The LC Open XI - Round 2-C

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Calling act win, my opponent didn't show up at our scheduled time and hasn't replied to my message to reschedule that I put on their profile.
Edit: I forgot to look on discord and my opponent contacted me, I'd like an extension to reschedule.
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I'm also calling act, my opponent did try to reschedule another time after missing our battle time, but only gave a few hours notice (after waiting 32 hours to reply), they weren't sure if they could make it either, and didn't wait online for a reply. Proof on my opponents wall.
Act win request
I contacted my opponent three times this week. He showed on almost last day without any specific schedule and fail to respond again, proof on his wall.
my opponent is yet to reply, and the deadline is in about 40 minutes, is there anything else I should do before assuming victory?
Calling act. We scheduled for 45 mins ago and I haven't had a response since we were supposed to start.
My opponent's name is Jeusan and we made the plans to play on their wall.
Hey, I guess you'd rather go forward with the calling act. But if you still want to play you can chose anytime. I had a personal issue on the day we scheduled and couldn't make it. Sorry again
Activity Win Request: OverqwilEnjoyer29 has not shown up at our agreed time and is generally inactive. Read our chats in my profile.
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