The Library Mascot Design Contest


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he has a helper

also bumba is smelly an dum

I also added a point about adding your PS username to your submission. If you haven't already, please edit your post to include your PS username. (If you submitted it ON PS this doesn't apply of course)

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Well here’s my third submission and most likely my final so give a big welcome to Squints the Flygon. I’ve always thought that flygon would be the one dragon type mon thought would just sit down mid battle and crack open a book and start reading. It’s just those red goggle things that cover its eyes. Anyways Squints enjoys reading (Much like the other submissions) What more can I possibly say? It’s a dank heckin dragon that reads. Oh and lookie here it gots a cup of coffee.
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We've got just a little under two weeks left before entries are closed, and the amount of talent you guys have shown so far is amazing! From this point on, entrants can feel free to DM Anubis here on Smogon or on PS! under the same username for your Rowlet! Quills and other prizes will be awarded once voting has closed, so don't worry about that just yet.

However, some of the entries that have been posted don't meet the requirements for a valid submission, and as such the following users will be unable to claim any prizes until their entries have been edited to be legal:

itsjustdrew - this probably isn't a final entry but I'm just letting you know as a formality that sketches aren't accepted.
ExTopaz7 - this is an original artwork contest, we cannot accept edits of images or traced artwork.
Maverick Axl - that Weedle is on Google Images. We cannot accept edits of others' work.
RiotJr - that background needs to be removed, we don't have the tools to remove it while preserving the quality of the entry.
Shiero16 - you said it's unfinished, so again, this is a formality to say we don't accept sketches.
Professor Mesquite - please resubmit your entry as a .PNG with a transparent background, we can't accept work placed on our logo.
dragonite4650 - we aren't accepting sketches.
TheTankPlays - we don't have the tools to remove this background while preserving the quality of the artwork.
Stevie_G_Plays - we aren't accepting work laid over our logo, and this isn't your original artwork.
KazimierzWielki - we can't accept artwork laid over our logo. Please resubmit with a transparent background.
Moxie Dexter - we don't accept edits of others' artwork, or entries with background artifacts that interfere with the main image.
Jackelope12 - we aren't accepting sketches as entries.
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how do i forum pls
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Aabacus BigWarmLoaf TAWD69 ptoad skrit skratt NMEllis Dad Lesbian bauxitemuse Maverick Axl ThaMies Kyukon Krillin2 Hubriz RainbowGameGirl Gravity Monkey Blastoise Expert carsosied Aetherskye Christoflop Enter Saltman brzozod526 SeinfeldOfficial oldbaron mondo Slowlii Megacatlover BlueberryBlanket beffums LifeisDANK

Hello, I am tagging you all to point you to Tys's post above mine. We're nearing the end of the contest, but if you want to pick up your Rowlet (Archimedes) now, you can contact me on here or on PS! under the same name to arrange the trade. If you don't want it, that's fine!

itsjustdrew ExTopaz7 Maverick Axl RiotJr Shiero16 Professor Mesquite dragonite4650 TheTankPlays Stevie_G_Plays KazimierzWielki Moxie Dexter Jackelope12

You all had something wrong with your entry and we'd like to give you a chance to update it before the contest closes to fit the guidelines. Please ask tys if you have further questions.

Thank you all for your entries, and best of luck in judging!
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I thought Swadloon looked awfully comfy with it's "blanket" and pictured it having a nice, relaxing cup of tea while reading books. Also, doesn't the leaf undercoat look so silky?
Meet Kayla the Swadloon!
Kayla is always at the library when she has free time. Although she is not officially a librarian, Kayla loves helping other visitors with things such as finding the location of a book. She takes pride in her ability to use string shot to pull down books from the tallest shelves. Her favorite activity is to read to her best friend, Sally the blind Joltik (also depicted above :blobnom:) who shares her interest in romantic stories. Although a little cold at first, Kayla quickly warms up to anybody she finds a common interest with especially fanfiction. Just don't disturb the library's peace. She wont hesitate to remove you.
  1. Writing fanfiction
  2. Reading
  3. Hot beverages
  4. Being a good helper in the library
  5. Impressing people with string shot trick shots
  1. Loud noises
  2. Splinters
  3. Spicy food
  4. Being compared to a cabbage
PS Name: Anke (feel free to PM if you want any of the other images in .png format)
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This is Cato The Glameow (Though if he gets picked, his name can be changed to anything)
His name means "Wise and All Knowing", And it sounds a slight bit like cat.
Cato is very responsible when it comes to maintaining the library, and is a great helper and even likes to hold books with his tail. Though he has a habit of being clumsy at the same time, dropping his books quite often, he always picks it up after though.
I picked a glameow for the design to be based off of due to the assumption that cats are intelligent animals, and I feel like glameow looks very smart for some reason.

My PS Username is Sheppymomma
Library cat.png
in french, we say "rats of library" instead of "bookworms".
So here is a rattata of library:
(my ps username is Axior)
ratata biblio color v.4.png

This is the best girl ever, Chimey, the librarian of The Library. She has read every book in the library and her knowledge and charm is known throughout the library, helping out new users and old with a silent ring of her bell, guiding them throughout the library to wherever their hearts desire, and even helping others with writing essays and books (Shes written over 120 books, a new one for each new user she's seen). She even loves to play games! Making others happy and helping others is what makes her happy, and with so many kind people around her, being a librarian is the best job in the world!

My Ps username is Rosa Diaz !!1!
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I just wanted to acknowledge that I tried finding the most users at once in The Library. the only closest answer I got is 120, if anyones interested in that number :)


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Submissions Have Closed...
And Voting is Open!
Click that ^

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful submissions guys! Narrowing the list down to 10 was much more difficult than we had expected, but we managed to put together a shortlist of what we feel are the best entries that were submitted.

Quills will be distributed over the next couple of days, and don't forget to speak to Anubis (same username on PS!) to pick up Archimedes, your Shiny Rowlet! We've got a lot of entrants, so please make sure you have your Friend Code, IGN, and copy of SM/USUM ready to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

There are a few users that aren't yet eligible to receive their full prize, so can the following Smogon users please DM me their PS! usernames so that you may receive your awards:
  1. ptoad
  2. Dad Lesbian
  3. Krillin2
  4. Christoflop
  5. Enter Saltman
  6. RosaDiazB99
Voting will last for roughly a week or so, so stay tuned for the winner, and thanks again for all of your entries!


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And our winner is...

Click the image to see the full results!
Voting is over, and it was an extremely close race between every entry in the shortlist. So, again I want to thank all of you for your amazing entries, you didn't make it easy on us or the voters.

IceStrategist, bauxitemuse, and RainbowGameGirl, we'll be in touch over the next few days to discuss your Smeargle, and Anke's custom avatar! Quills will also be distributed over the coming days, and don't forget to follow my above post for details on how to claim your Rowlet! (please google how to trade beforehand and have your relevant info like your FC ready)

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you all in the Library to check out the new room intro or one of our new activities such as Doublades & Dragons, our regular DnD activity, weekly Sunday Scribing, or even just a game of Hemingway now run through our bot!


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