The LC Open XI - Round 5

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Extension deadline has passed.


Pampey vs Kowasabii - Pampey has not been online the entire extension period.

Screenshot 2022-05-19 001950.png

Danny vs azogue - originally did not schedule for a specific time (too broad a timeframe), when Danny asked his opponent if it was possible to reschedule during the original very broad time azogue did not respond until a day later and had lost all availability prior to deadline, removing any chance of the game happening. azogue approached me to explain that they did not have any availability to play during the extension period after the original week's deadline, so this game should not have gone to an extension.

SpaceCP vs BaconUltimate - there are indications that you both were on at the time you scheduled but I have no wins reported. If the game actually occurred and there was a winner, let me know immediately.

azogue BaconUltimate Kowasabii please contact your opponents for this round
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