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It's about time I've actively known how to RNG in the 5th gen - captures for now unfortunately, I'm lazy to learn breeding.

But whatever, this is being given away and she's been captured in literally one try - target time and all, perfectly hit.

All your format are belong to me Princess of Johto.

|Zoroark (♀)|NN: "Meema"|OT: Aeolus (Me)|Caught at Lostlorn Forest|
|Naive|Illusion|UT|31/30/30/31/31/31|HP Ice 70
|Scary Face/Fury Swipes/Taunt/Faint Attack|

My giveaways require very little effort to win, so it might be an early Christmas for those who can't RNG.

Simply post -- with any emoticon in your post, asking for it. This lasts until 15 people have posted, but I might feel like a good samaritan and extend it to 30. I need a distributor immediately, by the way. I only have one copy of this and no AR so, distributors will have to get it first.

1) jirachii - Received.
2) FSLAR - Received.
3) Delagacii - Received.

1) Relovan
2) rnstyip
3) Umbreon91
4) Kepperino
5) Pink Floyd
6) Nickg07
7) StardustGD
8) Luxpluff91
9) skillz
10) Fear The Pika
11) tentafool
12) ShadowRaven
13) LolcakesxD
14) Pablo
15) Gt91
16) CinnamonBunYogurt
17) Mooo
18) Rick_GameOn
19) Strydorman
20) sqwat500
21) Dinnerrollofdoom
22) sophies
23) Tbolt1144
24) Anki1
25) Lanced99
26) dela_Cruz
27) cloud1989
28) Delagacii
29) fitzy72
30) Spartan123
31) darksoulSP
32) Cipher Admin Lovrina

The end. Until next time folks.
You haven't got a clue how long I've been wanting a good Zoroark. :heart:
Thanks, I'd love to have one!
Unfortunately, I can't distribute. (Can't clone)
Edit: Or, simply trade me your copy whenever I'm not lazy, and I'll give it the default NN...

Some may figure out why she's named "Meema", though.
I'd really be grateful if you did that for me, but if not I'll understand. And what does semi-redistributable mean? The ones who get it here can redistribute but the people we trade it to cannot?
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