the entry fee, including a lot of Pokémon cards (20 Booster packs!) and a Rayquaza hat. The cards contained two Zydog, but no Zygarde 50% :(
After this, I have to say that Zygarde has become one of my favorite Pokémon. I'm not asking you to like it, but using a less common Pokémon can help you really warm up to it. The 100% form is dumb tho
Anyway, thanks for reading this report! Please let me know what you thought of it!
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