The Latest Flow Creation (ITS SO GOOD)

You do have quite a scarfcross weak. Scizor won't OHKO after a boosted bullet punch, and prediction can obviously go both ways. Shouldn't be too much of an issue however because even if you predict wrong (Stone Edge to incoming Zapdos) then you can still bring TTar in to set up or Bronzong to set up more screens, but if it becomes an issue you could go with Gliscor somewhere, perhaps over Zapdos? Test it to see if you do have problems with it, I don't think they're that common ATM anyway.

Second of all, you are a little weak to these "CurseTars" running around at the moment. Skymin's Seed Flare won't OHKO as they run 252 Sp. Att / 252 HP IIRC, and after two or three curses Scizor's SuperPower will fail to KO too. It might be worth having a sure fire switch in to Tyranitar, one that you can be sure will do well, fortunately Game Freak created one of these in Machamp. You can fit ResTalk Machamp over Scizor and it will still counter that Weavile and that Tyranitar you were worried about, but more effectively. Scizors do need to be wary of stray flamethrowers on TTar, as they know scizor is a threat.

Overall your team looks pretty solid and I can't think of anything too concrete at this time in the morning, but try those two out if they become a problem and see what happens :P
Thanks for the rate, I will definitely consider using those pokes if i begin to have trouble with the threats you mentioned. However i don't see any Scarfcross these days.. i haven't countered one in any of the matches with this team.
...And for good reason. Don't worry about ScarfCross, it is relatively weak and it can easily be revenged. Many pokemon who would want to switch into Close Combat can still manage to survive a Megahorn(Cresselia, Salamence, Zapdos), and what likes to tank Megahorns(Scizor, Heatran) can still take atleast one hit from Close Combat. Watch out for Cbers tho, as you don't really have the greatest bug resist being weak to stealth rock, and the other trapped by Magnezone/not having recovery.
cool team, I like how it's structured around cm cress, as those bulky resttalkers basically shit all over today's metagame. but there are a few ways you could improve it. for starters, I'd like you to run a sub/dd/fire punch / eq tyranitar over your current one. withe screens, tar is so bulky that hardly anything can break his subs, and what can usually gets crapped all over by his insanely strong attacks. with him, you lure in scizor, who dies as he breaks your sub. as well as scizor, you also lure in and destroy forry and bronzong, whose explosoins could be harmful to cresselia. and with sub and fire punch, you often get a kill and even then your opponent has no idea what set you're running, so if you don't have an early game run, but just kill scizor, you can really wreck shit later. and of course by the time your screens are out you should have plenty of dds so that your opponent has to sacrifice multiple pokemon to even touch you.

now, with scizor getting lured in and smashed by tyranitar, you usually aren't going to get too much use out of zapdos. you oculd be better off with a gliscor there. max hp, enough speed to hit 309, a tiny bit of defense, maybe like enough to hit 300 and then the rest in attack.what this does basically is allows you to really, well, destroy stuff once mamo is gone (and interestingly enough, cress handles it perfectly). he helps you against sdluke without taking buttloads from espeed before killing the dog, as well as beating down cm rachi should tyranitar be weakened from his early game run. there's also the occasional sand veil miss, which can be cool (or gay, depending on how you look at it) sometimes. he also gives you a backup plan should something weird happen to cress.

other than that, you have a pretty cool team. you cover most of the common threats as well as maintaining a decent enough offense to do your job, and should something happen, you have backup plans. good work.
Nice team, well thought out, etc.

one thing though:

Bronzong has Heatproof. Now, I can see why you would do this, to get the "two abilities in one" because they will think you have levitate. TBH, any good battler will pick up after the first fire move and EQ your zong into oblivion. Ive tested both, and levitate is definitley the better choice.
Stathakis your suggestions are amazing and i'm going to try them out right now. Thankyou so much, also i find that heatproof works alot better as it allows Bronzong to perform its only role of setting up the field for the rest of my team, Earthquake doesn't really worry me since i already have 2 resists.
Looks solid. Though I wouldn't count on Scizor to counter Tyranitar considering the amount of damage it takes from a CB Stone Edge is just overwhelming. I would try a Breloom or Lucario over Scizor since Breloom can take on CBTar just fine and can sleep stuff which gives Cress a decent chance to switch in. Lucario is mainly a filler poke if you wanna keep Bullet Punch on this team.

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