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Do you always yearn to play as a 3P in mafia? Do you wish you could befriend or murder whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted, while always picking and choosing your own teammates? Then you should sign up to play Diplomacy, the game that gives you the freedom to befriend, befuddle, or betray anyone at will! Some of you probably know this game already, but for those who don't, here's the gist: you play as one of Europe's Great Powers at the start of the 20th century, and your goal is to conquer a majority (18) of the critical supply centers across the map... at least on paper. In practice, all sorts of things can happen in a Diplomacy game, and many games end in a partial or combined victory for multiple powers. Some players win solo, some with an alliance, some are forced into self-pres mode, and some just get crippled early and go out for revenge. It's your call!

The full rulebook can be found here: (to new players: trust me, it's not as overwhelming as it looks. I picked up the game fairly recently as well)

Important Notes:
  • Please follow all Smogon and Circus Maximus forum rules, both here and in the Discord.
  • The game will use the Classic Diplomacy map made for seven players.
  • Countries will be assigned to players at random after the sign-up period. I'd prefer if this was a simple process, but if most/all players express a desire to re-roll countries, I will do so.
  • Orders should be given to me privately on Smogon or Discord before each specified deadline. I will resolve and display orders using a master map on Backstabbr, which will be publicly displayed in the game thread and Discord server.​
  • Spring and Fall order phases will last for 48 hours each after the previous results have been posted in the game thread. Retreat and build phases will last for 24 hours each. If players feel this timetable moves too fast, retreats/builds may be extended to 48 hours.​
  • If you submit orders that are invalid/impossible somehow (for example, if you ordered an army from Munich to Greece for some reason), I will point this out and give you an opportunity to correct it or keep it as is. Invalid orders will be treated as if no order was given at all.​
  • If you miss multiple phases of orders in a row, I will sub you out or find you a partner if you don't have one already, depending on your preference.​
  • Private communication is key to success in Diplomacy, but I want to keep it centralized in one place for an easier postgame (and maybe spectator) experience. Therefore, joining the game Discord is mandatory for players: There will still be a game thread where players will also be free to post.​
  • You are not allowed to screenshot or copy-paste chat logs for use in the game. If I catch someone doing this, they will be warned and then subbed out if it happens again.​
Sign-up Information

In the interest of making the game as accessible as possible to everyone, I will be doing an optional "hydra" system in which two players can share a slot in the game; this is great whether you're a newbie looking for guidance, or a veteran shaking off some rust! I will also be accepting subs in case someone is unable to continue with the game after a certain point. If you're interested in playing, please reply to the thread with "in" or “sub” as well as whether you want to pair with someone; if you want to be with someone specific, I will honor that as long as both of you agree.

Thread signups:
Slot 1: sunny004 + NightEmerald
Slot 2: Aura Guardian
Slot 3: Blazade
Slot 4: bluedoom + genisu
Slot 5: saberslasher11 + Dead by Daylight
Slot 6: Lechen + ionnss + bleahey
Slot 7: LonelyNess

Random pings:
Ampharos :)

I might start a second game concurrently with the first one if there's a crazy amount of interest for it.
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Lechen and ionnss will play as a pair!

If you still want to partake in the game, you can either sign up in saberslasher11's slot and play with him, or fill the last slot alone/with a chosen partner! Everyone who signs up after these slots are filled will be noted as a sub, or as a pre-in for a future game.


Looking for myself. Have you seen him anywhere?
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Dead by Daylight and saberslasher11 will play as a pair!

And that’s hammer! To anyone else who wants to play - don’t fret! You can still “in” here to become a sub and sign up for a potential second game if there’s enough interest.

I’ll try and get the game thread up in the next 24 hours.

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