THE LEGEND OF SUN DUDE: a VGC PC report feat. stratos, blarajan, jibaku, rbg, nido-rus


Banned deucer.
I apologize in advance for having no pictures.

roughly a week ago I received a message from blarajan, and I learned that there would be a premier challenge today in Frederick. He wanted to go. Unfortunately, even though this curry monster's home is within pogo sticking distance of where he lives at UMD, he has no license, and thus needed me to drive him.

On Tuesday, i was in the back of the ORAS moving van. So like all good students, i completely ignored all of my schoolwork for the last week and by Thursday had acquired the mega ring. No team? No problem. I sent Alvin (Jibaku) the importable of my favorite Doubles OU team: Kangaskhan / Thundurus / Landorus-T / Heatran / Amoonguss / Latios. I didn't doubt for a second that this team would achieve great things.

my team:

For what it's worth, Jibaku is running the same team but with Cress > Latios and some set differences.


The plan is that I drive from my home to College Park to pick up Rajan, then with a slight detour to get Alvin we head to Frederick. On the way to Alvin's house Rajan and I discuss his team. He realizes it's total aids and we scramble to try and come up with a new one. "Can you get me a new team?" rajan texts Alvin; ten minutes before we pull into his drive he responds, "sorry I was in the shower." Fuck. Blarajan will be cobbling his team together from the pokemon which he and Alvin already have.

Shortly after Jibaku gets in the car, we have a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE when the fuckhead in front of us comes to a full stop on the fucking freeway in the pouring rain but apparently the brakes are the one thing on my car that work perfectly. i could not see his license plate when we came to a stop behind him. The rest of the drive proceeds without incident.

When we arrive at the venue I immediately recognize a certain user when I walk through the door. "@RBG?" I ask, and I was right. The Smogon Katamari gathers steam. At this point Rajan gets to work crafting his team for the event. In the end, it's Mega Mence / Thundurus / Amoonguss / ScarfTar / Aegislash / Azumarill. Half of his team is tran bait, just like everyone else here. We go through the hack check; Rajan approaches me. "I couldn't use Sitrus on my Azumarill because I already had Sitrus Thund. So I gave it assault vest. It's my Thundurus counter."

I realize that all of the EV spreads I gave Alvin were for level 100. Fortunately most of them were just 252 bullshit but I worry about my Amoonguss and Thundurus, particularly: will my Thundurus still outspeed Breloom? Rather than, say, calc it, I decide to hope.


My opponent's team was Camerupt / Metagross / Donphan / Malamar / Breloom / Vigoroth so im not gonna cover this one much except to say I HP iced his breloom turn 1 and outsped. I mention to Rajan this must mean Thundurus still outspeeds Loom at level 50 and he reminds me that my opponent probably didn't have EVs. Whatever. What are the odds I fight another Breloom?

After my match, I walk behind Nico (RBG) and notice that his opponent has Zard and Ninetales. "I hope I get that guy," I say. My team eats sun for breakfast.

After round 1, we regroup. Rajan is 1-0. His opponent had an Espurr. Nico is 0-1. So is Jibaku. He kept predicting his opponent to protect. "Don't predict a round 1 opponent to protect," I tell him. "Their team probably doesn't have protect."


I'm in for a treat this round. I check the pairings. "I got paired down!" I tell Rajan. "Was your opponent named Bharat?" fuck i want the espurr guy. "Nope."

We sit down for the match and I recognize this guy from the registration line. "Oh shit, you're competent. I didn't expect that when I got paired down," I say. "Nah, I don't really know what I'm doing," he replies. When we sync up our devices for the battle, he notices my character name. "Oh you're Stratos?" "Yeah, do you know me from Smogon? What's your username?" "I'm Nido-Rus." fuck you don't know what you're doing.

His team is Landorus / Thundurus / Kangaskhan / Milotic / Ferrothorn / Entei. I need to bring Heatran or else I lose to Ferro. Kangaskhan / Thundurus seems like the best lead; Thund mostly wants help with Kang/Lando which my inner focus Kang can provide. Amoonguss is my fourth because I need help with Kang / Lando / Milo.

He leads Kang and Entei; I decide that SubTran + Amoong has a fantastic matchup against anything but Lando and since Lando's not in right now it would be a good time to get that started. Neither of my leads really want to deal with Kangaskhan; whichever of my switchins eats a normal-type move i don't mind and maybe I can even get sick flash fire on my Heatran if he tries to burn Kangaskhan. He calls the switch by bringing Landorus in over Entei but I do get helmet damage on Kang.

As Joey's Raticate would say, "What's with all the fucking Rocky Helmets Stratos?" They're good vs Kangaskhan, that's what.

I'm not gonna run a play by play but here's the highlight reel: I stay in with subless Heatran vs the Landorus and it pays off, I manage to get the Kang with rocky helmet again, and, at the end of the game I manage to beat him with SubTran because Entei can't break Heatran. Let this serve as a lesson: all variations from the CHALK formula will be strictly punished. Yes, even mine. I'm sure the Latios will bite me in the ass someday.

Nico won, idr vs who. Rajan lost to the guy Nico had lost to the previous round. I'm not sure how, but I know he got haxed to shit. At this point we start getting hyped. "what if we all lose to sun dude?" I ask. "Couldn't happen, we're all 1-1 except you, you smug bastard" says Nico.

Jibaku got the espurr guy.

I tell Nido-Rus that I imagined him as a 14 year old white boy. He's offended.

23:06 Nido-Rus_: n_n
23:08 Nido-Rus_: :[
23:08 Nido-Rus_: :>

you brought this one on yourself, Nido-Rus.


My opponent for this round has a really weird team. Salamence/Volcarona/Nidoqueen/Latios/Breloom/Scizor. I think he's gonna be pretty free. I lead the genies of healthy meta, because why the fuck not, and have Kang/Latios in the back because Kang is Kang and Latios matches up well with everything except Scizor after some yellow magic.

He leads Volcarona/Salamence which is just begging me to Rock Slide and Thunder Wave; if I can paralyze the Salamence then Latios (mine is Dragon Pulse) will tear this guy a new one. I then realize I've massively underestimated him, as his volcarona lives the Rock Slide, gets off a Tailwind, and the Mence switches to Nidoqueen for free. That is some good genie bait. I have nothing for the Ice Beam so I'm forced to let Kangaskhan take it (don't want to lose Lando-T as it looks solid vs the rest of his team) and the Nidoqueen takes like 35% from an HP Ice.

After a long and gruesome battle which involves my Kang avoiding a Flame Body burn and his Salamence revealing Rock Slide and Dragon Claw i manage to take this one. He brought breloom, but I was not able to ascertain whether Thundurus outspeeds it.

Rajan beat Nico and Alvin won, meaning that I was guaranteed top cut and those two were each in the running. Time for the final round of swiss...


That's right, if you can read, you already know: my final swiss opponent was Sun Dude. He had a real name, not that it's important. We're going to see him again at Fairfax PC, and you can bet your ass we're calling him Sun Dude there too. The match i'd been waiting, hoping, praying for. A free 4-0 to cap off my swiss, and i get to prove that Rajan is just shit at Pokemon.

Speaking of Rajan, he and Alvin are playing a direct head to head to determine who top cuts. The suspense is killing me.

I bring Kang/Heatran/Lando/Latios vs Sun Dude, with Kang/Heatran leads. He leads Lilligant and Terrakion. I predict either QG or CC Tran from the Terrakion and switch to Landorus-T while I return the lilligant. He uses Quick Guard, wins the speed tie, uses teeter dance, gets the confusion self hit, and that's why lilligant doesn't die turn 1.

another confusion self hit, 4/4 sleep powder hits, and 3 2+ turn sleeps later and I'm down 1-4 vs Sun Dude. He hasn't switched. I can keep playing and if Heatran's sleep isn't for only one turn it'll live the -1 lum (so he can use teeter dance next to it) terrakion close combat and i can see what he brought in the back, but i just hit Run. I already know it was a 3 turn sleep.

After the match, Sun Dude tells me that he got roughly that lucky vs Rajan. Jesus Christ, now I know what rajan meant by "haxed."

Alvin beat Rajan because he misclicked at team preview and ended up bringing literally nothing for Tran. Having literally nothing for tran seems to be what makes you a VGC player.

So top cut is myself, Alvin, my Round 3 opponent, and Sun Dude.


Before semifinals, we take a 20 minute (as enforced by the TO) food break. 20 minutes isn't long enough to make it to burger king through the ridiculous maze that is Frederick, but Nico, Alvin, and Rajan pile into my car and we try. I end up going the wrong way down a one way street, proving yet again that I'm a fantastic driver but I'm going to blame this one on Rajan since he had the GPS. Alvin will be playing Sun Dude so we all help him brainstorm how to win, which has the side effect of letting me pick up a lot of information about his team. His Aerodactyl is Mega with Rock Slide / Ice Fang / Aerial Ace / Protect (from Rajan). His Zard is bulky with Focus Blast (from Nico). The Ninetales is Persim (from Rajan). At this point I'm entirely confident that I could stomp Sun Dude if i just bring Thundurus instead of Kangaskhan, but first I would have to get past a bo3 with my round 3 opponent.


Game 1 I decide to run the same four I ran in Round 3, as I think they're my best shot at victory. Turn 1 he reveals the KyleCole SPECIAL of Scarf Ice Beam Latios, taking out my Landorus and getting a free Tailwind. Turn 3 he reveals superpower scizor which OHKOes my Kangaskhan. Despite me paralyzing literally his entire team with Thundurus I am not able to hax my way to victory. In summary: I got fucked.

I know I need to do something different game 2. Thinking over his team, I realize that Volcarona, Scarf Latios, and EQ-less Mence all have one thing in common: being Heatran fodder. In addition, his three other pokemon, Mach Punch-less Breloom, Scizor, and Nidoqueen, all have one thing in common: being slower than Heatran. How I knew that Nidoqueen was base 76 speed I don't know, since I've never played a meta where Queen is relevant, but thank God I did.

Halfway through game 2 I hear Sun Dude break out into laughter. "I just haxed Alvin harder than you and Rajan combined," he explains. "At this rate, I'm going get hit by a car tomorrow."

With my genius innovation called "actually bringing an ice resist," i make short work of my opponent despite taking an early deficit game 2.

Alvin manages to bring about a Game 3, but tragedy strikes: fishing for freeze, a strategy which carried him through earlier rounds, can't work under sun! No offense Alvin but I was really kind of hoping that would happen because I wanted my rematch with Sun Dude.

And at this point, Sun Dude had beaten literally all of us in tournament.


Sun Dude finally stops getting lucky and I 4-0 him twice.

Shoutouts to blarajan for motivating me to go, jibaku for making my team, nido-rus for being neither white nor 14, and a huge huge shoutout to sun dude for being such a legend. you will live on in our memory.

In summary, VGC is extremely fun and I recommend everyone to try it out.
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Stratos said:
but tragedy strikes: fishing for freeze, a strategy which carried him through earlier rounds, can't work under sun!
I've had my Drought Ninetales die because it was frozen in Sun, never underestimate the power of hax, even if its impossible.

Good read though, haven't battled for a while but I do adore Nidoqueen in VGC so it's pretty awesome to see how far he got. May Sun Dude be forever remembered as the legend he is.

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